Find and Punish People Responsible for Satanic Animal Sacrifices

Target: Suffolk County Police Commissioner, Timothy D. Sini

Goal: Investigate the horrific beheading and torture of several animals and severely punish those responsible for these cruel acts.

Over the past two years, several roosters, goats and a dog have been found horrifically mutilated and killed in Suffolk County, Long Island. The SPCA and other experts suspect a satanic cult might be behind the gruesome killings. However, law enforcement is nowhere closer to finding those responsible and putting an end to these horrific acts.

The people responsible have so far beheaded roosters and goats, nailed a rooster to a tree after cutting his eyes and tongue out, mutilated chickens and even recently tortured and hung a 7-month-old puppy. These incredibly cruel acts need to be stopped, for the sake of animals and residents too, as there is a proven link between animal abuse and violence against humans.

Sign this petition demanding that the Suffolk County Police take urgent action to find those responsible and ensure they are punished for these horrific murders to the full extent of the law.


Dear Mr. Sini,

Several beheaded, mutilated and tortured animals have been found dead in Suffolk County over the past two years, yet the people responsible for these gruesome killings have still not been found. The beheaded roosters and goats, mutilated chickens and tortured 7-month-old puppy all deserve justice.

Please take urgent action to find and stop the people responsible for these acts before more animals or even humans are harmed. This matter requires urgent and in-depth investigation in order to identify and severely punish those responsible for this incredible cruelty.


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Photo credit: Yumi Kimura

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  2. There is no religious freedom protection for crimes. These sadist if claiming religious tradition are just hiding their sickness behind religion. Or else they are really really mentally challenged. Either way danger to the community and can’t hide behind religion!! These guys are just sick, plain and simple.

    • Natasha Glinsky says:

      Yup! They use human babies when they get a chance too. I say this is beyond freedom of religion if the innocent beings suffer in the name of worship or dumb beliefs.

  3. I use to know a witch in West Warren, Mass she runs Wondering Witch farm and I went there for a reading and I saw a alter and there were bones and sculls and someone told me she does sacrifices of animals and she use to have cats and every time I saw her she had a new cat and I asked were is the cat and she said the cat died now I know why. I don’t go to her anymore.

  4. Long Island needs to revisit their laws on animal cruelty and/or torture and bring them up to the 21 century. The punishment for these acts should be life imprisonment at the LEAST! If they haven’t been found it is because there is no incentive for the police or animal control to do so which usually translates into there is not a strong law on the books for which to capture, arrest and convict the abnormal creatants that commit these acts.

  5. Muriel Servaege says:

    My best piece of advice would be: RETALIATE. No “religion” allows such horrible torture.

  6. i cannot understand any idiots using religion as a reason to kill torture harm helpless creatures, these people are just sick twisted individual who need to pay for the evil things they have done.

  7. My guess is that the police know who’s behind these disgusting acts but either don’t take them seriously or are afraid to offend certain groups out of political correctness. Only when they see a child nailed to a tree will they act.

  8. death to all these people who sacrifice great animals now.

  9. alicia stair says:

    its not Satanic, real Satanists don’t do shit like this, these sick fucks are just down right cruel and evil bastards, and just want to give Satanists a bad name/rep or dumbass’s who don’t know any better call it Satanic.

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