End Rape in Fiji

Target: Fiji Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama,

Rape, sexual assault, physical assault and sexual harassment are becoming an epidemic in Fiji.

Violence against women and children is becoming more and more horrific with the latest being the alleged rape and murder of a 14 year old girl in Deuba in March 2016.

We call on the Government, on our leaders, on our Religious Leaders, our Traditional Leaders, our Community Leaders, our Men and Fathers, Grandfathers, Brothers, Sons and Nephews to respect our women and girl and boy children.

Young boys and young girls are being raped by men.

Our grandmothers are being raped

Our mothers are being raped

Our daughters are being raped

Our sons are being raped

We are not safe in evacuation centres, in our homes, in our village, in our community, in our streets

We are not safe in the daytime, or the afternoon, or the night

We are not safe with fathers, with grandfathers, with uncles, with nephews, with sons, with brothers

When will the women and children of Fiji be respected

When will you stop beating us, when will you stop raping us

We call for education and awareness

We call for self control

We call for respect

We call for dignity


When we are buried like Mere?

Then we will get respect and outpourings of outrage and grief?

How about when we’re alive?

When will this end?

Please Prime Minister, Please Minister for Women, Please Cabinet Ministers, stand up and tell the MEN OF FIJI to STOP

Please Police Commissioner, investigate the crimes against us

Can the Police be sensitised and not disrespect and further victimise us?

Can the Hospital? Can the Priest be sensitised? Can our MEN be sensitised?

Can our MEDIA have more respect for us than headlines like “RAPED MERE BURIED”

Can our journalists serve the public interest rather than their own need to sell their papers and their media brand?

Can our communities not brand victims as causing their own rape?

Must victims bear the burden of the lack of control of the rapist?

When will it end? Only if its your daughter and your son then its not OK, otherwise, the victim caused their own rape?

How about we hold the rapist responsible like that law does, if its applied.

Why is CONSENT so hard to understand?

What gives you the RIGHT to VIOLATE us weaker than you? We become faceless and nameless in your need to satisfy your lust and greed for power?


If, like me, you can no longer watch the news in horror, please use your voice to help the voiceless and stand in solidarity to put an end to gender based violence, by signing for change.

This petition calls on the Ministry for Women and Social Welfare to ensure sexual assault laws are actively implemented by the Police and authorities and to take active steps to end rape culture in Fiji.

By adding your name to this petition, and sharing it on social media, you are asking the Fiji government to take stronger action to protect women in accordance with the laws.

We owe it to our women and children, as fellow human beings who have a right to live free from fear, to take a stand for them now.

We stand for gender equality for all Fijians as the Prime Minister has affirmed and we ask for the Government to take specific actions to end gender violence and rape culture.

This is a global issue but Fiji can make a stand, as an example in our region and globally, to do more to end gender violence. Let’s look the issue in the eye and address it. We are stronger together.

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