Stop Beating Dogs to Death on Campus in India

Target: Director H.R. Singla

Goal: Punish security guards for allegedly beating stray dogs to death on Lovely Professional University campus in Jalandhar, India.

Students on Lovely Professional campus identified a series of animal abuses ranging from beating dogs to death, to crushing or tossing puppies into garbage bins. They discovered that security guards meant to protect inhabitants of the campus were reportedly issued a mandate by the school to do this. This horrifying discovery followed the death of a stray dog named Hope. A student customarily brought food for Hope every morning and was greeted with kisses and wagging tail. However, on one fateful day, the student ran late. Instead of a greeting by their stray friend, they instead found hope dazed and bleeding profusely from a severe beating. Hope was rushed to a nearby vet, but his wounds were too severe and he died within the hour. Hope lost his life, and this student lost his friend because of someone else’s monstrous actions. Afterward, students began talking and stories of other abuses came to light. Hope’s murder wasn’t a random act of cruelty, but just one act in a series.

Places of learning are beacons in to society, and are often considered places of high standard. Lovely Professional has shown it’s colors in a tragically disappointing way. The lack of humanity and surplus of ignorance it takes to charge security with brutally slaughtering animals is next to incomprehensible, but sadly all too common.

Put an end to this senseless massacre of stray dogs. Urge Lovely Professional School to help these dogs instead of murdering them. Stray animals may be inconvenient in the eyes of a business, but that does not make them fodder for petty cruelties. If humanity is measured by how one treats lesser individuals, human or animal, then Lovely Professional School has shown itself to lack even the most basic understanding.


Dear Director Singla,

Recently, stray dogs and puppies have been brutally murdered on Lovely Professional’s campus. It has come to light that this is apparently due to a mandate issued by the school to the security guards. Stray dogs are reportedly being beaten and left to die, puppies are crushed or tossed into dumpsters. Lovely Professional claims an excellence in education that is not reflected by this sort of mandate. It’s horrifying to think a place of higher learning would resort to such barbaric practices.

Please, recant this mandate. Stop encouraging security on the campus to engage in such cruelty, and punish those who have and continue to do so. Take the opportunity to aid these stray dogs, and provide the students an opportunity to help and extend compassion to those who need it most.


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  1. Gene Sengstake says:

    I’d like to get my hands on the bastards (guards) as well as the “enablers” who are allowing this cruelty to happen. God damn them all anyway – – –

  2. Dear Director H.R. Singla
    Goal: Punish security guards for allegedly beating stray dogs to death on Lovely Professional University campus in Jalandhar India.
    And learn from this; you can’t kill away a problem. It’s wrong any way you look at it.
    But your problem is a easy fix, call some humane groups to rescue all the stray or abandoned animals. And abandoned animals is where you can go another step further.
    Tell all your students that if they are going to keep or even just claim a pet dog or cat that the student must get the animal spayed or neutered and include some low-cost where services are provided, where they can get s/n and shots. And then tell them if for any reason they can no longer keep the pet they are to relinquish the Pet to a Humane Society or rescue group. And don’t forget when you call the rescue groups to come and rescue the animals on hour campus you should be ready to make a sizable donation to help cover the cost that these groups will incur.
    Remember tour campus won’t look so Lovely covered in sweet innocent animal blood.
    And everyone should think about what kind of person could order campus security guards to beat and kill innocent animals whose only fault was being born because stupid people allowed their parents to breed.
    Your might not have a job if you don’t do something quickly to show you have rethought you heartless decision and you want to make amends.
    Sincerely, D. Page
    Peace and Love to all the Animals of the World.

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