Stop Hunting Captive Lions for Sport

Target: President Jacob Zuma

Goal: End the breeding and rearing of lions for captive or “canned” hunting.

In South Africa, a hunter wanting a lion trophy can pay one of approximately 200 farms up to $50,000 to have a captive-bred lion released into a small pen for an easy kill. These animals are not providing sustenance to hunters, they are providing entertainment to men and women with deep pockets and no sense of decency. There are an estimated 8,000 “ranch lions” in South Africa that are exploited and used for these captive hunts, also known as “canned” hunts.

A film made by National Geographic titled Blood Lions recently debuted, and with it, many countries have responded by banning the import of lion trophies. While they themselves cannot stop the hunting trade taking place in South Africa, they can dent the value of business by disallowing the trophies people hunt for. The film has been a huge success in curbing lion hunting, but that alone isn’t enough.

Conservationists and African lion researchers advise that any assessment of the state of South African lions should exclude “ranch” lions. Without counting their numbers, true wild lions only number 3,000. Ranch lions have nothing to do with conservation, their purpose is not to boost African lion populations but to serve as easy hunting targets for trophy hunters. In raising awareness, the film Blood Lions has done exceptionally well, to the point that the Professional Hunters Association of South Africa (PHASA) has spoken strongly against “canned” hunting. It has also committed to joining the fight against the operators of such facilities.

Sign and join the fight against this cruel practice. It is a black mark against society as a whole that such an institution can prosper on such means.


Dear President Zuma,

Animal conservation is a major ordeal now, especially with so many species disappearing from our planet. African lions are well known animals, almost iconic, and often mistreated. They are a commodity exploited for entertainment, including in circuses and venues that allow humans to pet cubs. However, one of the most atrocious of these abuses are captive hunting ranches. An estimated 200 ranches operate in South Africa, with approximately 8,000 lions at any given time. Their purpose is only to charge hefty prices for rich hunters to easily and conveniently kill a lion and claim a trophy.

These ranches are an epidemic that need to be stopped. Thankfully, many countries have joined the outcry against the hunting of endangered species by banning the import of trophies. This won’t stop the industry entirely. Only South Africa itself can shut down these monsters.

Please don’t allow these sham businesses to profit on such senseless slaughter. Don’t allow these individuals to profit by exploiting these beautiful animals. Shut down the “canned” hunting operations and the farms that breed out lions to supply them.


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Photo Credit: Ian Michler

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  1. “Canned” hunting of wildlife, especially lions, is one of the sickest activities ever known. It is run by sociopaths. Those monstrous human predators who shoot animals, that are drugged or, in some way, given little chance of escape, are pathetically cruel, cowardly psychopaths!
    These demented rich, primarily men, are a poor excuse for the human species. It is appalling that ANY country allows this inhumane barbaric “trophy hunting” to exist.
    There are some very greedy evil subhumans running these farms, mentally ill freaks participating in these slaughters and immoral government authorities allowing this entire sickness to continue!

    Pres. Zuma of S. Africa can stop this insanity, now, and show the world that, at least, he has some ethics and humanness!

    • I totally agree with you!!! I did see the Nat Geo show “Blood Lions” and was shocked at the living conditions and the killing of these captive Lions. These so called hunters are a joke if they think this is hunting. They are not men they are cowardly and sadistic.
      These Trophies they bring home are not something they should be proud of instead they should be ashamed.

  2. Those Trophy hunters are sociopaths and mentally deranged individuals. They live to enjoy others smear in blood baths and the day they die perhaps they need to see their own blood splatters to get the joyous exit…
    Pathetic and also very cruel individuals…

  3. Jean Clelland-Morin says:

    Remove all Thrill-Killers from the planet ! ! !

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