Service Dog Raped and Hung From Tree but No Bestiality Charge for Suspect


Target: Thurston County Prosecuting Attorney, Jon Tunheim

Goal: Start charging and prosecuting bestiality crimes.

James Evans, a man with a violent criminal history, was charged with animal cruelty after investigators tied him to the hanging of a therapy dog named Diamond who belonged to an 8-year-old child. Necropsy results also showed severe trauma to the dog’s rectum. Despite the horrific crime, James Evans wasn’t charged with bestiality, and he’s being allowed to post bail. Washington state had the highest reported cases of bestiality in 2010. It’s clear they don’t take bestiality seriously or it would’ve been included in this man’s charges, and they would actually prosecute those guilty of it.

Bestiality is an incredibly ignored crime, as also seems to be the case here. Since animal cruelty charges don’t often result in serious consequences, it’s possible that Diamond and her 8-year-old owner won’t get the justice they deserve.  If there’s no true punishment for this disturbing crime against an innocent animal, nothing will stop the perpetrator from doing it again. Demand that all bestiality crimes be prosecuted in Washington, included those alleged in this case.


Dear Mr. Tunheim,

An emotional support dog named Diamond, belonging to an 8-year-old child was reportedly raped and hanged. A man with a violent history was charged only with animal cruelty for killing the dog but wasn’t charged with bestiality despite the severe rectal trauma found on the animal. Animal cruelty charges don’t often result in any actual punishment, so people who commit these types of crimes will remain a danger to society. In 2010, Washington state had the highest bestiality rates, so it’s clearly a real problem that isn’t being dealt with properly. Why should raping an animal not be worthy of charges and prosecution?

The perpetrator of this crime is a risk to society, yet the suspect is allowed to post bail and avoid bestiality charges for allegedly raping Diamond. We demand that bestiality be added to his charges and treated like the serious crime it is.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Thurston County Sheriff’s Department

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  1. While the law is leniant with them that know they can murder,rape abuse an innocent animal,it will never stop the law the courts the public we have to be their voice they do not have one.Should evil cruel sick animal abusers be allowed leniancy?if so WHY?Why why why are we still living in Victorian times?If the courts the law can not help and protect them who can?Do we the public take the law into our own hands?What Diamond suffered was evil and the evil killer has shown no remorse as to why he denies it,did you think he would admit it?NO because he knew the consequences to deny with no remorse is not mental illness it is sheer evil was that evil man cruel to animals as a child?maybe that needs to be investigated can you imagine how that innocent wee soul suffered the fear the pain my blood runs cold to think about it.He is evil and needs to be treated punished as such,he enjoyed the cruelty the beatings the rape the cries of fear and unbearable pain now courts tell us the public that is not evil when the results of the dna are through which will be a positive reading please be Diamonds voice give him justice please show example by severely punishing the evil let it be an example to other abusers and killers of innocent animals please be their voice that evil man will go on to do it again if and when he gets the chance.

  2. Lilian Caughlin says:

    Throw this cyclops down a mineshaft and get it over with. What type of society would want this cretin roaming their streets. One must wonder about our judges.
    Goon squads are needed.

  3. This is not a sentence, but a ticket out of jail! What he did to this sweet dog who was a child’s pet and guide dog, is mentally SICK! The judge was wrong, this should NEVER be acceptable in our society! He will be a danger now to other dogs what the hell is the matter with you people and judges of today to allow such an evil man like this get away with what he has done? One day, karma will get you back for the evil you allow to happen to the worlds animals!

  4. This sick sub human, poor excuse for a man should be staked out in the desert, naked, on a huge pile of fire ants, covered with sugar water and gagged so no one can hear his screams. Then just let the ants do their work and see how he likes being helpless, tortured and totally helpless! The judge who let him post bail and leave without any real punishment deserves to lose his job and suffer some real pain like Diamond did and then maybe he would reconsider letting didgusting creeps like this one get off so easily.

  5. Tammi Dunn says:

    Way to go Washington State. Maybe this monster will move on to assaulting your mothers, wives or children! This asshole should have been put under the jail. This world needs vigilante justice!!

  6. This poor dog was filled with nothing but love. A friend, a helper. Than this sick SOB came around and violently took his life! And this is ok? My heart hurt reading this! I hope this man burns in hell. And the judge who let this go, is just as bad

  7. karen botha says:

    this man is a sick monster put him in jail and lose the key we dont need people like this on our planet.

  8. What?????Another cruel,evil,vile and disgusting monster who rapes animals and then murders them is NOT CHARGED with beastiality. REALLY???? WHY???? OMG……….This monster must be severely punished. Jail him for years, fine him a huge amount, ban him from ever having animals or even being around them,

    FBI studies show that animal abusers those who torture, abuse and murder animals move on to doing the same to humans. IF THIS MONSTER ISN’T STOPPED NOW THE NEXT VICTIM WILL BE HUMAN. You will see his name and ugly face in the news again when he murders a human.

  9. Lela Tirona says:

    This makes me so angry. No justice for this poor dog and its owner who I’m sure was clearly traumatized and will forever be affected by this cruel act. Are they waiting for him to either do it to a child or a woman before they do something about such crimes? Washington State wake up!

  10. This guy was let out on bail ?????? He is still walking the streets.
    The only thing that could make it worse is that he owns guns.
    Oh that’s right – this is America – he probably has a right to carry them.

    Poor Americans. American the great – Not really. Poor America if anything. Thank goodness we don’t have your stupid laws.

  11. Marsha Squibb says:

    This fat fucking pussy NEEDS to be put in a room with a few Bubba’s and have the same done to him…I’d LOVE to stick a nice thick pipe up his ass!!!?!?

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