Don’t Pay Bounties for Spotting Transgender People in Restrooms

Target: Kansas Speaker of the House Representative Ray Merrick

Goal: Don’t let students sue schools just for seeing a trans person in a bathroom that matches their gender identity.

Students could be allowed to sue their schools for $2,500 each time they spot a trans woman in a women’s bathroom or a trans man in a men’s bathroom if a bill introduced to the Kansas legislature is made into law. This bill declares that letting transgender people into restrooms or locker rooms where they feel most comfortable and safe somehow damages the mental health of cisgender people.

Not only is this ridiculous, it opens transgender people up to intense harassment and bullying. It sends the message that trans people are a direct threat to the rest of the population. Plus, how are people supposed to determine who is and isn’t transgender? This could actually encourage cisgender students to try and peep on their fellow student’s genitals. Even then, advances in medical science have made it so nearly anyone can have whatever genitals they want. Are they going to hunt people down and force them to submit to DNA tests?

This legislation makes no sense and will do nothing but create more animosity toward trans people, fueling the harassment that has already made so many trans individuals fear using public restrooms at all. This kind of transphobic bigotry cannot be tolerated. Sign our petition to demand that this anti-trans bill be rejected.


Dear Representative Merrick,

The Kansas legislature is currently considering a bill that would allow students in public schools and universities to sue these institutions for $2,500 any time they see a transgender woman in a women’s bathroom or a transgender man in a men’s bathroom. The same goes for locker rooms.

This is a disgusting proposition that makes absolutely no sense. Trans people already have an incredibly difficult time trying to navigate public restrooms. Trans women who use the men’s restroom are liable to be sexually assaulted, while trans men risk being called perverts and predators if they use the women’s bathroom. Your bill not only demands that they face this, it claims that their using bathrooms that are safe and appropriate for them is somehow psychologically damaging to cisgender people.

How do you propose people prove that a trans person used the facility this bill says is the wrong one? Are the students supposed to peep on one another’s genitals or film each other in the restroom or locker room? All this bill will do is increase the transphobia and bullying that is actually damaging to trans people and is the reason they’re afraid to go in public at all. We demand that this bill be struck down.


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  1. “Transgender”? We really are kidding, right?? If I see a “he” who may think it’s a “she” walk into a bathroom where my wife is then “he” will regret it instantly!! This country has gone ape-shit crazy with political correctness.

    • Are you saying you’re anti-transgender?

      • If you have a penis go to the men’s bathroom. If you have a vagina go to the women’s. You can identify however you please. These should be private issues.

      • Steve Jones says:

        Yes, MOST of us think “transgender” people need psychiatric help, and should stop trying to ruin the lives of the 99% of us who are NORMAL. Get it? Leave us alone, go and find somewhere else to live, with your other “transgender” nutcase friends.

        • ´ruining your lives´? And you really think you are normal yourself? Hahaha, that’s funny!
          You’re pathetic!!

            AND PEOPLE WITH Autophagia….Antisocial Personality Disorder—Apathy, Hatred and Cold-Bloodedness…psychopathy

        • None so blind to one’s own ignorance than the those who assume others aren’t normal.
          Where are they are threat to you? Get over yourself you are of no interest to everybody.

        • Franck (with "c" AND "k") says:

          @Steve : you prick, redneck bully! Refer to my answer to Frank, which applies equally to you. You guys not only are not “has been”, even not “never was”, but the basic of the basic Neanderthal…I will bet you are a big fatty working at your muscles (not your neurons of course) without a dick to feel so insecure, like little boys throwing tantrums…Pathetic !!!

        • Voting for Trump, I can only assume?

        • Who are MOST of you ? It certainly does not include most of US.
          Typical American behaviour. You are most likely some religious nut case.
          If only you could look at yourselves the way the rest of the world looks at you.
          America the great. – Not. !!
          We pity you in the USA. So many of you are so intolerant of how other people live.
          But you know what they say, don’t you Steve….Gay name if ever I heard one. Those who protest the loudest usually have something to hide….probably a dress or two hidden in the closest.

    • Why would u imagine a he who wants to be a she themselves, would be a risk to ‘your’ wife? Pretty pointless.

    • Your wife is in danger of being raped by a heterosexual male. A transgender woman does NOT go around raping or threatening to rape women

      You need to protect your wife from men like yourself.

      Give me one, even ONE example of a woman being raped by a transgender woman. If you can even find one documented case, I am sure I can find 100,000 cases of women being raped by men, if not more
      If you cannot find a single case, then shut up and stay home with your bigotry and ignorance.
      For the record, I am XX female and the only people I have to fear are men like you

    • Franck (with "c" AND "k") says:

      @Franck : you really are a bastard red-neck dummy, aren’t you…Who gives a shit about your dear wify going to the toilets anyway ?

