Stop Pepper Spraying Anti-Trump Protesters

Target: New York City Police Department Commissioner William J. Bratton

Goal: Stop cops from indiscriminately pepper spraying protesters speaking out against Donald Trump’s bigoted statements.

A group of anti-bigotry protesters were reportedly attacked and randomly pepper sprayed by police officers as they were marching to Trump Tower to demonstrated against the racist, Islamophobic, and misogynistic statements made by presidential candidate Donald Trump. Witnesses report police corralling and trapping protesters in areas, refusing to let them continue on their march, then randomly spraying pepper spray into the crowd.

Pepper spray, though commonly considered to be non-lethal, can still be very dangerous. It can trigger intense reactions, including asthma attacks, that can end in death. At no time should police officers be using this weapon as a method of crowd control.

At the same time, it’s ridiculous that the New York police were treating this peaceful group of protesters as a dangerous riot that needed to be controlled and dispersed. Nothing violent or destructive had happened, and all of these individuals were within their right to demonstrate against such a dangerous and hateful man.

The police discrimination against people who refuse to put up with bigotry is alarming, to say the least. Police at pro-Trump rallies have failed to arrest Trump supporters who have attacked people, but throw out or block anyone who even looks like they might be protesters. Sign our petition to demand this police violence against peaceful protesters be put to an end.


Dear Commissioner Bratton,

Witnesses are reporting that New York Police Department officers were indiscriminately spraying pepper spray at a group of peaceful protesters that was heading for Trump Tower for a demonstration. It’s also been said that these officers were part of the department’s anti-terrorism task force. Why were anti-terrorist cops sent out to handle a non-violent group of Americans that were exercising their right to demonstration?

People are allowed to gather and protest–these are essential American rights that the police have no right to interfere in as long as nothing violent occurs. By hindering and attacking these peaceful protesters, your officers were violating their First Amendment rights.

Police officers will protect members of white supremacist groups from harm yet attack people protesting against racism and other forms of bigotry. This is an unacceptable double standard that has to end. We demand that you take action to punish the officers involved in the reported attacks and make sure this kind of treatment of non-violent demonstrators never happens again.


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Photo credit: Federal Bureau of Investigation

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  1. sandra mason says:

    I think the picture they used might be a bit excessive.

  2. There seems to be no reasoning with the frothing at the mouth crowd wanting to stop Trump. Clinton is way more dangerous. She has blown people off he face of the earth. She is a lobbyist for big business and will look after their interests.

  3. People have a right to choose who they want as president and if protesters disrupt or threaten that persons supporters or that process of freedom to support who you want…well. You put yourself in that position to be pepper sprayed. This paid protesters needs to find real work.

  4. And you wonder why people don’t have any respect for the New York police! While everyone is all for guns for everyone, what about the right to Free Speech! This just shows that the cops in New York are racist and will never change!

  5. I refuse to sign any petition against Trump. Hillary Clinton is far more dangerous then trump.
    She has been behind attacks that have killed people.
    Has breached US security most likely on purpose.
    She is supportive of isis.

    She is all for big companies and pharmaceutical companies and will protect them over us.

    Stop pepper spraying and start shooting the protestors.

    Our country is fucked if Clinton gets in.

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