Horse Dragged Behind Truck for a Mile Deserves Justice

Target: Ben Butler, Prosecuting Attorney for Cass County, Missouri

Goal: Prevent man accused of dragging a horse down the road behind a truck from owning horses in the future.

Roy Hammond is accused of dragging his horse more than mile down the road behind his pickup truck. Hammond claims he was trying to train the horse, but the Sheriff’s Department responding to a neighbor’s 911 call found that hard to believe. Major Jeff Weber reports that when he arrived on scene he found the horse still chained to the truck, bleeding badly, and lying on the ground. Major Weber immediately arrested Hammond for animal abuse.

The horse was transported to a veterinarian for treatment. Dr. Zachary Peterson reports the horse’s hooves were ground down nearly to the bone and her skin was a mess of road burns and sores. Dr. Peterson and his team hoped to save the horse’s life, but were unable to do so. Thankfully, they were able to reduce her pain in the last moments of her life.

Demand that Roy Hammond, if convicted, is prevented from owning or working with horses in the future.


Dear Mr. Butler,

Roy Hammond is accused of a horrendous act of animal cruelty. Major Jeff Weber responded to a 911 call and arrested Mr. Hammond in response to seeing a severely injured horse tied to the back of Hammond’s truck. Hammond claims he was training the horse; however, the injuries were so severe the horse died while under veterinary care.

We demand that, if convicted, Roy Hammond is barred from owning or working with horses.


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Photo Credit: eXtensionHorses

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  1. Sharon Gavin says:

    Stop this monster from owning or working with horses? Is this issue even up for discussion after what he did to this poor horse? This disgraceful excuse for a person with a conscience should be locked up in maximum security until he’s too old and feeble to harm anyone again. Absolutely heartbroken about the poor starved tortured horse and enraged at this abuser. Maybe karma will catch up to him sooner than he’s expecting.

  2. Patrick Labelle says:

    How in hell is this not considered animal cruelty and why is this bastard not put in jail??

  3. death to this cruel person now. problem solved.

  4. Drag him behind a pick-up truck like the poor horse… If he survives that, jail him for life!!!

  5. This poor creature did not have a chance in life. How could a human being in their right mind treat an animal like this? Jail time- yes, but in addition there should be some kind of “moral” punishment. Perhaps speaking to school children about the importance of treating all creatures with respect and care ( following rehabilitation to correct his current twisted mindset… If possible)

  6. james rosenburg says:

    he should go to jail for this act of cruelty

  7. You all are very extremely sheltered to think this guy ever drug the horse in the picture behind a truck! This horse in the picture is neglected and hasn’t been fed! Someone is trying to make this look like something it isn’t. Not saying he didn’t tie a horse behind his truck…I heard him admit he did but bet my life the horse looked nothing like this from the look of his place that I seen on the news! There is not a single person commenting on this that has ever been involved with a horse that is obvious! I’m not into abusing horses and I’m very confident that’s not what he does…this is blown way out of whack, you all are a bunch of tree hugging idiots. !!

    • Roger, no matter what the horse looked like,no one should ever, and I mean ever, drag a horse or any other living creature down the road behind a truck. What Roy Hammond did was abuse of a live animal that lead to the animal’s dead. That is the simple truth! I hope you understand that!

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