Stop Horrific Dog-Eating Festival

Target: Chen Wu, Governor of Guanxi

Goal: End the beating, torture, and cruel slaughter of dogs and cats at meat festival.

The annual Yulin dog meat and lychee festival, in which tens of thousands of dogs and cats are tortured and eaten, is quickly approaching. The festival has gained worldwide attention due to its egregious animal welfare violations, which include beating and torturing dogs before slaughter or even boiling them alive. Cooks claim that releasing adrenaline and blood into the meat results in a richer flavor.

New photos show that restaurateurs in Yulin have already begun preparations for the barbaric festivities. Dogs and cats are seen crammed into tight, filthy cages. Some of the animals are collared, suggesting that they are stolen pets. Though many of the animals eaten are bred locally, the sheer number of dogs and cats consumed at the festival demands mass-imports of animals, sometimes stolen from pounds or residences.

This festival, while shocking enough on its own, only accounts for a tiny fraction of all dogs consumed in Yulin annually. According to Humane Society International, 300 dogs are slaughtered and eaten in the city each day. Every year, an estimated 10-20 million dogs are consumed in China, a practice that the World Health Organization has linked to the spread of cholera and rabies.

While the festival is set to continue this year, past pressure from activists has forced participants out of the open streets and behind closed curtains as the government of Yulin has made an effort to distance itself from the cruel feast. Because the festival has only been going on since 2010, it is best to end it now before it becomes rooted in tradition. Sign the petition below to demand that this savage festival is immediately cancelled.


Dear Governor Wu,

Preparations have already begun for the annual dog meat and lychee festival in Yulin. The barbaric feast sees 10,000 to 15,000 animals beaten, tortured, and boiled alive. These cruel practices are commonplace as cooks claim that releasing blood and adrenaline into the meat before the animal’s death is essential for flavor.

This festival has seen worldwide backlash and is damaging the reputation of not only Yulin, but China as a whole. In order to save tens of thousands of animals from barbaric slaughter this summer, it is imperative that the festival is cancelled immediately. We, the undersigned, demand that this cruel feast is finally brought to an end.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Liooneel

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  1. immediate death to all dog and cat eaters now. the way they kill the animals is horiffic now.

  2. Disgusting and cruel beyond words. How can any civilised people treat intelligent loving creatures in this way. TOTAL and UTTER SHAME on the country and anyone involved in this barbaric festival. STOP the cruelty NOW. !!!!

  3. вероника says:

    ведь не все животные здоровы-как можно выдумать подобный фестиваль-поедать что попало с таким сатанинским энтузиазмом?????

  4. This is horrifying beyond belief! These people should be locked up for committing such barbaric crimes against innocent animals! I can’t understand how people can do these things to their furry friends, it’s utterly beyond me. The Chinese government needs to understand that the world is watching them, and will not tolerate this. Boycott China!!!!!!

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