Stop Live Cat Testing at the University of Virginia

Target: Teresa Sullivan, President of the University of Virginia

Goal: Stop the medical program’s testing on live cats and switch to a more humane method

Television host Bob Barker has a problem with the University of Virginia’s use of live cats for testing in their pediatric medical program.  Despite the prevalence of more humane alternatives, the University of Virginia has decided that forcing tubes down felines’ windpipes is in “the best interest of patients.”  Join Bob Barker in telling the University of Virginia that animal testing is unacceptable, especially when there are more humane alternatives.

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine agrees with Barker that repeatedly shoving tubes down the throats of three cats to simulate intubation procedure for infants is cruel and unnecessary.  Both of them suggest replacing the cats with high-tech simulators, a non-animal method used by 94% of pediatric residency programs.  However, personnel at the University of Virginia have decided that these simulators are not as effective for teaching intubation and that the University must act “in the interest of their patients, not a public relations campaign.”

Intubation testing requires pipes to be shoved down the three cats throats repeatedly, a process which causes bleeding and bruising.  Barker argues that in addition to the cruelty being done to the cats, the medical students are being robbed of an education that makes sure to be as humane as possible.  Tell the University of Virginia that their are more effective and humane ways for teaching intubation.  The three cats do not deserve to be tortured.


Dear Ms. Teresa Sullivan,

The use of three cats for medical testing for the pediatric residency program at the University of Virginia is unacceptable, especially considering the availability of humane, non animal methods.  To teach a process called intubation, students are instructed to shove a tube down one of the cats’ windpipe, a process which results in bruising and bleeding.  These cats are subjected to this same test repeatedly.  The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has already criticized the university for this practice in the past; their criticism was met with responses from two university individuals who claimed that “no other method of teaching is as effective” and that “the university must act in the interest of its patients, not a public relations campaign.”

Now Bob Barker, who has been a gracious donor to the university in the past, has joined to fight for humane treatment of these animals.  94% of pediatric residency programs have switched over to simulators in favor of animal testing and they claim that the simulators are just as effective for teaching intubation.  More importantly, they cut animal suffering out of the equation, which is the best interest of patients, students and everyone involved.  We ask that the University of Virginia ends its feline testing and opt for a more humane method of testing and teaching.


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  1. Linda Shepherd says:

    We can put a man on the moon but we can’t make simulaters to teach medicine. We must use a kitten. Sounds pretty ignorant doesn’t it. Let’s face it the kittens are just cheaper and you just don’t care. That sums it up.

  2. animals misuse for tests is a pain and horror for innocent animals. You must stop it immediatly.
    And you should never do it.

  3. stoooppp pobres animalitos! porque? maldita ciencia !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop please

  4. karin yates says:

    “Baby Air-in” is an intubation model that has been available for TWENTY YEARS!!!!!!!!!! It was to replace crude, cruel, and inadequate animal models!

  5. Mrs Mander says:


  6. SADIQUES !!!!

  7. Rebecca Matter says:

    UVA needs to change their policy! This is not the UVA that I know or that my friends attended. I hope alumni will show their support of protecting the cats by NOT donating ANY money to UVA!!!

  8. Karen Mike says:

    First of all, it is obvious that cats & kittens have way smaller throats than infants. I work in a hospital for ill children and see first hand how gentle the nurses are with them, many intibated. They are trained on life-sized dummies, NOT FELINES and NOT HUMANS! This is the humane way. GROW UP, VIRGINIA!

  9. Karen Nyere says:

    UVA, stop this insanity now. There are all kinds of different ways to do this w/o torturing poor live animals. It’s lazy and barbaric. Please join the 21st century in your teaching methods!

    Karen Nyere

  10. Stella Maris says:


  11. Honestly, this just makes me wanna scream at the top of my lungs. This is fricken ridiculous!! DX If animal abuse is illegal, then why are THEY doing it and getting away with it?!

  12. Chip , tha romanian man says:

    99.9% of americans are so stoopid and not educated that al that they know is to follow orders , to be bullys and to kill and hurt animals…. IHATE THEM ALL ….

  13. This is wrong and I stand against it.

  14. Chenie Kaur says:

    This sickening nonsense of torturing animals on the name of science is very disturbing mentally and psychologically.

  15. I am absolutely appalled and sickened by this sinister, barbaric abuse of these dear precious cats. It needs to stop NOW!

  16. Marie Rickard says:

    Barbaric and archaic – and has got to stop.

  17. Shajjad Hossain says:

    Why don’t we make ourselves volunteer s instead of the poor animals?

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