Shelby Corker is a Dog Thief!

Target: Tarrant County District Attorneys Office,

We the Citizens of Texas demand Dog Thief Shelby Corker be Prosecuted. She is not the sweet little girl portrayed in many animal activist websites. She is a calculating thief who didn’t think Police would arrest her over a dog. Sorry lady, animals are property in Texas. You steal an animal you go to jail. Please send a message that you can’t just take an animal and slap the word ‘rescue’ on it and make it ok. Sign here if you demand the same.

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  1. Shelby Corker is a dog thief. Just like anyone who steals a TV or a Car she needs to be prosecuted. It is not ok to steal what you want and then say the dog was rescued. No, the dog was stolen.

    • No the dog was found roaming the streets of Fort Worth and that is clearly on video. There was no theft. Check your facts before you post stuff. You apparently can not read! It idiots like you that make this world so messed up!

    • Stealing?? She is the night in shining armor coming to Ethals physical and emotional rescue! The “supposed” previous owner should be arrested for abuse and abandonment! Loser!

    • Shelby Corker is my hero! She is compassionate and more concerned for this sweet dogs welfare than her own. John Jacob you are inhumane to call a living, feeling, loving, loyal creature “Property” Dogs throughout history have be honored as heros for saving military men during battle, they sniff our drugs and bombs and many are killed while doing their job.
      No dogs are “NOT” property. Coming from Texas is NOT an excuse for stupidity. Shelby Corker is one in a million and if she went to prison for this act of love I would be the first person outside the prison protesting to set her free.
      You acted with your heart Shelby and you must be proud of your choice!

  2. Don’t JUDGE someone you don’t know and you need the facts to the whole story

  3. Whoever came up with this “campaign” is an incompetent idiot!!! View the details of the case moron.

  4. Anyone that does the abuse and neglect this dog had needs to be sent to jail…..not the rescuer. If this is TEXAS LAWS then I am embarrassed to be a Texan. You can try to send this girl to jail but OTHERS are willing to take over where she left off. NO REGRETS HERE

  5. When a dog is loose in the streets and massively underweight, its not stealing!!!! She didn’t go to this abusers house and trespass to take the dog!!!! Because she didn’t want to return it due to its documented condition is what thievery is being based on. I suppose if the cops find a child in the street, they become kidnappers because they don’t give it back!!! There should be a detailed investigation into how the dog got in that condition and how it was at large!!!!

  6. And the dog should of been stolen!!! I know it was/is you…you piece of shit!! Your not fooling anybody! It was you who starved that poor animal to the point of being malnourished and way skinnier than that breed should ever be! Funny thing is that you think your dumb self is fooling people here! Get a life, and give the dog to someone who will take care of and care for him. Shelby was a Blessing for you…had a police officer or animal control officer come across that dog with the shape he was in your butt would definitely be in jail!!!!!

  7. Someone is grasping at straws here and it isn’t Shelby. If what she did was against the law then I’d go to jail to! Animals are sentiment beings and the outdated laws need to be updated. Get with the times! Stand up for those who can’t. If this had been a person it would have happened very differently.

  8. Maria Moreno says:

    What idiocy. Shelby is hero for trying to help this dog. The owner should be prosecuted.

  9. Tiffany Yace says:

    How about a petition to have the owner of the dog prosecuted for neglect?

  10. Shelby is a very sweet girl who was doing a good deed by taking in this dog the owner of this dog should be the one getting prosecuted not shelby and your a idiot for posting this and actually thinking people would sign it may God bless u Shelby

  11. beth young says:

    OMG! I can’t believe anyone would fall for this. I seriously hope not a single person other than the complete moron that started this has signed it. Shelby is anything but a thief, she did what any kind, compassionate, HUMANE person would do and that was rescue a dog that was obviously in need. Whoever you are you should be ashamed of yourself.

  12. Here’s a plain, simple response to this petition:
    Video and pictures have ALWAYS been the greatest testament to any disagreement. Video/pics PROVE this dog was at large and very emaciated. Vet records PROVE this dog was emaciated and dehydrated, which takes more than a “couple of hours” to happen. Give up you freaking loser…you will NEVER outshine Shelby Corker. Period!

  13. Melina Reilly says:

    This petition is pathetic. Those who agree might want to contribute to her legal fund here:

  14. In Texas Animals are property. Period. If you see a beat up television on the curb, take it, clean it up and the owner asks for it back, you must return. That is the law and with animals no different. To top this, she defied not only the owner but Police who ordered her to give the dog back. Don’t you think if Police/Animal control thought the dog was ‘abused’ as she claimed it would have been seized and not returned to the owner? It wasn’t. Also, look at that booking photo. She pulled a real wing ding fit when they arrested her, so much so, back up had to be called. Probably the first time in this entitled little brats life someone told her ‘no’. You can flood social media with supporters, but the fact is, there will be no supporters in the jury, just people who will look at the law, when that happens she is going down. I can’t wait to see everyones response when she is found guilty or accepts a plea bargain. She broke the law and must pay. End of story.

    • Laura Dodd you ignorant fool. There is an enormous difference between a dog and a television. How sad that you don’t know that.

      This is what humans do to dogs:
      Justice for Puppy Found Buried Alive

  15. Karen Nogales says:

    LOL, girl you can have 500 of your friends write in on your behalf but that does not change things or your actions. You stole a dog in the eyes of the law. Call it rescue, call it whatever you want but when you refuse to give someone back their property, it is theft. Prisons are full of people who claim ‘they helped, or found items’. So what’s it gonna be? Plea bargain or are you going to take your medicine like a big girl?

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