Justice for 23 Horses Starved to Death on Olympic Wrestler’s Property

Target: Jim Currell, Prosecutor Sergeant

Goal: Severely prosecute Bruce Akers after 23 dead horses were found on his property.

More than 40 sick, dead or dying horses were found on the property of a former Olympic wrestler in Australia. Some of the dead horses had apparently been piled together. After seeing “leg movement in the air,” a Melbourne man made the grisly discovery on his neighbor’s property.

Bruce Akers, the owner of the horses and the property where they were discovered, has been charged with 92 counts of animal cruelty. While bringing charges against Akers is the right step, it must not be viewed as the end of this tragic story. Mr. Akers seems to show little remorse for fate of the animals under his care. His lawyer, Emily Buchanan, has even tried to deflect blame by noting that reports of asbestos contamination at a nearby dump.

Call on prosecutors to take Mr. Akers alleged animal abuse seriously and, if he is found guilty, ensure that he is thoroughly punished. The person responsible for the tragic neglect, abuse and cruel deaths of so many animals must be made to understand the extent of his wrongdoing.


Dear Prosecutor Sergeant Jim Currell,

It has been reported that a chilling scene of animal cruelty has occurred. A man, having seen unusual movement, discovered a horse starving in its paddock. When authorities were summoned to investigate, they found 23 dead horses on the property–some of them were even piled together, along with another couple dozen of sick or dying horses.

The owner of the property and the horses, Bruce Akers, has been charged with 92 counts of animal cruelty. While it is promising that charges have been brought against the alleged abuser and the surviving horses are being re-homed, these should only be the first steps. The Herald Sun reports that, rather than appearing contrite as the charges against him were read out, Mr. Akers appeared “stone-faced.” Moreover, his lawyer has tried to deflect blame by noting that reports of asbestos contamination at a nearby dump.

Please zealously prosecute your case against Mr. Akers to ensure that, if he is found responsible for the deaths of the horses under his care, he understands the suffering that he caused and can never again harm another animal.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Ianaré Sévi

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  1. That so called man should be locked up and left to die in a room all on his own,he is nothing but a horse killer,it does not matter what his so called defence lawyer comes up with, that is what he is.

    No doubt he had them to show off to his friends,had no idea how to look after them,he probably thought they looked after themselves,lost interest and left the to die,I hope that piece of scum suffers the same fate.

  2. barbara chapman says:

    What I can never understand with all these cases surely someone must have seen the suffering of these poor horses. They didn’t starve to death overnight. Just lock him up and throw away the key.

  3. hanging up
    appends this scum immediately

  4. An horrifying crime. How can the law in a developed country still allow this psycopath to have animals under his “care”? This man must be judged as a criminal and never allowed to touch an animal of any kind again. He is pro to harm people also. A healthy human being would never commit the crimes he has commited. He´s sick and dangerous. He must be locked in a jail for many, many years. People like this don´t have the right to live in this world.

  5. What an utter vile human being this is. “olympic wrestler” or not, 92 cases of cruelty is 92 too many. Give this person the maximum sentence.

  6. Cut his dick off. Donate him as a complimentary jizz dumpster Olympic sex toy at a violent high security prison. If i could watch this man boil alive a hundred times it wouldnt be enough to make me forget the dead horses. Start punishing ppl for this shit.what the fuck is wrong with you flesh sacks?

  7. Hi david foster at sunderland university in the UK. I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT IF YOU THINK THAT TINY FLESH TAG BETWEEN YOUR LEGS IS IMPRESSIVE…..not so much, I thought you were a lady actually. Nothing can possibly be manly about you. How dare u criticize the ppl w hearts that feel. I sincerely hope we all do grow a pair and pick off shit like you. One by one. I hope one day that you and the pussy fart who starved these horses are captured on film slowly dying. One day i fucking hope we grow the balls. Bc i would rather personally watch ppl like you die 24 hrs a day than let one more animal harmed.

  8. Idiot-monster, psychopath is a danger to society– Bruce Akers is a danger–especially to animals — he belongs in prison — he had options — he could’ve called a Rescue, a Shelter, a neighbor, a friend — think of the suffering, the torture, these sweet horses must’ve have undergone AT THE HANDS OF THIS IRRATIONAL, EMPTY-HEADED, MERCILESS, SADISTIC human — Make this unconscionable monster pay for his brutal crimes — society does NOT want repeats of such acts — make his punishment SEVERE along with a stiff fine.

  9. investigate the dead horses on this property now. the owner knows something now. justice for the horses.

  10. He may be a wrestler but a carefully placed bullet deep within his brain (what little is left of it) will bring him down for a final knock out.

  11. Lisa Zarafonetis Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Hope the P. O. S. rots his ass in jail, then burns in hell!!! :{
    Signed & Shared.

  12. Kill him – now.
    Be sure to utube for everyone to watch.

  13. Julie Foshie says:

    As a life long horse lover, I can not believe this P.O.S. loser… Unreal. Whether he’s an Olympic Wrestler or not has no bearing!!! he deserves to spend the rest of his days lock up in jail… with no food or water, just as he treated these horses.

  14. Lilian Caughlin says:

    Too bad there isn’t a goon squad going around avenging helpless creatures. This is horrific and demands a very strong penalty. There shouldn’t be any space made available amongst a decent society to accommodate creatures like that.
    He needs to be removed from society.

  15. S. L. Trout says:

    There is something so obviously wrong with a “human”? being capable of such pathetic behavior. Mentioning that he was a former Olympic wrestler does nothing to affect a rational person’s view of him. If the law does its job, he will set his sorry @ss in prison for a long time. But hopefully, he’ll not get to live out his sentence before the prison inmates exact a true justice. This man needs to suffer in agony for a long time.

  16. This Evil man should be completely deprived from Water & Food for his entire life time. Please Authorities please show the world that you people are taking this massive Violence & Cruelty done against defenseless Animals are NOT being Tolerated in today’s society. This scumbag must be Punished heavily & send him to the most filthiest Jail in the country. He should rot in the jail cell as the same way he punished the poor Horses to suffer in agonizing way and to die a slow death. This man is a PURE EVIL psycho. Don’t ever allow him to walk the streets anymore.

  17. My heart breaks for those innocent soles…how horrible….this so called man needs to be starved to death tooo so people learn and understand. Apparently his lawyer too and I am a lawyer….MY oh my how horrible. People need to take good care of those voiceless soles……OMG I am so sick about this.

  18. Elizabeth Hopkins says:

    Omg these poor horses didn’t deserve to die this way its evil and cruel

  19. Beth Nordmeyer says:


  20. Marsha Squibb says:

    Too many steroids for this asshole…..Make sure he pays!!!!!!

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