Seek Maximum Punishment for Neglectful Cat Hoarder

Target: Crown Prosecutor Corie Langdon

Goal: Demand harsh punishment for woman who kept over 100 cats in a filthy and hazardous environment.

A cat hoarder has been found guilty of several counts of animal cruelty and causing or permitting unnecessary suffering to animals. Diane Way, a 67-year-old law professor, kept 107 cats in her home, most of which were determined to be feral by rescuers. The conditions in the home were filthy, with a sludge of urine and feces pooled on the floors for so long that it put the home’s structural integrity at risk. Investigators found rotting furniture and a strong smell of ammonia in the air.

The animals removed from the home suffered a host of health problems, including eye and lung infections, dehydration, malnutrition, and chemical burns from urine. They were aggressive from a lack of socialization and had suffered deformities due to inbreeding. They were crusted in fecal matter and showed signs of serious emotional distress, including a lack of responsiveness to humans described as “spooky” in expert testimony. The cats were in such poor condition that all but one had to be euthanized.

This is one of the most shocking animal hoarding cases ever seen in Canada. The fact that the woman made an effort to give away some of her cats suggests that she knew she was in over her head but failed to take adequate steps to ensure the welfare of the cats. Sign the petition below to demand that the prosecution seek the maximum possible penalty for this cruel offender.


Dear Prosecutor Corie Langdon,

A Toronto woman was recently found guilty of animal cruelty and and causing or permitting unnecessary suffering to animals for her neglect toward 107 cats that she kept in her home. Investigators reported conditions so filthy that the animals suffered chemical burns, infections, and other health issues. The cats were so neglected that they were dehydrated and malnourished, with many being declared feral. All but one of the cats had to be euthanized.

This case is particularly shocking because the woman seemed to be aware of the cruelty she was inflicting, but failed to take adequate steps to stop it. In order to ensure that justice is brought to these neglected cats, it is imperative that she be punished to the full extent of the law. We, the undersigned, demand that Diane Way is harshly punished for her torture of 107 cats.


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Photo credit: Brocken Inaglory

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  1. Lajeanne Leveton says:

    ALMOST all animal hoarders are mentally ill….they are trying to “save” animals, and soon get in over their head, in terms of time, money, housing of the animals, etc….

    SHE should only be allowed to own one or two cats in future, however, or this will start all over again…..she must receive help and therapy, but prison is pointless.

  2. I agree. She was trying to help.
    She needs help instead.

  3. sandra mason says:

    this is not just her fault. it is definitely way more difficult to get help for cats than it is for dogs. more tax dollars need to go towards animal shelters and more shelters need to be taught what cats need as well as dogs. I understand her desire to help these cats. I have 14 indoor cats of my own. I spend hours every day cleaning the house to make sure they stay clean. and even tho I have given so much of my time and money to care for these homeless cats, I still can’t get help from local shelters when I find a cat on the street needing help. they dive right in when it’s a dog but you are on your own when it’s a cat.

  4. I don’t know… Usually, I fully support maximum punishment for people who cause pain and death to animals… This is still wrong by the way but from the article above, it seemed that she was just trying to rescue strays but then got overwhelmed… The governments of the world should really pay more attention to the issue of strays… In my country, there are too many strays and only a handful of animal shelters that many of us end up having, in our household, multiple numbers of strays that we just cannot leave fending for themselves on the cruel streets…

  5. I agree with all the comments above. She has already been prosecuted and any further ‘punishment’ would not help her or the cats. There needs to be proper facilities to help feral/stray cats. I had 16 cats myself some years ago and currently have 10 and spend all my spare time caring for them and cleaning so I know the might have been a physical health issue that meant she just became overwhelmed if, as it states that there was inbreeding. She needed help not punishment.

  6. Nooshin Perla says:

    I do agree that this lady was trying to help those cats. She should not be punished, she should have been helped to take care of those beautiful and helpless cats! I don’t believe that all those cat should have been put to sleep either!!!! That was WRONG to kill them all. As someone else wrote, cats are NOT getting the attention that they DESERV!!!!!Some things IS wrong with this society. Are we going back to evil ages?????

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