Cancel Music Performance at SeaWorld

Target: Jerry Rivera

Goal: Stand up for marine life by canceling scheduled concert at SeaWorld.

Salsa and Latin music performer Jerry Rivera is planning to perform at SeaWorld Orlando on April 16 for the park’s “Viva la Musica” concert series. This music festival is SeaWorld’s latest money-making ploy to save its nosediving brand, which is now associated worldwide with systematic cruelty. The idea is to divert attention from the fact that the whole SeaWorld enterprise is founded on the exploitation and suffering of marine animals. Don’t let them get away with it.

Good news came recently when SeaWorld announced that it would no longer breed orcas. This would never have happened without the massive backlash caused by the film Blackfish, a fantastic documentary that exposed SeaWorld as nothing more than a cruel prison for animals. The cessation of the orca-breeding program is a positive development; however, many animals—including orcas, beluga whales, dolphins and seals—are still held captive by the so-called amusement park, forced to live their lives in cramped tanks instead of the vast ocean where they belong.

The boycott of SeaWorld will not stop merely because they have ceased to breed orcas. It will continue until all of the sentient beings are released from confinement and sent to appropriate sanctuaries. With this in mind, events like the Viva la Musica music festival must be opposed. Thanks to the continued activism of organizations like PETA, several musicians have canceled performances at SeaWorld, including Willie Nelson, Martina McBride and Trace Adkins. Please sign the below petition urging Jerry Rivera to follow their humane example.


Mr. Rivera,

I am sorry to hear that you plan to perform a concert at SeaWorld on April 16. As millions of people now understand, to perform at SeaWorld is to support the abuse and neglect suffered by all the marine life held captive there.

SeaWorld is a nefarious company that profits from the exploitation of highly intelligent animals like orcas and dolphins. As the documentary film Blackfish revealed, the conditions in which these animals are forced to live and perform are deplorable, causing emotional and psychological distress, as well as significantly shortening their lifespans.

Surely, you do not endorse the exploitation and abuse of sentient beings, in which case it does not make sense for you to perform at SeaWorld. I respectfully urge you to cancel your scheduled concert and to furthermore help educate your audience about the park’s sordid enterprise.


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Photo Credit: Ary Ochoa

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  1. Please people….don’t support SeaWorld!

  2. Jerry, please tell them you will perform if they let those whales b moved to a sea sanctuary that provides a better environment and may b able to rehab these great guys that deserve a chance to experience the life they were given! Think about the shoe on the other foot… How would you feel if you were taken from your parents as a child and held in closet for all of your life and forced to perform???

    • KatWrangler says:

      Thank you Angel, for your intelligent response.
      (I am not a rep of SW – just an animal lover who sees the positive side of things) Do your own research, and maybe you can make good changes, too. I know you can.

      Most of the animals at Sea World are captive-born. And SW has finally agreed to stop this. A sea sanctuary is a great idea 🙂 But many want them release into the wild and that can’t happen.

      Radical groups “behind the scenes” see what they want, and do not look at the good most groups do. Sea World is one of them targeted. Destroying SW would ultimately end many animal lives 🙁

  3. KatWrangler says:

    Sea World has agreed to stop breeding animals at the park, and I applaud that. The animals people want released can not go into the wild as they were captive-born. It would be their death sentence. Let things happen through attrition.

    “Getting rid” of Sea World can have unrealized negative effects on the animals they help. When there is a marine emergency, Sea World does MOST of the rescuing. Hundreds of manatees – very endangered – and dolphin, to name a few species, would not be here if SW was not here, too. Research done at SW has been priceless. Do not throw the baby out with the bath water.

    PLEASE do not jump on the bandwagon before we all do our own research. Stopping captive breeding is the way to go, and that’s been done. Do not allow radical groups to destroy what really is a good thing. Animals lives that we love hang in the balance.

  4. Gary Wayne says:

    Nothing wrong with sea world. I love fish. Fishing. Gutting. Fileting them. Cooking them and EATING THEM. Lmfao.

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