End Cruel Rattlesnake Roundup

Target: Greg Abbott, Governor of Texas

Goal: End snake abuses like skinning and beheading at yearly rattlesnake roundup event.

Rattlesnakes are gathered in a pit where handlers behead and skin them in front of keen observers at the annual rattlesnake roundup. Onlookers are also given the option to skin the snakes and leave snake blood handprints on a wall.

The Sweetwater Junior Chamber of Commerce claims this event is necessary to curb the rattlesnake population. Rattlesnake experts, however, state that rattlesnakes pose no threat to humans or livestock as the snakes don’t see either as food.

Advocates of the event state that it’s a profitable tradition–one which locals find enjoyable. Other cities with similar events have found a compromise. They have the roundup, but rather than killing the snakes, they have a series of events that teach viewers about snake safety and allow for safe human-snake interactions.

Demand the Sweetwater, Texas rattlesnake roundup event stops the cruel practice of killing and skinning snakes.


Dear Governor Abbott,

Sweetwater’s annual rattlesnake roundup is a horror show of blood and death. Experts indicate there is no reason to fear over-population of the snakes nor that they would attack humans or livestock.

Advocates of the event point out the profits it brings to the town. Other locations with similar events have redesigned their roundups to avoid killing the snakes and instead provide for safe human-snake interactions and education about snake safety.

We demand Sweetwater’s rattlesnake roundup be altered to exclude killing or harming the rattlesnakes.


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Photo Credit: Tigerhawkvok

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  1. Evelyn Ball says:

    Another thing the USA can be proud of! How pathetic. Bunch of stupid rednecks. Too stupid and ignorant to realize that all species have a place in nature. Should really be skinning and beheading those stupid humans instead, worthless idiots!!!!!!!!

  2. Tina shurtleff says:

    Another senseless slaughter of animals for stupid human entertainment.

  3. It’s funny that you two happen to think that way…I’d guess that you have never had a family member get bitten or had to treat a snakebite yourself!

    • So because you startled an animal and it defended itself they all deserve to die this way??? I came damn near close to be bitten as a kid when I almost stepped on one. The last thing I would expect is for my family to retaliate by killing snakes. That would be moronic and senseless – just like you.

      • Geez, after twenty five years as a fireman I’m now, all of a sudden, moronic and senseless. I will presume that you have never had to treat a poisonous snakebite, hmmmm?? And since you didn’t know, I’ll tell you that we’ve had two six and a half Black Rat Snakes living in our barn for quite a while. I don’t kill non-poisonous snakes but I have all kinds of things here that could be hurt by them and so I kill them and will not apologize to you or any other silly person who thinks that killing any one of God’s creatures to be a sin! So I guess the senseless moron is who??

    • This is about RESPECT for life – not about REVENGE for someone getting bitten. Snakes are VERY important to our ecosystems.
      I’d rather deal with rattlers then the Hanta-carrying rodents they prey on, any day.
      And I lived in Arizona for 20 years, and learned to make sure rattlers and I didn’t cross paths. Accidents happen, but it’s usually some moron man-handling the snakes. I have to laugh every time someone gets nailed at one of these death round-ups.

  4. “So many people insist they are against animal abuse, cruelty, suffering and the inhumane treatment of animals, yet they don’t understand they are actively engaging in and supporting egregious suffering, abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment when they eat animals and their ‘by-products.’ If you are against cruelty, suffering and inhumane treatment, then you go vegan. It’s just that simple.” – Sarah Kiser


  5. Muriel Heanue says:

    I really wish this country could move out of the Dark Ages when it comes to animal abuse. And I hope I never ever understand how a rattlesnake round up as described in this petition as an enjoyable activity. Obviously,the people who participate in this crap have no lives.


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