Punish Family for Animal Cruelty Involving More Than 50 Dogs

Target: Prosecuting Attorney Casandra Morse-Bills

Goal: Punish four family members responsible for hoarding more than 50 dogs in deplorable conditions on their personal property.

Four members of the Quick family pleaded guilty to animal cruelty charges involving more than 50 dogs in the home. Authorities seized the animals following an investigation which reportedly turned up dogs of various ages and breeds. Reports show that they were living in overcrowded and unclean conditions on the property. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) later stepped in to help authorities remove and care for the animals.

The ASCPA stated that the family kept most of the animals in tiny cages in the basement. The owners reportedly also stored some of the dogs in overcrowded pens, like livestock. Others were allegedly kept in small cages made of wire, and stored in a shed. Some of the many breeds on the property included bull dogs, terriers, pugs, and Pomeranians. Many of these dogs were reportedly so poorly kept that they had to be treated for respiratory illnesses, failing eyesight, problems with their fur, and overgrown nails.

Due to the various breeds and the amount of puppies on the property, authorities believe the family may have operated a puppy mill. Danielle Quick, Pennie Quick, Noralea Quick, and Bradford Quick all pleaded guilty to the charges of animal cruelty or abandonment. In addition to this, Pennie and Bradford Quick owe $25,000 in damages to the state.

Michigan has seen several cases of large scale animal cruelty involving dozens of animals from various breeds and species. Make a difference in the state by adding your name to the petition. Your support will ensure that these members of the Quick family are punished to the fullest extent of the law for their cruelty to animals.


Dear Mrs. Morse-Bills,

Four members of the Quick family recently pleaded guilty to animal cruelty and abandonment charges in a case involving more than 50 animals. The dogs seized from the property ranged from puppies to adults and covered a variety of breeds. They were allegedly so poorly kept that they had to be treated for a variety of illnesses after the ASPCA stepped in to help.

Most of the dogs were reportedly stored in tiny cages in the basement of the house. Others were kept in overcrowded pens, and another set were reported to have been locked in a shed in cages made of wire. When the ASCPA took the animals in for care, many were treated for eyesight issues, overgrown nails, complications with their fur, and respiratory illnesses.

Since the start of the year, Michigan has appeared in the news several times for large scale animal cruelty involving dozens of dogs. Not only is this situation sad for the animals, but it creates problems for government and non-profit bodies as well. Law enforcement must dedicate its resources to investigating these cases, and animal shelters must find the food, space, medicine and other supplies necessary to house a large number of animals coming in.

Help to discourage other residents from becoming involved in these activities by making an example of the Quick family. We urge you to ensure that these individuals are punished to the fullest extent of the law and to ensure the county or state gets the money it is owed.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: David Fisher

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  1. Catarina Eliasson says:

    Punishment to animal abusers!

  2. The horrific abuse of animals in puppy mills will not cease until the financial profit is removed. All medical & board expenses should be billed back to the Quick family, not the taxpayer funded entities forced to bear the burden for the owner’s greed.

  3. I am trying to sign the petition but nothing happens when I click the petition bar. Please help.

  4. PLEASE stop the breeding of domestic animals!!
    Thousands of unwanted animals die in shelters each DAY!
    Stop the breeding. Then these poor creatures are sold to people who neglect abandon or worse abuse them. PLEASE stop this suffering for greed! No more breeding!

  5. valerie gicquel says:

    strictly punishment , bastards had to be severely punish, no no abandon no abuse no breeding of animals !!!

  6. Barbara Thornsberry says:

    Pieces of shit humans need need jail

  7. They should be given a worthwhile sentence not the usual fines or community service. At least a year inside, they need to be shown that they can’t treat animals in such a cruel way and get away with a slap on the wrist?

    Give me animals any day
    I would give help to any creature before I gave help to humans

  8. This evil family needs to be tortured and killed, all animal abusers need to be killed, protect animals worldwide

  9. Punish these foul people to the fullest extent of our inadequate animal abuse laws, now! Can you imagine being trapped in a tiny cage down in the dark basement? I demand justice for these 50 dogs, now!!!

  10. I am ready, willing and able to help enact the rquired permanent penalty to these POS animal abusers.

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