Don’t Release Charles Manson Follower

Target: Governor Jerry Brown

Goal: Don’t let Charles Manson follower who stabbed a woman 14 times out on parole.

A review board has suggested that Leslie Van Houten, a follower of Charles Manson, be let out on parole. She had admitted to stabbing a woman 14 times during one of the “Manson family murders.” The final decision for her fate will be made by Governor Jerry Brown. A person who has taken someone’s life in such a gruesome manner should face life in prison, not be let free.

In 1969, Van Houten and the “Manson family” murdered the Los Feliz grocer Leno LaBianca and his wife, Rosemary. The wife offered anything to keep them from killing her, promising not to call the police. As she kept hearing the word “police,” Van Houten became panicked. She helped hold down Rosemary while Charles “Tex” Watson stabbed her. Then Watson handed the knife to Van Houten, who continued to stab her fourteen times, carving her up.

She has admitted to all of this in court, and went through three trials trying to determine her fate. The final one convicted her of murder and sentenced her of seven years to life with the possibility of parole. In 1998, the ex-wife of Leno LaBianca spoke up against parole for her. In a letter to the parole board, she wrote, “Sympathy, understanding and compassion should be given to the victims of murder and not the killers.”

It does not matter if Van Houten feels sorry for what she has done–she has still taken a life away and must face the consequences. Tell Governor Jerry Brown to not let her go free on parole by signing this petition.


Dear Governor Brown,

The fate of a murderer lies in your decision on Leslie Van Houten’s parole. As someone who had killed a person in such a horrific manner, she does not deserve to be let free from prison. To do so would be an insult to the family of the victim. Please, do not let Van Houten be released.

Van Houten had admitted to stabbing Rosemary LaBianca 14 times during one of her “family’s” killing sprees. She had heard her victim beg for mercy and killed her anyway. She did not show her victim sympathy, so she should not be receiving any herself.

A person who associated themselves with a person like Charles Manson knew what they were signing up for; one cannot kill someone and then expect to get out on parole after a while. The decision is all up to you, Governor Brown. Please make the wise choice and don’t let this murderer free on parole.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: California Department of Corrections

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  1. Parole is a privilege – not an expectation. Keep her in prison.

  2. Sandra Zaninovich says:

    This monster will never get out. No governor worth his or her salt would ever want to be known as the first one to let out a perpetrator of the most notorious murders in LA history. Good luck with that, they’d be pilloried by their constituents, including me. I’ve already emailed and called Brown’s office.

  3. Fuck her. Death sentence. It rediculous that shes been let live this long. Just throw this cunt out in the trash. Shes too STUPID for burial. Yes violent. But SO FUCKING STUPID SHES A FUCKING EMBARRASSMENT TO WOMEN.

  4. Mark Couch says:

    She should only be released after her victims have been brought back to life. Since that is not going to happen she should stay where she is.

  5. I know we’re supposed to forgive but because of what she did, I just can’t find any forgiveness in my heart. keep her locked up. Her victims don’t get any reprieve.

  6. EXCEPT, if what was written about her murders is true, then it should be true for EVERY murderer!

  7. melissa davis says:

    She may have done extremely well in the highly structured and supervised atmosphere of prison for the past 46 years, but she has zero experience living as an adult in the outside world without guidance and boundaries. There is no reason to believe she has the ability to handle the challenges she will face in every day life – where will she go, what will she do, how will she react to others, what does she tell people about her past and how does she deal with their reactions?
    All that said, I have every confidence that Brown will release her. It fits with his world view.

  8. Ashley Hand says:

    I don’t believe she would kill again; however, she must accept her sentence and be thankful that she was not executed which was the original sentence. By her efforts to try and be released from prison it is a slap in the face of the families of the victims. She is basically saying that she does not deserve to be in prison anymore when in fact, she does. It isn’t a matter of whether or not she is a decent person NOW. She did something unspeakable which caused permanent life long damage to people who did not deserve it and they will have to live with it for the rest of their lives just as she should have to pay for it for the rest of her life. The victim’s families have been forced to suffer and endure much more than a prison sentence. She must accept her fate and respectfully stop asking for HER sentence to end.

  9. Lisa Cromwell says:

    To Governor Jerry Brown: You must MORALLY DENY Leslie Van Houten’s 20th parole request! Her heinous participation in the Crime of the Century, originally sentenced to “Execution” for her, Charles & all of the Manson killers who were involved in both the Tate & LaBlanco’s horrific murders. Unfortunately, this punishment was overturned to “Life In Prison.” Leslie admitted to stabbing/carving Rosemary LaBlanco 14 times while holding her down w/ a pillow & lamp cord! Even as Mrs. LaBlanca was begging for her life & promised she wouldn’t report this incident to the police, Leslie then proceeded to write messages on their wall w/ the slain couple’s blood! I don’t care that she’s being touted as a “model inmate,” who has earned college degrees & has organized self-help groups for women in prison. Leslie was a coldblooded killer who should NEVER be offered freedom or forgiveness! Governor, you need to go back & watch those disturbing videos showing Leslie w/ a carved X on her forehead, laughing & singing along w/ the other female deranged killers. She never showed one ounce of remorse or empathy, whatsoever, for those slaughtered victims. Leslie was quoted as saying, “Sorry is only a five letter word,” and “You can’t undo something that is done.” Governor Brown, does that sound like a woman who should be paroled? You’re a man of integrity — PLEASE DO THE RIGHT THING! Think of the victim’s families who have suffered since AUGUST 8, 1969! DO NOT open Pandora’s Box & force them to relive these horrors again. This parole decision should NOT be about her rehabilitation, but rather the reality of Leslie’s guilt & conviction — to spend the REST of her life in prison, where she belongs!

  10. Judith Larsen says:

    Actions speak louder Than words. This women is a natural born killer. Please keep her and the other monsters locked up forever. Thank You.

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