Stop Vanity Tattoos for Cats in Russia

Target: Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of Russia

Goal: Make tattooing animals illegal in Russia.

Vanity tattoos for cats have become a recent trend in Russia. Tattoo artists have been sedating animals for hours at a time to give them tattoos for purely aesthetic reasons—just because they like the way they look.

Sedating an animal to tattoo it is clearly dangerous in itself, but animal vanity tattoos can lead to larger complications as well. The animals’ skin can become infected, and they often experience pain and soreness from the tattoo needles upon waking. While small tattoos are sometimes given on ears for identification, those procedures are always done by a trained veterinary professional.

Vanity tattoos for cats are unethical and irresponsible. Animals cannot give their consent and there are far too many risks involved. Stylistically tattooing a cat qualifies as animal abuse and should be outlawed in Russia.


Dear Prime Minister Vladimir Putin,

Vanity tattoos for cats are a dangerous new trend in Russia. It puts these animals through unnecessary pain and leaves them prone to infections and complications from sedation. They serve no medical or protective purpose; they are simply a fashion trend at the expense of an animal’s well being.

Tattoos for cats are unethical and dangerous. Please protect these animals from abuse and make vanity tattoos illegal in Russia.

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  1. soubrier geneviève says:

    c’est n’importe quoi, en plus de la torture inutile.

  2. marie taylor-clarke says:

    Yuk things just get worse I would be so ashamed to desecrate my cat like that They are morons then again in London England most Russians are covered in dead animals

  3. Russia always was barbaric Country.And now more and more idiots create new kind of tortures for innocent animals.

  4. I’d say it’s a life time of drinking too much Vodka..!!

  5. Putin is said to be a cat lover.I feel sure he will take action.Only a complete idiot would sanction this idiot and cruel practice

  6. People become crazier every day … they are willing to do everything to be different ……. and this is only possible because they have closed hearts!

    • I have many piercings but I have no eeirepxnce when it comes to tattoos, which is why I did plenty of research. So please don’t take my word alone on this. I’d say if it hurts and itches after only 2 days thats not a good sign(when ur tatt starts to scab is when the itching would occur). and washing 3 times a day is probably one of the top 5 things you should NOT do. ur keeping the area wet too often which doesn’t give u time ti heal. Seek professional advice from another tattoo artist. Luck.

  7. just one remark: Putin is NOT president of Russia

  8. astuartgirl says:

    Vanity knows no bounds. Pets are not fashion accessories!

  9. toni harrison-kahn says:

    What prat thinks they can improve on GOD’S work…are you nuts or just plain sadistic twats.

  10. What is wrong with people today?? The horrible cruelty to animals is not just in Russia…we are just moving backwards. How sad.

  11. Retards!

  12. angela rabon says:

    That is just UNBELIEVABLE!!! I am speechless!! What idiot thought up this?

    Tattooing cats is barbaric and cannot continue. This must stop!

  13. Melanie Titus says:

    This is so sick! Cats are beautiful Majestic creatures why would anyone want to inflict this kind of agony on their cat, I say they need to be punished, there should be a criminal proceeding to match this crime, its cruelty to animals dammit!

  14. These beautiful animals rely on us for Protection, NOT destruction and cruelty. May these viscous mongrels go to HELL………………….

  15. Who ever does this…are going to HELL…Lets hold you down and tattoo “I’m an asshole on your face.” You are sick sick sick and the world needs to get rid of you!!!!!

  16. Humans have a choice to get a tattoo. Animals don’t. Grow up and if you want a tattoo so badly go to the tattoo parlour and tattoo ‘complete idiot’ on you and that would sum everything up. Leave our cats alone. Disgusting and total animal abuse. Grow up.

  17. I don’t think people fully understands how much bacteria naturally lives in a cats mouth. I’m licensed in the veterinary field and Ive been cats come in with raging infections just from licking a cut they had. Anyone who has gotten a tattoo know they needle doesnt go to far into the dermis but it does cause small amount of bleeding none the less, and where there is blood there is a opening for bacteria to come in. So, even if the owner of said pet was clean and maintained good hygiene, the cats natural urge to lick itself (and yes cats can lick their chests)will just introduce bacteria such as Pasteurella , Peptostreptococcus,Staphylococcus and many more. Its for that reason if we get bit by a cat we HAVE to go to the doctors and start a series of antibiotics. So, even if you argue that its ok to do this because the owner can keep it free from infection, I’m sorry but you are incorrect.

  18. This is taking the art of tattooing way to far. I can’t think of a single culture who does tattoo that would ever think to tattoo an animal. This is insane.

  19. I agree that to tattoo an animal like this is madness. The sympathetic nerves that control the eye follow a long path and they can become damaged anywhere along the route. They leave the spinal cord just inside the chest and travel up the neck to the head, where they connect to nerves just below the ear. From there, they continue their journey to the eye. I believe that a tattoo like that could cause a condition called Horner’s Syndrome in cats.

  20. This is absolutley discusting, no better than the wearing of real fur for van ignorant self absorbed idiots, total exploitation of wonderfull intelligent beings. Shame on them.

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