Dog Deliberately Run Over By Police Officers Deserves Justice

Target: U.K. Secretary of State for Justice, Michael Gove

Goal: Prosecute police officers who allegedly ran a dog over deliberately.

Two police officers in North Wales allegedly ran over and killed a dog deliberately. The dog was running loose on a road, most certainly distressed and disoriented. The officers said in a statement there was “no alternative” to running the dog over with their patrol car. However, considering the incident occurred at 3 a.m., it seems unlikely that traffic would have been too important to secure the area and close the road to traffic while the dog was caught.

There are a number of safe and humane alternatives to catching a loose dog and the officers deliberately running the animal over was a callous act of cruelty. PETA has rightly stated that, “Law-enforcement officers are entrusted with protecting the innocent and the vulnerable, and that does not include deliberately running them over with the intent to kill.” The organization and others have also said that this incident proves that officers desperately need to be trained in humane animal control.

Sign this petition demanding that these officers are severely punished for this cruel act and urging the country to ensure its law-enforcement authorities are adequately trained in humane animal control in order to avoid similar incidents in the future.


Dear Mr. Gove,

Two police officers recently ran over a dog deliberately in North Wales. The dog was running loose on a road and despite the number of safe and humane alternatives, the officers decided to run the animal over with their police car. As the incident occurred at 3 a.m., it seems it would have been easy to temporarily secure the area in order to humanely capture the dog.

This horrific incident proves that British police is insufficiently trained in humane animal control. We demand the officers responsible for the dog’s cruel death are prosecuted and that all officers in the country receive mandatory training on adequate and humane methods for catching loose animals.


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  1. put this killer in prison now for not protecting and serve now.

  2. Shelli Schmidt says:

    What no animal control, leash, luring into a carrier with food?.Getting really sick of reading abot these crimes comitted by cops & it is a crime,,running a dog over, are you freaking kidding?! Probably had a doughnut in each hand & were to rushed up on a suger high to get their idle butts out of the patrol car!

  3. MaryBeth Parschen says:

    Totally disgusting! Police are supposed to serve and PROTECT!!!!Not hurt, kill or DESTROY

    • Yes Marybeth, Shelli, John. Some of us people from Europe are getting very frightened if we go in a trip to USA, because instead of feeling protected by the police i felt they are the 1 ones I need to hide from. They kill pets for no reason. Just today i signed SEVERAL PETITIONS AGAINST POLICE OFFICERS WHO MURDERED PETS, EVEN LYING ABOUT THEIR REASONS, THAN FORENSIC PROVED THAT, even a poor cat was shot dead. I also sign petitions where they abuse women even made them perform sexual acts, I mean what is this???? Like I had been saying it seems they pick police officers now in hospice houses. These people supposedly should have proper formation&training to act and even more in unexpected situations. To use a gun for any reason any moron knows how to do that. They should be forbidden to use a gun the ones murdering pets, should be fired, should pay an indemnity to the owners and a huge fine to the county for the despicable way they act.But death penalty should be to all that torture or kill 4 paws Animal without a justifiable reason, not some BS like they use to invent. I would like to know if they are so brave killing criminals, because that´s the ones they should be killing.

  4. List the offending little Jon officers names. Just telling what and where it happened isn’t enuf.

  5. These idiots do NOT need to be armed. They do not have the sense of a box of hair. They are sick what a stupid excuse for their depraved disregaurd for life. They disgrace the uniform, what numbskulls!!!

  6. a real human being loves all kind of animals, a real human being respects others lifes, no matter if it is a human’s or a dogs life… and the ones who call themselves humans, in fact r not humans, they r carnivorous reptilians.. that usually have dogs or cat, and sometimes they beat and torture their own pets… a reptilian will kill any animal with a smile on its-his face… people we all should wake up and stand for those, defensless ones. if not we , then who will protect them?

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