Denounce Peyton Manning for Alleged Sexual Assault

Target: Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning

Goal: Condemn athlete for defamation and alleged sexual misconduct.

Peyton Manning just won the Super Bowl for the Denver Broncos, and has become one of the most successful and respected athletes in professional football. But newly unearthed court documents from 2003 claim that Manning’s lovable reputation is a facade, as they claim that he sexually assaulted Dr. Jamie Naughright and broke confidentiality agreements to shame her in a book that he wrote.

When Manning was at the University of Tennessee, Dr. Naughright was allegedly helping Manning with a foot injury when he moved to put his naked genitals on her forehead. Manning fiercely denied the claim. Instead of acting appropriately, the university asked Naughright to leave and even allegedly asked her to put the blame on a black player instead of Manning. Before she left, Manning allegedly re-enacted the assault on a player jokingly in front of her, and used obscenities directed towards her.

In 2003, Manning and his father Archie worked on a book that slandered Naughright and broke confidentiality agreements. Naughright sued for defamation. In the suit, Manning claimed Naughright had a “vulgar mouth” and recounted a time when she insulted his fellow players and forced him to take them away for a while, which was denied by Naughright and every player, all of whom testified against Manning. The case was settled in Naughright’s favor, but the book is still available and the case has been swept under the rug. Shame Manning for defamation and the alleged assault.


Dear Mr. Manning,

While we respect your intelligent athleticism on the field and your recent Super Bowl win, we demand that you finally acknowledge the skeletons in your closet. The alleged incident at the University of Tennessee with Dr. Jamie Naughright is vile and should be publicly addressed. The incident was bad enough, but then to break a confidentiality agreement and defame her in your book is damning.

Every player addressed in the court case, including the ones you mentioned in your claims of Dr. Naughright’s “vulgar mouth,” testified against you. It is apparent that you and your supporters concocted stories against Naughright and wrongfully slandered her in a book that is still available to the public. You have blamed the victim for your assault and duped the public into believing you.

With a triumphant season coming to a close and a long, successful and popular career, it is time to address this incident. You have space to clear the air, and to clear Naughright of any wrongdoing. Please consider doing the right thing.


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Photo Credit: Capt. Darin Overstreet

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  1. The allegations outlined in the court documents were different than what was alleged in the previous case. Also, the one sided documents that were recently “revealed” were in fact thrown out during the suit. Furthermore, if you do some research into this “innocent dr” you will find that she has had more then a handful of suits against other folks with large amounts of money. Not to mention she is currently in financial despair with her house in foreclosure. Just because the university settled the suit with her does not necessarily point to Mannings guilt of sexual assault. The case was one of sexual harrassment over a 6 year period. The mention of the Manning incident in the original suit implies an exposed backside and the only contact occurred when she pushed him away and called him an “ass”. You can find the signed affidavit if you search for it. There were 33 allegations in her original suit against athletes, coaches, administrators and the such. The university settled with her, not the mannings. His characterization of her as being vulgar is not a stretch. You can see some of her colorful and shameful language thanks to google. A number of her Facebook posts can be found if you google her name and facebook. She has harassed and slandered other publicly on several occassions. The fact that he settled the defamation suit doesn’t mean much either. It was probably better and cheaper to settle privately than to risk a much much higher settlement if it went before a jury. Everything we have seen so far has been one side of the story. And don’t forget, the NDA goes both ways. She is liable also. Since she is the one that leaked the documents to the undeniably questionable “reporter” who has another agenda anchored in race, she has broken the agreement. While I do agree that people need to be held accountable for their actions, this Dr got her “justice” when she settled for money. You can’t accept the settlement and then keep suing whenever you’re strapped for cash. Do yourself a favor and do a little research before you condemn people.

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