Free Horse Stuck in Stall for Two Years

Target: Mayor Michelle Walker of Roy, Washington

Goal: Save Magic the horse from his stall, which he has been confined to alone for two years.

Magic, a 13-year-old Tennessee walking horse, has been trapped in a 10-by-10-foot stall all alone for years. A local animal activist states that they “suspect the horse has been in the stall for more than three years and possibly even four years without ever having been let outside.” The owner even stated that Magic has not been outside in years.

Neighbors have offered to take Magic to their pastures but the owner has declined. Animal control has visited the premise and said “there’s no code that requires the horse to be removed from his stall.” Therefore nothing has been done.

Sign this petition and demand that Magic be freed from his prison. No animal should be alone and locked up for that many years.


Dear Mayor Walker,

A 13-year-old Tennessee walking horse has been confined to a 10-by-10-foot stall for two years. The horse, Magic, has been stuck in this stall all alone for much too long.

Neighbors have offered to take Magic to their pastures, and others have even offered cash in exchange for Magic, but the owner has declined all these offers. Animal control has even visited Magic and say that there is nothing to be done because “there’s no code that requires the horse to be removed from his stall.”

No animal should be forced to live in these conditions. I’m asking you to consider Magic’s case and take action to help this majestic animal. He should not have to live out the rest of his years confined and alone.


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Photo credit: Karen Ducey

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  1. I signed this petition last year. Why is he still imprisoned. This is disgraceful and the law is useless obviously. Can’t someone just rescue him. Just go in there and get him out. Pure ignorance and evil to keep him there. GET HIM OUT!!!!!!! THIS IS NOT A BACKWARD COUNTRY COME ON GET HHIM OUT !!!!!

    • RosanneG says:

      Sometimes I wonder what has become of respect for life and decency and the legal system. Why is there nothing illegal about an animal being confined with no exercise and no hope of ever living a life full of love and compassion and freedom? Put the owner in a Stull for a week and seize the horse and watch the owner suffer and beg for his freedom. What a sick man and a disgusting legal system.

  2. maria elena codesal says:

    liBERACION basta de crueldad


  4. Morgan Kanae says:

    This is horrific. This town had some real problems if they can’t recognize animal abuse.

  5. This is very strange, i signed this petition about a year ago. Is this the only update, and not a positive one ? I dont like this at all !!!

  6. This is disgusting.I would love to meet these animal abusing POS owners face to face and this by these bastards would never happen again

  7. I signed also last year. The last update I had was that Magic was taken away by the owners and nobody knew what happened to him

  8. Free the horse already you have made him a prisoner for over 2 years let him run in the pastures where he belongs

  9. Then open a can of whip ASS you cowards!

  10. Can not a group of locals get some balls and just go nick it and place elsewhere safely.ignoring it is not condoning it.kneecap the owner one night.

  11. What kind of 1st world country has a law that states being locked up 24/7 never to feel the sun on your back or nibble grass all day is ok…I honestly truly give up with the human race these days..the other thing is why bother having a dear horse if it’s locked up all the time…there are I am sure people who would be more than willing to home him so why not let him enjoy what life he has left being a damned horse for heavens sake…

  12. Sort this out, America!!! Are you not horse advocates? Someone send the humane society or something!!!!!????

  13. Amanda Burns says:

    No animal should be caged up, to be unable to run, feel the sun or grass underneath them!!

    When growing up, I had rabbits. I loved them, too! My parents were ignorant in their ways and did not allow me to build a fenced in area large enough for the rabbits to hop around and to feel the grass, let alone be in a cool, shaded area. Sadly, the rabbits died from lack of exercise and heat exhaustion. I was 9 at the time and tried to educate my parents on the importance of these issues, but was ignored entirely because I didn’t know what I was talking about. SMH!!

  14. Kathleen Williams says:

    UPDATE (Winter, 2016):
    Even though Magic now has an extremely small outdoor area (more suitable for a medium-sized dog than a horse), his owner admittedly still doesn’t have any interest in either exercising him, or even showing him. Since Magic was nevertheless – always – forced to wear so-called performance shoes, it is assumed that this is still the case. (Imagine having to continuously wear exaggerated, heavy, hard rubber and plastic platform heels day in and day out, year after year after year.)

    The petitioner is now working with an attorney to try and change what constitutes cruelty. She is also planning to offer the owner his asking price of $20,000 – as soon as she reaches that goal on Gofundme (there’s about $16,000 right now).


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