Stop Hunting Whales to Feed Fur Farm Animals

Target: Elisabeth Aspaker, Minister of the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Fisheries and Coastal Affairs

Goal: Stop hunting whales simply to use as feed in fur industry.

Whale meat is in such low demand in Norway that it is ending up as feed for animals on fur farms, yet the cruel practice of whale hunting (and fur farming) continues in the country. According to a new study by the Environmental Investigation Agency and the Animal Welfare Institute, more than 113 metric tons of minke whale products were bought by the largest manufacturer of feed for animals in Norway’s fur industry.

There are only three countries that still have a whaling industry and Norway is one of them. Their government has claimed the practice needs to continue because whale meat is an important food source for people. Clearly, this is not the case if so much whale meat is being used as animal feed. Consumption of whale meat in Norway has been steadily declining, and as a result the country has increased its exports to Japan despite an international ban on the trade. Yet even Japan has rejected the whale meat in the past due to high levels of toxic pesticides.

The Norwegian government can no longer defend the whaling industry by citing the need for whale meat. Evidence of the decreasing demand is clear from the amount of whale products being exported, and the new discovery of its use as animal feed for the fur industry is the final proof. Continuing whale hunts despite the obvious low demand for whale meat would be both inhumane and unnecessary. Sign the petition below to urge the Norwegian government to withdraw its support of the whaling industry in light of this new evidence and to end the harmful practice of hunting and killing minke whales.


Dear Minister Aspaker,

The Norwegian government has claimed in the past that the whaling industry is necessary because whale meat is an important food source for the country’s people. Yet new evidence has shown that whale meat is in such low demand that it is ending up in the feed manufactured for animals on fur farms. Given the decreasing demand for whale meat, it would be both cruel and unnecessary to continue hunting and killing minke whales in Norway.

According to a document released by the Environmental Investigation Agency and the Animal Welfare Institute, more than 113 metric tons of minke whale products were used by Rogaland Pelsdyrfôrlaget, the largest manufacturer of animal feed for Norway’s fur industry. There has also been an increase in the exportation of whale meat to Japan, despite an international ban.

I am urging you to withdraw your support of the whaling industry in response to this new evidence of the low demand for whale meat. Please take action to end the inhumane and unnecessary practice of whale hunting in Norway, and join the many other countries that have already outlawed the whaling industry.


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Photo Credit: Patrick Müller

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  1. What you should do,is to ask for the end Of fur industries,those animals really suffer in jails and their fur iS taken off being against whale hunting toó,but did u think what are they going fed up otherwise? Both práctices should be forbidden

    • I completely agree. I would really like to sign the petition. But I would rather sign it if there was at least space for a comment about my disagreement with the existence of fur industry.

  2. Simply can’t get more cruel than this – Hunt whales to feed animals at a fur farm!

  3. Bev Woodburn says:

    They are all sick and twisted.
    Just take notice at what the heartless Japs committed in the Southern Ocean, murdering 333 Minke Whales, 95% were pregnant and these Jap bastards illegally entered the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and slaughtered these precious Whales supposedly for Scientific Research which the United Nations ruled it was purely for GREED and consumption, nothing to do with Scientific Research. These Jap bastard got away with this murder again and especially after the U.N banned the slaughter of Whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Australia must stop these vile Japs. The Prime Minister of Australia
    Malcolm Turnbull must stand up against them and and stop this sadism. The Australian people have fought for years to stop the slaughter of the Whales by the Japs in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. And what did the bloody vile Japs do ignore the U.N. ruling and the Australian Law and entered the southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary early this year and continued their slaughter of the precious Minke Whales while the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull this heartless Prime Minister just turned his back on the violation committed by the bloody Japs, instead of protecting the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary from there vile and sadistic slaughter of 333 Minke Whales and probably a lot more.
    Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull you have a lot to answer too, r allowing the heartless Japs to enter the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, being fully aware of their vile and sadistic intentions. And there illegal entry into the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.
    The bloody Japs do what ever they want and ignore the laws of other countries and these bastards get away with it.
    Please everyone sign all the Petitions to stop and ban the Japs from entering the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary and murdering our precious and helpless Whales? Especially when they are deliberately violating and illegally ignoring the U.N rulings and the Australian Laws, banning them from entering the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary so they can murder and slaughter our precious and innocent helpless Minke Whales, purely for GREED and consumption and nothing to do with their lying Scientific Research.

    And I must add – Norway you are an absolute disgrace to the human species allowing the slaughter of the helpless Minke Whales to feed the helpless Fur animals that you allow to be tortured to death for their blood fur. The slaughter of Minke Whales and the torture and suffering of Fur animals in your country must be stopped and banned forever.

    Absolutely sickening and unforgivable.

  4. Humans destroyed all the ecosystem, they destroyed all and continue for profit and their fucking sick greed.
    All is deranged, twisted, pitiful system for Animals like always. They kill other animals for feed other animals that’s why we’ve got to stop fur farms,fishing, whaling,hunting,slaughterhouses,farming,zoos,pet stores,etc. All industries and exploitation with Animals, This is the K.O! But for the petition, it said people eat less whales so they give this meat for animals in fur farms!!! double horror. We’ve got to shut down fur farms here! and go vegan people!

  5. I’m pretty sure adding racism to the mix isn’t helpful. North Americans and Europeans have murdered and are murdering billions of animals, kept them and KEEP them in the most cruel conditions imaginable, and have driven many species … including whales … to the point of near or total extinction. What human beings are doing is deplorable. And we’re doing it because we see other animals and creatures as “other” than us, because we lose sight of the fact that we’re animals as well. The Holocaust, slavery, residential schools for native Americans and Canadians, internment camps for Japanese Americans and Canadians … these all happened because we saw other races as less than we were because they were different. Animal slavery and the animal holocaust that is happening is happening for the same reason. What we need to do in order to make it stop is to see the CONNECTIONS between us and them, and help others to see it. Not ADD to the problem by creating more “us” and “them.”

  6. Murdering animals to feed other animals? WTF Norway !!!!!!

  7. As is clear, we do NOT need whale meat — leave the whales alone to live their lives in their habitats — we do NOT need animal fur — let the animals used for clothing LIVE — we have the option of FAUX FUR — we need NOT abuse & torture animals for clothing — KILL & SHUT DOWN THE WHALING INDUSTRY — KILL & SHUT DOWN THE FUR FARMS — line your pockets some other way.

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