Justice for Dog Dragged Behind Horse Cart

Target: Ed Beltrami, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Cymru-Wales

Goal: Punish men to fullest extent for allegedly tying a dog to a horse cart and dragging it down the street.

Two men reportedly dragged a dog down the road after tying it to the back of a horse-drawn cart. The dog collapsed while at a red light and the cart driver allegedly yelled for bystanders to kill it. Witnesses say the men were whipping the horses to go faster as the poor dog tried its best to keep up, but its lifeless body couldn’t withstand the brutal abuse. Even when the dog’s body gave in, witnesses say the men continued their torment of the poor animal.

The dog was saved by bystanders who ran to its aid, even as the cart drivers yelled for it to be killed. An elderly woman reportedly collapsed at the horrific sight and had to be taken to a hospital for medical treatment.

It appears that these demented men inflicted pain and suffering on an innocent animal purely for the sake of their own entertainment. This poor dog deserves justice. Demand that the men be punished to the fullest extent and banned from ever having contact with animals again.


Dear Mr. Beltrami,

A dog was reportedly tied to the back of a horse-drawn cart and dragged down the street by two cruel men who appeared to be enjoying themselves at the dog’s expense. Witnesses who ran to the dog’s aid, and ultimately saved its life, say that even when the dog couldn’t keep up and collapsed on the street, they ordered people to kill it.

This is an extreme level of cruelty to animals and the innocent animal deserves justice. We urge you to help ensure that these men are punished to the maximum extent and banned from having contact with animals.


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Photo credit: B4Bees

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  1. Eileen Rhodes says:

    How can people like that exist? To do this to a defenseless animal is despicable. There is not enough that can be done to these men and have justice be served for that poor dog. How far can people go? I don’t even want to think about it.

  2. Lesley Freeman says:

    No matter what community you belong to/hang about with, only brain dead thick little willy scum would think this behaviour ok. Unfortunately they inhabit and waste good air by still breathing. Pity they don’t crawl back under their their own faeces and die.

  3. Full punishment of jail & fines are a start. Then, drag the guys who did this awful thing to the dog. Maybe they’ll think about pain in a different way.

  4. Such cruelty inflicted on innocent animals needs to be dealt with severely. Investigations by animal welfare organisations, psychologists and psychiatrists have proven that “people” such as these invariably go on to abuse children as well as animals. They enjoy it, they are pure evil.

  5. Sick broken people, they have no empathy for the suffering of others and take joy in their pain. The medical term is psychotic and sadistic. These sick retard tools should b locked up in a facility for the mentally insane. The FBI in the U.S. Investigates these cases as 98% move on or have already committed violent crimes against vulnerable humans and animals. Scary and very dangerous. Check around where they live for dead bodies!!!

  6. these are the sort of low life that should be shoved somewhere and just forgotten but of course they should be dragged around the street while people cheer, some body must know who they are so please somebody make them pay for the sickening thing they have done to a helpless little dog.

  7. Beth Nordmeyer says:

    What a barbaric backwards town, frightening. I pity the animals that have to live there.

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