Don’t Allow Guns in Churches

Target: Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant

Goal: Repeal law that would allow people to carry guns in churches without a permit.

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant recently allowed people to carry guns in church buildings by signing the Church Protection Act. Guns don’t belong in a place that promotes peace and compassion. With this bill becoming law, the chances of guns falling in the wrong hands have increased dramatically. Speak out against this law and the danger it could bring.

Following the events of the Charleston church shooting last year, this law was made so that congregation members could protect themselves. Certain designated members would be given training on handling a firearm, allowing them to legally act as security for their church.

The part of the law that is causing the most uproar is the provision that would allow people to carry a concealed gun without having a permit. Even the Mississippi police oppose this law. Ken Winter, executive director of the Mississippi Association of Chiefs of Police, said in a statement that this law would make it harder for them to “stop people who appear to be engaged in wrongdoing,” and would “raise the threat level to officers.”

As Everytown for Gun Safety said in a statement, “There’s simply no good reason to pass a law that makes Mississippi less safe from the threat of gun violence.” This law would be counterproductive, posing more of a threat to congregations than a protection. Sign this petition and tell Governor Bryant that this law should be repealed.


Dear Governor Bryant,

The Church Protection Act is going to do anything but protect church-goers. By allowing people to carry concealed guns without a permit, you are making it easier for the wrong people to get access to a deadly weapon. You do not end gun violence by making guns more accessible to everybody. Please, repeal this law before any real harm is done.

Even the police of your state oppose this new law. Letting people to carry guns without a permit makes it harder to apprehend anyone that looks like they are doing something wrong. The safety of the officers are also in danger with the increased amount of gun carriers. When a law favors vigilantism over actual law enforcement, it is counterproductive and should be repealed.

It makes sense that you want to protect church-goers after the Charleston church shooting, but making guns even more available to the general public is not the solution. Repeal this law and draft another one that would make it more difficult for guns to fall in the wrong hands.


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Photo credit: Lucio Eastman

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  1. I favor what is known as “Constitutional carry”. That simply means that the government has no right to say that a law abiding person cannot open or conceal carry.

  2. I cannot sign this. Nothing would make me feel safer than to see armed members of the congregation. The church shootings a few years ago wouldn’t have happened, or at least not as seriously, if the killers knew they were walking into a gun-filled zone instead of a room full of defenseless churchgoers. Wake up. No law or its repeal will prevent the “wrong people to get access to a deadly weapon.”

  3. Steven Kostis says:

    I can’t sign this either. God is dead and Alvin has killed him—and a great way to prove this is to keep our parishoners armed and in ones protection.

  4. Mary Maxwell says:

    I am glad our congregation is armed.

  5. Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Signed & Shared.

  6. There shouldn’t be a law the Constitution is good enough! Everyone that can legally own a gun should have the right to carry and the criminals will stop the crazy crap!I carry every Sunday and any time I leave my house!

  7. Jan-Paul Alon says:

    Really? For those who believe in the right to carry a concealed weapon for protection, I do get it theoretically, but in churches? For crying out loud, just because what happened in Charleston, South Carolina, a year ago does that have to sound the alarm that we should tell churchgoers to arm themselves and places of worship look like armed fortresses. Are these places for peace & compassion or armed fortresses? Amid all the gun violence in our society today, what message are we sending here? Let’s not submit into our sense of hysteria by everybody arming themselves publicly. I do want to keep myself well-protected while being out in public, but as far as guns are concerned, let’s all chill here.

  8. I am not going to sign this petition as I think America’s whole obsession with guns is just ridiculous.
    You just don’t seem to realise how so many other countries look at you and laugh.
    You think we all want to be like America, but we don’t. We pity you. You are so far gone with your crazy guns that it seems impossible to ever make our country safe again.
    America the great – Not from where the rest of stand.

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