      And your country along with guys like you is the most blatantly culturally impoverished country of the whole world for even thinking of turning such a personal, private issue into a despicable law in the 1st place.

      Einstein has said once : “America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without knowing civilization.”
      This great scientist and humanist could not be more true.

    • Franck (with "c" AND "k") says:

      You are but a awesome red-neck dummy, aren’t you… Who gives a damn shit about your dear wify going to the toilets ! Unless she is a former “he” (only to quote you) and you don’t want the other “he” find out…

      And your country along with guys like you is the most blatantly culturally impoverished country of the whole world for even thinking of making such a private issue into a despicable law in the 1st place.

      Einstein has said once : “America is the only country that went from barbarism to decadence without knowing civilization.”
      This great scientist and humanist could not be more true.

    • Алексей Жезлов says:

      Usually I sign petitions for defence of animales but now I don’t understand it even with dictionary. What does it meen? May be somebody can explain it in russian?

  2. By ‘cisgender’, I presume you mean ‘normal’? XX is female, XY is male. End of.

    • I suggest you urgently widen your unbelievably 19th century biological knowledge! And stop at once to consider yourself “normal” with such an intolerant attitude!

      • Suggest you widen yours: Wilson/Stevens discovered XX/XY chromosomes in 1905. Definitely 20th century. Intolerant? Not at all. People can call themselves whatever gender they like, as far as I am concerned: I don’t have to consider it normal, though. You need to be more tolerant of other people’s attitudes.

        • How can a minority of 0.3% of the population be considered ‘normal’? (conforming to the standard or the common type:

          • And how can you justify treating people horribly, just because they comprise just 0.3 percent of the population? I will have you know that, as a pre-op transsexual, in 1998 – I was denied a college education because I am transgender. I was forced to choose between my personal safety and a higher education. I suppose you think that is perfectly okay, though.

            I will leave you with two pieces of Scripture you obviously do not know:

            Matthew 25:40 – “And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’

            I John 3:15 – Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him.

            P.S. I am post-op now.

          • Define “Normal”

  3. Encouraging kids to be narrow-minded bigots? Then the US is no better than the likes of Saudi Arabia. No wonder the world’s going down the toilet.

    • Yikes! What an outlandish attempt at a comparison. Everyone is free to do and be whatever they want. If you have a penis go to the bathroom designated for them. If you have a vagina go to the women’s. It’s not hard. Keep private parts private where this discussion should be.

    • Amen!!!

    • Franck (with "c" AND "k") says:

      Well said, these uncultured, anti-intellectual, redneck bullies are precisely like the saouds of Arabia, men who hve prevented their country to flourish and get enlightened.
      These men from rural America are the dangerous ones to the whole world. They have no education, have never gone around, are bully hunters and fisherman, kill for pleasure, bear no compassion, have narrow ideas, you name it.
      Pathetic !

  4. j culligan says:

    Good for you, Frank. I am sick of these pinko liberal, indecent bullshit. Political correctness has led this world down on the slippery path to destruction. Disregard the cacophony of protests from the despicable far Left. NOT signing. Never will! Bravo for the Kansas folks!

    • Well, I’m sick of the likes of you and frank who are unable to leave others alone and have the immortal audacity to order others around what to do with their own body while completely lacking any sort of empathy. Go to live on another planet!

      • Steve Jones says:

        So you think ANY man should be allowed to go into any ladies’ bathroom? Why not? The only ‘proof’ that nutcases like you require is that THEY ‘claim’ they are ‘born in the wrong body’ (i.e. insane). We have separate bathrooms for a reason, don’t we – to protect women from sexual assault. With your insane idea in place, rapists can hang around inside women’s bathrooms and then cry ‘transphobia’ when the police are called to arrest them. YOU’RE insane and you need to get the hell out of our society, you freak. Nobody sane is going to sign this nonsense.

    • Political correctness is an excuse to cry victim. Accept that people are diverse, colour, creed, race and that big arguement religion. All are under the same sun, the same universe. If you want acceptance, give acceptance…it comes with respect, earn it.

    • Franck (with "c" AND "k") says:

      Destruction is rather intolerant, uneducated redneck bullies like you who have caused it. Do not rewrite history !
      Pathetic “never was”…

  5. When has anyone using a public restroom ever seen another user’s genitals? This discussion is therefore a waste. Plus a transgender person would be the least likely to be flashing their genitals around the restroom.

