Stop Selling Handbags Made With Fur

Target: Patricia Nash

Goal: Stop selling handbags and accessories made with real fur.

Designer Patricia Nash, whose fashion products can be purchased at major retailers like Macy’s, currently profits from the sinister fur industry. Many of her designer products are made with real fur, which means that she explicitly supports the unimaginable violence perpetrated against innocent, feeling animals on fur farms.

Animals raised for fur are forced to spend their whole lives in abject squalor. They are confined to tiny, crammed cages in which the can barely move, and in which their excrement is left to accumulate, resulting in disease, parasites and infections. Water and food are scarce. Many of these animals are furthermore kept outside with nothing protecting them from extreme weather conditions. Due to the cruel and unbearable living conditions, animals on fur farms oftentimes become psychotic, attacking and mutilating themselves and each other.

The methods used to slaughter animals on fur farms are sadistic. According to PETA, “animals have clamps attached to or rods forced into their mouths and anuses, and they are painfully electrocuted” until they suffer cardiac arrest. Others are poisoned to death. Some have their necks broken. And some are skinned alive.

Apparently, Patricia Nash considers all of this a small price to pay for fashion. Advertising a handbag made with “regulated fox fur from Finland” on her website, she absurdly claims the following: “Just like our ancestors wore, fur is an excellent choice if you care about nature—because it’s a natural, renewable resource.” Please sign the below petition, informing Ms. Nash that there is nothing natural about the horrific practice of fur farming and demanding that she eschew the use of real fur in favor of humane, faux-fur alternatives.


Ms. Nash,

It’s hard to believe that, given all we know about the monstrous fur industry, your company still advertises handbags and accessories made with real fur. Animals bred for fur are made to endure the most unimaginable suffering for their entire lives. They are crammed into filthy steel cages with hardly enough room to walk around; many animals become psychotic as a result, harming themselves and each other. Their excrement is allowed to pile up, exposing them to disease and infection. Some animals are left outside with nothing to protect them from the elements.

With that in mind, death sounds like a blessing for these wretched creatures. However, the methods used to kill them are shockingly brutal. Many of them are electrocuted or poisoned, while others have their necks broken. In some cases, the animals are skinned alive, the thought of which should be enough to make any caring person sick to their stomach.

By selling fashion products made with real fur, you are lending your support to this cruel process. Please stop doing so immediately. Considering the numerous faux-fur alternatives, there is no excuse in the world to buy or sell real fur. I will not consider purchasing any Patricia Nash products as long as you continue to profit from the torture of these innocent animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Oikeutta Eläimille

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  1. Shelli Schmidt says:

    My God them purses are ugly, maybe could use them as slingshots!

  2. Has this woman read about the conditions these poor animals are submitted to for her pathetic fashion accessories, or is she so sociopathic that she just doesn’t care? The quote about ancestors wearing fur is unbelievably crass and stupid. Our ancestors had no choice other than to wear fur to keep warm. Civilisation is supposed to have progressed over the centuries and there are now alternatives. Hasn’t she noticed?

  3. Jean Clelland-Morin says:

    BOYCOTT all Non-Human Exploitation. What is IMMORAL should be ILLEGAL.

  4. What person of any intelligence would wear dead animals? Patricia Nash is aware of this abuse, she is making BIG MONEY, her priority. She and the others who condone this unbelievable cruelty will be judged on their actions. Good always prevails over evil. As a side note her fur bags are ugly, saw them on Amazon and on sale, nobody wants them!

  5. Something else for the sick no brains to walk around with,these people are getting worse and worse finding things for the simple brains to buy,thinking how good they look with tortured animal skins.


  7. sandra mason says:

    fur is not necessary to anybody but the animals. torturing animals for purses is the worst yet.

  8. Alice Knight says:

    It doesn’t matter whether an animal is wild or farmed it is still called animal abuse! Real fur is not a necessity nor is the need for decoration. There are plenty of faux materials that can look and feel just as nice without slaughtering, and keeping animals for such a selfish profitable enterprise

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