Horses Starved to Death by Veterinarian, Say Police

Target: Jean Engler, District Attorney Carbon County, PA

GoalSeek maximum sentence for veterinarian who allegedly starved a dozen horses, along with several other deceased animals, on his property.

A veterinarian was charged with 11 counts of animal cruelty and tampering with evidence after over a dozen starving horses and a disgusting amount of other animal remains were found strewn about his property. Dead horses were reportedly found under a mattress that had been partially burned, two dead horses under a pallet, a dead dog, goat, two sheep, and a lamb were also found in a pit.

Officers say the horses that were still alive were suffering from dehydration and starvation. The rescue group who took the emaciated horses expressed being appalled that this person dedicated his life to saving animals, yet he’s been letting his own horses suffer in one of the most painful ways a being can suffer – starvation and dehydration. Unfortunately, according to outlets, the veterinarian’s disgusting crimes were dismissed in court, but he was later ordered to pay a $500 fine for practicing under an expired veterinarian license.

It’s clear that justice wasn’t served here and that the judge must not care about animals. There’s no excuse for a veterinarian to tolerate this horrific abuse of animals. The pain and suffering they must have felt is unimaginable and stomach turning. Demand that this veterinarian be given the maximum penalty and barred from ever owning or working with animals again.


Dear Ms. Engler,

A veterinarian and his wife were charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty when authorities found over a dozen emaciated horses on their property. Officers said some of the horses were in such horrible condition that they weren’t even capable of walking.

To force your animals to starve and dehydrate to the point of emaciation is purely cruel, but coming from a veterinarian, this is just sickening. This man clearly doesn’t care about animals and has no business working with them. Please be the voice for these innocent animals and bring justice for their suffering. We demand that the veterinarian receive the maximum penalty and be banned from ever possessing animals again, if found guilty.


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  1. The petition doesn’t make sense. The charges were dismissed it says – so why are they sending a petition to the DA asking her to request harsh penalties if he’s found guilty. The charges were dismissed it says. ???

    • I know, I guess they want him to have harsher penalties, be retried. But isn’t that double jeopardy, one cannot be tried twice for the same crime. It is confusing, nonetheless.

    • Probably because the charges were false in the first place.

    • Because this is the second time he is being charged with animal cruelty. He got away with it the first time in 2009, because the magistrate dismissed the case. Then he does it again but with more horrific abuse to the animals. He will only get a fine. They are petitioning the DA for a more harsher punishment. He will do it again if let off easily this time. Two totally separate incidents, two separate cases. They only brought up the 2009 case because they wanted to show that this vet is a habitual animal abuser. And also that we need harsher punishments for animal cruelty.

  2. Sandra Ackroyd says:

    The Bloody so called VET AND THE so called JUDGE should have the f===== same done to them what sort of Justice is this what a pair of BASTARDS

    • I agree. This is a horrific and sub-human crime, no matter who commits it. That vet and his wife should have the book thrown in their faces and that stupid judge with them. I’m so sick of sickos!

  3. Both the judge & the veterinarian must be in cahoots with Michael Vick! Throw them all in jail & see how they like it! Absolutely disgusting!

  4. A slap on the wrist is all he gets? What a joke the Veterinarian and Judge are. Seriously??
    Both are heartless!

  5. Norma PALEN says:

    Needs to lose his licence now!!! and be prosecuted

  6. Needs his ass kicked so bad that he will be in the hospital for months. Any time he thinks he is man enough, i will more than happy to administer said beating. I will do the time, but it will be justified and I will make it worth it.

  7. This vet and his wife are obviously mentally ill. The word needs to get out in the community that the vet can’t be trusted to treat animals if this is how he cares for his own.

  8. Rhona LaBruzzo says:

    If you ‘search’ for Carbon County, PA veterinarian animal cruelty you will find that– ’11 counts of animal cruelty were filed on February 3 against Clyde “Renny” Shoop, DVM, and Kimberly Shoop of Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania after horses and other animals were seized in late January.’ Clyde Shoop is a licensed veterinarian and the owner of Poco West Veterinary Clinic in Jim Thorpe. And then after saying that two horses died and one horse had to be euthanized. At the end of one article was written-‘Alarmingly, this is not the first time that Clyde Shoop has been charged with animal cruelty: in 2009, he was charged with four counts of animal cruelty and two counts of tampering with evidence, but the charges were dismissed because no expert witness were available to testify. Back in 2001, Shoop was fined $500 for practicing veterinary medicine with an expired license.’
    Let’s stop this disgusting abuser and the wife and finally let animals live in peace like they should.
    Many dead animals were found on it’s property.
    Please sign and share.

  9. Juliet Eden says:

    harsh penalty

  10. Nena Miller says:

    If this is true the man should go before the licensing board and be stripped of his license.

  11. Michele Stoak says:

    Please charge this man with animal cruelty.

  12. What a disgrace that a vet could do this and shocking that the judge??? could let him off.

  13. There should be far harsher penalties for animal abuse than what currently exists.

  14. Marilyn Glasgow says:

    As I’ve said before, there are veterinarians and then there are veterinarians. This horrible creature should have never been anywhere near an animal. As for the judge, it’s next to impossible to find one who gives a tinker’s damn about a helpless animal. I believe they consider them too far beneath them.They’re just as bad as the abusers.

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