Service Dog Raped and Hung From Tree but No Bestiality Charge for Suspect

Target: Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney, Jon Tunheim

Goal: Start charging and prosecuting bestiality crimes.

James Evans, a man with a violent criminal history, was charged with animal cruelty after investigators tied him to the hanging of a therapy dog named Diamond who belonged to an 8-year-old child. Necropsy results also showed severe trauma to the dog’s rectum. Despite the horrific crime, James Evans wasn’t charged with bestiality, and he’s being allowed to post bail. Washington state had the highest reported cases of bestiality in 2010. It’s clear they don’t take bestiality seriously or it would’ve been included in this man’s charges, and they would actually prosecute those guilty of it.

Bestiality is an incredibly ignored crime, as also seems to be the case here. Since animal cruelty charges don’t often result in serious consequences, it’s possible that Diamond and her 8-year-old owner won’t get the justice they deserve.  If there’s no true punishment for this disturbing crime against an innocent animal, nothing will stop the perpetrator from doing it again. Demand that all bestiality crimes be prosecuted in Washington, included those alleged in this case.


Dear Mr. Tunheim,

An emotional support dog named Diamond, belonging to an 8-year-old child was reportedly raped and hanged. A man with a violent history was charged only with animal cruelty for killing the dog but wasn’t charged with bestiality despite the severe rectal trauma found on the animal. Animal cruelty charges don’t often result in any actual punishment, so people who commit these types of crimes will remain a danger to society. In 2010, Washington state had the highest bestiality rates, so it’s clearly a real problem that isn’t being dealt with properly. Why should raping an animal not be worthy of charges and prosecution?

The perpetrator of this crime is a risk to society, yet the suspect is allowed to post bail and avoid bestiality charges for allegedly raping Diamond. We demand that bestiality be added to his charges and treated like the serious crime it is.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Thurston County Sheriff’s Department

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  1. julia downham says:

    This type on behaviour is wrong on EVERY HUMAN level.
    The world expects better from the American government

  2. immediate death to james evan for it crimes against a service dog now. this turd needs what is has comin to it now.

    • Juliette Dauterive says:

      Just consider that this man was probably abused in some way as a child. I in no way defend him and with him the maximum punishment but he didn’t get that twisted by himself.

      • Catherine Emerson says:

        Juliette its people like you that disgust me, do gooders cause more misery to victims, this freak is evil through and through I wouldn’t get tired smashing that stupid looking monsters face in.

      • I certainly hope this man was abused as a child. I wish that he had never escaped that torture because he is a piece of shit. You do not have to become what you hate. He did. Bc he likes it. So I certainly hope he was raped every day of his life. His mother should have aborted him. She should rot in jail with him. Lokk what she $hit out into the world. Think twice ladies, your dank holes can also produce rapists…. if you suck as a mother.

      • Rev Matthews says:

        really? ever heard of sociopaths, psychopaths, evil
        people CAN and ARE twisted without being abused and even if the were it is no excuse to RAPE and KILL or ABUSE any animals! and YES animals ARE every bit as important as any human…even more than most!

    • Perhaps he should get the same treatment as this poor animal received from him. Bestiality is very sick act, which is often not reported, and which has a following of sadistic human sickos.

  3. Peter Kerai says:

    Please read, sign, and share, share on all social media. The law makers and enforcers will listen and take action if enough people support justice for animals.

  4. Kelli Gavaghan says:

    Petition is great,now what else can I do?

  5. Rubens Jean-louis says:


  6. Eric Schminke says:

    The actions of this classless slob warrant isolated confinement in “The Hole” 23 hours/day until further notice.

  7. Dan Rodriguez says:

    Horrible piece of filth

  8. Put this evil trash in a crush video!!!!!!
    I would luv to watch it!!!!!
    SUFFER YOU fucking scum, someone will get you!!!!!

  9. Randy Renna says:

    I can think of alot of different ways to deal with a sick lowlife like this,and there is`nt any one of them I would want that poor 8 year old to see.We see OUR animals as family,and when someone hurts ANYONE IN THIS FAMILY,it`s dealt with accordingly.For starters,he should trip down a long flight of stairs while escapeing,and double check that he broke ALOT of bones during the fall OR landing,then the rest would be CREATIVE~~~~~~~~~Semper Fi ,all over that son of a bitch~~~~~

  10. cut his middle appendage off and hang in on a tree..eye for an eye the bible

  11. I read this story when it first came out and was in tears when i seem the poluce video he needs to die painfully die

  12. Romie Garcia says:

    Another sick POS abusing and killing animals.
    This fcku even looks deranged. May someone beat the shit out of him then fcku him in the ass.
    Hope he’s dead.

  13. What a sick pervert. Life in prison before he does this to a child as well.

  14. Poor poor furbaby girl. My heart breaks.

    Seems to me if bestiality charges are not filed as a matter of routine then it means the prosecutors and lawmakers in the state of Washington want to NORMALIZE THIS DEVIANCY.

    Something to consider next time these elected offivials are up for election

  15. This degenerate deserves the same treatment in prison. What a POS!

  16. Blake Merrill says:

    Why didn’t this subhuman POS let the poor dog go after he did his deed? He would not have talked or reported him to anyone. Quarter the mofo. I wish I could put a bullet between this monster’s eyes. Signed.

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