  6. Well just sayin, have someone close to me transgender frank hehe wouldn’t harm anyone. First of all the idiots who can solve the bathroom problem 1- boys, 2-girls, 3 others like they have in NY NJ AND MOST EVERY WHERE I GO. However do to ignorance and poor education u couldn’t understand that. But then how could u educate yourself if u can read. My close friend is non violent and would not hurt your sister who is your wife

  7. Live and let live. It’s the Franks of this world that cause unnescessary intolerance and hatred toward others.

    • And it is the Franks of the world that caused me to abandon my hopes for higher education. I had to drop out of college in deference to my own safety, back in 1998. It is the Franks of the world who nail people like Matt Shepard to a fence.

      If you REALLY want to know who to be afraid of, be afraid of the Franks of the world…because if you do one little thing they don’t like they think they have the right to pound you into the ground.

  8. It sounds to me as if the “Franks” of our country are more than a little insecure about their own gender identification. Frank, et al: you have so very much to learn about being a compassionate “human” being. That is what we humans supposedly strive to be. You are not yet there, and in the process of evolving you’re near the bottom rung. Get this: a person who is not like you is not to be automatically treated as a “threat”. Try this: try, just for experiment’s sake, to understand what someone (again — who is different from you) feels. Try, if you can, to walk a mile in their moccasins. Tragically for all, you may not be able to do this. Namaste.


  10. Maria Mahyorova says:

    People seem to be more caring about other’s genitals than about their own evolution. Hey, go down from the trees. Neanderthal age is over, haven’t you heard in the news?

  11. You left-wing opponents of this bill are going about this the wrong way. Typically. Why is it that the instant someone disagrees with you, you immediately revert to ad hominem attacks and sniveling?

    The fact is, if the right-wing proponents actually THOUGHT about the bill, they would realize it does nothing but help protect humans doing what they ALREADY do. The bill is not going to change bathroom behavior.

    Bathrooms are stinky, nasty places. Everyone wants to get in and get out safely and with as minimum of fuss as possible. Let’s just enhance that ability, shall we?

    But calling people names just because they don’t agree with your point of view doesn’t help promote your agenda; it doesn’t recruit people to your way of thinking; and it certainly doesn’t make you look enlightened.

    Anything but.

    • You know what I love? The MORONS think that we are such a threat…and that if they legislate against us…that will somehow keep perverts that would claim to be transgender…out of the bathrooms.

      How stupid can they possibly be?


      What this is really all about is trying your level best to question my very humanity and right to exist.

      Let me ask you to consider…just for a second…what if one morning, you woke up…all your life experiences, memories, likes, dislikes, feelings, etc were intact…but YOU were suddenly in the body of your opposite gender? It would be pretty damn disconcerting, wouldn’t it?


      1 in 30,000 are born such that their gender identity is not congruent with their anatomical sex. That is our reality…what I just described above.

      We did not ask for this. I wish nothing more than that I had been born, either male or female…but CONGRUENT WITH MY PHYSICAL ANATOMY. Alas, I drew the short straw.

      And for that, people like you would deny my right to exist…you would have us place ourselves in constant physical danger, not to mention discomfort.

  12. Karen Remnant says:

    Given what I’ve read about teachers in the USA spending their hard-earned money on basic school supplies, I suggest there’s a much better use for the money the passing of this Bill would cost. Education! Just where would this money come from? Taken out of Education budgets? Teachers earn their pay, they shouldn’t have to prop up the system with it.

  13. Patricia Walker says:

    Not signing. I did some checking and this is not accurate. It seems there’s lots of hate talk on both sides 🙁

    As far as someone using a certain bathroom – if you don’t bother me, I won’t bother you.

  14. Kate Lenthall says:

    I love the assumption here that people are constantly staring directly at other peoples’ genitals in bathrooms. Any man will readily tell you he doesn’t want to see other guys’ junk in the bathroom and probably really hopes that no one’s looking at his. It’s exactly the same in the women’s room, with the added bonus of, you know, everything done in stalls that are private. How about everyone minds their own goddamn business and quit worrying about whether or not the person in the stall next to you is the “wrong” gender to be in that restroom.

  15. Unisex restrooms need to be put in ALL public places and stores for this exact reason and it will solve the issue.

    If you have a penis use the men’s room, a vagina use the woman’s.

    If you feel uncomfortable in either use the unisex or family bathroom.

  16. Gen Agustsson says:

    its cissexism against trans and nonbinary gender. gender is not the same as sex so get over it.

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