Justice for Dog Found Brutally Murdered at Beach

Target: Jackie Lacey, Los Angeles County District Attorney

Goal: Prosecute whoever is responsible for the murder of a dog found held under the ocean by a shovel.

A dog was reportedly found dead at a beach by people in a canoe who’d spotted a shovel standing upright in the water. The shovel was driven into the ocean floor while the handle held the dog by its collar, which had the dog’s animal license still attached to it. One of the canoe members said it appeared that the dog was forced under water by the shovel until it drowned.

The license found attached to the dog’s collar allows investigators to trace it to the owner. A prosecutor says that the poor dog may have had the license still attached as some sort of vengeful act against its owner. This is a depraved, sick act of cruelty to commit against an innocent animal, even if the owner has wronged the killer. Demand this cruel person be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when found.


Dear Jackie Lacey,

A dog was found dead in the ocean with a shovel through its collar. Investigators believe the dog was drowned by someone who may have committed the cruel act to hurt the owner.

This is a depraved act of pure cruelty towards an innocent life. We urge you to utilize all resources to help ensure that whoever is responsible for this is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law when found.


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Photo credit: Carsten aus Bonn

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  1. Margrit Simons says:

    The laws against animal abuse are not sufficient, they have to be increased to provide a deterrent!
    Animals are defenseless and are at our mercy, so the laws have to protect them!

  2. Don’t let these people walk! This killer needs MAXIMUM SENTENCE IMPOSED. I want my TAX dollars to work. Protect these animals from these demented individuals.

  3. I have felt so ill since yesterday when I first read about this heinous act against an innocent dog. I’m truly disgusted with these twisted humans that are part of the human race. Animal abusers and pedophiles do not belong in society. These people can not be rehabilitated.

  4. anita culling says:

    These cowards must be punushed with the same mercy as they gave this poor innocent animals. The law has to be made stronger and tougher to stop the rise in horrific cruelty to animals.
    These peoole are dangerous and shoukd be locked away.

  5. Jacqui SKill says:

    FInd this dehumanized monster who killed this innocent dog and put the monster in jail forever ..we don’t want a dangerous obviously sociopathic criminal roamimg free to hurt more animals or children.

  6. “The only difference between a dog, cat, horse and dolphin and a cow, chicken, pig and turkey is perception. One is no more valuable than another. And yet in this culture, we hold the former animals in high esteem and the latter we brutalize for food. All animals are deserving of respect and freedom from violence. The way to respect others is veganism.”


  7. Lisa Allred Lisa Zarafonetis says:

    Nuke the piece of sh!t !!! 🙁
    Another candidate to rot in hell!!!
    Signed & Shared.

  8. If u find who is to blame cut his dick off. tie it to a shovel and toss his dick into the ocean and make the bitch dive for it

  9. LibertyandJusticeForAllAnimals says:

    To the monster who did this to this dog: people are watching, the FBI will put you on a Class A felony list, and I am watching this case. That should concern you. People like you don’t respect the law anyway, and threats of going to jail, being fined by the courts, and don’t care about letters, petitions, or any means allowed by law. However, there are some things you need to know: You’re a psychopath, and there are people who served our country in Afgainistan and Iraq that HATE people who abuse animals. In fact, some of them would be thrilled to find you. Some soldiers miss the “hunt of the enemies.” Many have PTSD.You think you are smart hiding, but we’ll find you, and even if you get caught and sentenced by the judge,it’s possible that the day you get released,you will want to run back into the jail to hide. What you did deserves the death penalty. Lot’s of us animal people are sick of people like you.

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