Cat Sadistically Tortured for Months by Roommate, Says Owner

Target: Cyrus Vance, District Attorney of Manhattan

Goal: Pursue the maximum penalty for man accused of brutally torturing his roommate’s cat for three months.

Lucy the cat is on life support after allegedly being brutally tortured by its owner’s roommate for three months. The roommate, Declan Garrity, who has been charged with animal cruelty, allegedly broke the bones in the cat’s face, legs, and pelvis, ripped out its claws, and torched her.

Garrity, who is a financial analysis at a large Wall Street bank, reportedly told the owner that the cat injured herself while he was home alone with her. One excuse was that an iron fell on Lucy by accident.

Lucy deserves justice and other living beings deserve to be protected from the cruel monsters who wish to torture them. Demand that this person be vigorously prosecuted and be banned from ever owning animals, if found guilty.


Dear District Attorney Cyrus Vance,

Declan Garrity was charged with animal cruelty after allegedly torturing his roommate’s cat, Lucy, for three months. Lucy is on life support after suffering from a broken face, pelvis, and legs. She was also allegedly torched.

This level of animal torture is sick and alarming. This person, if guilty, should be brought to justice. We urge you to seek the maximum penalty in this case and see to it that this man is banned from ever owning animals if he is found guilty of this horrific crime.


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  1. I cannot fathom not putting 2 and 2 together a lot sooner than three months! Cat is fine….roommate moves in….cat suffers injuries. Hello! I am so sorry for this cat (or any animal) that suffers at the hands of human monsters; however, it should not have taken three months for this cat’s owner/guardian to figure out a cat doesn’t injure itself repeatedly for no apparent reason.

  2. Kathy Khoshfahm says:

    Mr. Vance – please do the job you were hired to do and prosecute Declan Garrity to the fullest extent of the law. The Animal Kingdom are citizens of this Earth, too, and they deserve our respect and protection. Not one innocent creature should ever be exposed to this type of torture. Not one…

    • Our government and population fully supports the torture and murder of millions of innocent animals every single day. Have you seen the cruel factory farm workers pulling baby calves away from their mothers so humans can have their milk? Have you seen how they hang them up by one leg and hack them to death? The worst animal atrocities on earth are going on constantly every single day and few say a word about it. We live in a sick, primitive world full of mostly monstrous human beings. We are a virus on this planet. Lucy and all — Rest In Peace.

  3. Tonya Demirjian says:

    Shame on the OWNER for not realizing until MONTHS later that her poor furbaby was being mistreated. It would not take me months to realize my pet was acting differently if there were someone in my home.
    As for the abuser….lock him away and throw away the key… no mercy, no lenience, put the sick monster away.

  4. Patricia Dumais says:

    The roommate did the dirty deed but the owner is irresponsible in not protecting the poor cat in the first place. This went on for three months? How could he not notice that something was wrong? Was he away for three months? This shows that you must ALWAYS vet persons caring for animals.

  5. ILOVELUCY says:

    If you are reading this and blame the owner you are not getting the whole story from this petition. Garrity is a psychopath and discreetly getting pleasure from what he was doing until his fury last week when he almost killed Lucy. Do you really think the ASPCA and NYPD would be backing the owner and supplying her with help and lawyers if owner was truly to blame.

  6. IF HE IS TRULY GUILTY — Garrity is an idiot-monster & should be imprisoned for several years & fined a much heftier fine than $5000 — more like $50 grand — inform everyone here AND in Ireland about this abusively cruel, irrational, callous, merciless, sadistic imbecile — he should NEVER own animals no matter WHERE he resides — what do you think is going on in that empty head of his — only a cretin, a monstrous coward abuses animals — WHAT would make anyone, someone inflict such torture on an innocent, vulnerable animals who clearly is always at the mercy of all humans in her world — ENSURE HE NEVER COMES NEAR ANY ANIMALS EVER AGAIN!

  7. masayuki tanaka says:

    Another rich sh** from wall street, guillotine this as***** I say!

  8. Evil strikes again. I did not dare read the article, but just the title alone caused tears to come up. I have no words to describe this kind of neo-Nazism, but the SOB responsible should be fined and thrown in the clink. At worst, he’ll probably get his hands spanked. As for the owner, shows you how out of it some people can be to the plight of animals. Despicable.

  9. Chris Speechly says:

    We should be collectively ashamed that this subhuman is still breathing.

  10. anyone know how the cat is ?

  11. There is a warrant for his arrest .

  12. Sooo Sad !!

  13. Lajeanne Leveton says:

    HOW could the owner NOT see what was happening to her cat? Hard to imagine.

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