Stop Billionaire From Opening Greyhound Racetracks

Target: Kansas Governor, Sam Brownback

Goal: Don’t allow billionaire to reopen inhumane dog racetracks.

The last of Kansas’s racetracks closed in 2008 and now billionaire Phil Ruffin wants to reopen them all as “racinos,” or casinos where people can bet on dog races. Dog racing is cruel and inhumane and must be stopped. Tell Kansas’s governor to not let these casinos host greyhound races and to ban dog racing once and for all.

Dog racing is already illegal in 39 states. Although it’s not illegal in Kansas, the state hasn’t had an open racetrack for 8 years. The previous ones had to close due to lack of interest. With national dog racing declining 68 percent from 2001-2013, it’s easy to see most citizens aren’t interested in watching these inhumane races. Mr. Ruffin is trying to open these racetracks claiming that it will employ hundreds of people. However, if the Kansas people didn’t go to the track before, what will make them do it now? All this does is give people jobs that they will eventually lose.

Even if there was an economic benefit,that is not reason enough to open these greyhound tracks. Greyhounds that are bred for these races endure horrible living conditions and are raced until their bodies give out. Before the last Kansas track closed down it had 19 deaths and 80 injured dogs during its last 6 months. Broken legs and backs are the most common fates for racing dogs. Even before their bodies wear out they are treated cruelly. They are kept in small cages, fed raw meat with added charcoal, and many are shot up with steroids. Some racers even go as far as to shoot the dogs with cocaine.

Dog racing is an inhumane practice and needs to be stopped. Demand that Governor Sam Brownback does not reopen the racetracks and ban all dog racing indefinitely.


Dear Governor Brownback,

Dog racing has been outlawed in 39 states due to its inhumane nature. Please make Kansas the 40th state by outlawing dog races and not reopening the old racetracks. Studies have shown that the interest in dog racing has only decreased. Kansas’s tracks were originally closed because of lack of attendance. Bringing them back will not boost the economy, it will most likely hurt it. Florida, one of the biggest dog racing states, is estimated to lose $35 million a year by keeping their tracks open.

Besides having no economic value, the treatment of racing dogs is cruel. Many competitive racers inject steroids and cocaine into the dogs for better performance. Please don’t let the chance of more drug trafficking come to Kansas through this “sport.” Bringing back dog racing will only hurt these poor animals and the Kansas economy. I implore you to not reopen the dog racing tracks and to ban all dog racing for good.

[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Jan Eduard

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  1. Roberto Miralha de Medeiros says:

    Stop this cruelty!!!

  2. Frances Calcraft says:


  3. Claudia Heindl says:

    Stop this cruelty!

  4. anita culling says:

    Why is it that people who have too much just get more greedy and their first thoughts are more money and not “What good can i do for animals or people in the world”
    Greyhound racing is very cruel and shoukd be banned everywhere. It is out of date and old fashioned and cruel.

  5. Governor,

    Protect this idiot Phil Ruffin and his money. It is clear the will of the people of Kansas have already spoken their will to close Greyhound Racing facilities.

    It is a stupid long shot on the part of Ruffin to think he will make a buck reopening the dog tracks. Attendance at all open dog tracks is in steep decline and that’s not going to change. Dog racing is out of vogue and out of favor with the Kansas people. It is an antiquated activity of the old and dying crowd.

    I quit going to dog races long before the track in Portland, Oregon closed. I didn’t like the way the dogs were treated and the sleazy creeps that attended the racing events made me fear for my safety. Repeatedly I observed all sorts of drug related activities being transacted at the dog track.
    At the end it got so bad few decent people went to the dog track for fear of their safety.
    Unfortunately dog racing is a sleazy underworld type of environment that has never been cleaned up. It will be the same in Kansas if you permit tracks to reopen again and it will be a nasty stain on the reputation of the state of Kansas and YOU personally.

  6. It’s sad as with horses even thou these special ANIMALS make track owners money what about the p u ps that are killed (don’t make the grade)’ and to old to run or reproduce they get put down too! REmember. They are living being s too!

  7. TAMARA BRAGG says:

    God will destroy the evil and wicked in this world, the animals are not evil and wicked.

  8. Susie Topping says:


  9. This must be stopped!

  10. genevieve bellavance says:

    stop it now

  11. Please don’t allow this cruel place to open.

  12. Money rich are sick people with no morals values societies around the world are desperate outlaw this barbaric past time cruelty up money evil creatures..create cultures that value animals properly…

  13. Nature treats back now ? Sam B,
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Live your nightmare now
    Feel the touch and crying of dead animals every minute of your senseless life
    Because I am a Guardian for the animals ?

  14. This needs to stop! It’s cruel and barbaric!!! Take the money and SAVE lives instead of DESTROYING them!

  15. This is a cruel and unnecessary act by people who should have something better to do with their money.

  16. vicki ginoli says:

    please stop this before it gets started

  17. I hope that money doesn’t talk in this case.
    Kansas would look pretty foolish to the rest of the world if they did allow greyhound racing again when everywhere else they have either closed down or about to be.
    See New South wales in Australia has now also banned racing.

    YAY !!

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