Don’t Let Trump Win Nobel Peace Prize

Target: Norwegian Nobel Committee Chair Kaci Kullmann Five

Goal: Do not award Donald Trump with a Nobel Peace Prize after years of his violent and bigoted rhetoric.

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is among the Nobel Peace Prize nominees for this year, sparking shock and outrage. Trump has been everything but deserving of the award, threatening to bomb ISIS, build a wall between America and Mexico, and put tariffs on China. Just on the campaign trail, he has mocked a physically disabled man and has made constant disparaging remarks about women.

An insider reported that someone higher-up nominated Trump for his “vigorous peace through strength ideology,” meaning the violent ways he has committed to defeating ISIS, Iran, Russia, and others. This is not peaceful, and is the exact opposite of what the award is given for. His violent rhetoric and brash manner of speaking should automatically disqualify him from the award.

The same source reported that Trump is not on the shortlist, but we need to make sure he does not end up with the award. He is not deserving of sharing the award with Martin Luther King, Jr., Malala Yousafzai, and the Red Cross. Other nominees include Edward Snowden, Iranian and American nuclear negotiators, a former ISIS slave, and others more deserving. Let the committee chair know Trump does not deserve this honor.


Dear Chairwoman Five,

As Chairperson for the Norwegian Nobel Committee, you have a duty to uphold the award’s long and storied history. We are writing to urge you and the rest of the committee not to give Donald Trump the award. He is completely undeserving of it and the fact that his name has been mentioned alongside real peace heroes is an insult to everyone he has threatened.

On the campaign trail in America, Trump has laid out plans to bomb ISIS, build a wall on the Mexican border, and kick out Muslims in the country. He has mocked the disabled and insulted women on national television. He has consistently shown that he is the exact opposite of what a Peace Prize nominee should be.

Whomever nominated Trump should have their voting stance re-evaluated. The other nominees are all far more deserving of a Peace Prize and should all be considered over Trump. Trump should not share an award with the likes of Malala, Dr. King and Barack Obama. We urge that you take his name out of consideration immediately.


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  1. Freya Harris says:

    Just when I though that the Nobel Peace Prize committee had finally gotten some sense knocked into their heads – this! Of course, some people (and organizations) did deserve to be laureates, such as Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malala Yousafzai; but IMHO there are some winners who should not have been even nominated in the first place!

  2. The norvegian Nobel Peace Prize Commmittee would by no meams choose anybody like Tr. as a laureate. Only ignorants can believe in such a wrong move.

  3. Margrit Simons says:

    It frightens me if by any chance Donald Trump should become the President of the US!He is arrogant, ignorant and totally self-centered! He would bring us into the third world war!

    • Margrit…just what do you think the obumma has been doing? We are not a muslim country and have never been. We have fought the muslims for centuries. This country is quickly going to the dogs.

      • A Muslim country? What an ignorant statement! We are first a country of Americans. Do you have any idea of the thousands of Muslims who are in service to our military who fight to protect our country? When hatred and fear mongering is fomented, yes, it does nothing to help our country but add to the recklessness and hatred that does nothing but divide us.

  4. Maren Erickson says:

    Even considering a narcissist (maybe even psychopath) like Trump renders the Nobel Peace Prize worse than meaningless. You’ve already done a disservice to deserving recipients, past and future. Ridiculous!

  5. What another twisted laugh.
    Hitler was once nominated.
    Obama the war criminal won (there is a movement bigger than petitioning to strip him of this award)
    The Nobel Peace prize seems to be more of a paid for popularity contest of sorts.
    Trump is a jerk and a joke not deserving of this award if it actually meant something but with a recent winner being a drone loving, kill list Tuesdays kind of guy anyone could be the next choice.
    Dr King was one that actually deserved a prize for peace but it’s more or less an Orwellian joke since Adolph and Barry

    • Elena, I assume you want to spit hatred and ignorance toward people about whom you know nothing historically correct or you choose to hate because you watch/listen to too many far-right lies & distortions without questioning/verifying any of it. Socrates would not accept you as a student.

      Aren’t you lucky you live in a nation where you don’t get dragged off to prison or worse for calling the country’s leader a “war criminal” “drone-loving, kill list. . .”? Having free speech doesn’t mean spewing out sewage the rest of us have to avoid being contaminated by.

      People with no intelligent knowledge of the political arena in Washington or the world itself probably should consider cultivating open-mindedness and on-going education before exposing yourself in public venues. No wonder you post as “Elena” Anonymous (no last name).

      It shames me that there are so many vicious, negative, mean-spirited individuals in our country – where we all should be banding together to reinstitute and live by the words carved on our Statue of Liberty.

  6. michael guest says:

    I hate this politician! He is one of the worse presidential candidates! He speaks in bad statements.

  7. Heather Brophy says:


  8. OMG – how could anyone, even a kiss-ass assistant to Trump, be
    so stupid to name this creatin for anything but “idiot of the year”.

    This man and his devotees want to debase and probably eliminate
    anyone of color and certainly those of us who have a brain in
    our head to think logically.

    I recently heard a person saying that she liked Trump
    because he said the things that the rest of “them” would like
    to say. If this is so, we are heading for a gun happy Hitlerite killing spree.

    • Yes, I think you are correct in that the desperate reactions and hatred that lies deep within the hearts of so many is telling of the racist minds in our nation. It is a shameful statement of those who profess otherwise about the progress that we, as a people, have made.

  9. Frank——did you forget about Bush and his “weapons of mass
    destruction” The GOP wants war as a means to stimulate the
    economy. They don’t care who they will kill or how many of
    our military they scar with flash-backs and a life time of PTSD.

    BUT WE MADE MONEY!!!!!!! the rallying cry of Republicans.

    • And for those of you who want war, I encourage you to please send your sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers, FIRST!
      Boots on the ground? Let it be your family members whose boots are on the ground. It’s easy to want war when it isn’t your own family members who aren’t risking their lives, isn’t it! You and your family members volunteer first!

  10. If the Nobel Peace Prize committee wish to retain any form of recognition or credibility they should not even accept a nomination to show this man any recognised presentation whatsoever.
    He may have money, but that is all he has. He is a disgusting,poor mannered uncouth individual and lack the qualities of a Nobel Laureate.

  11. I have faith in Nobel Peace Prize committee. I really don’t think that we have to campaign but better safe than sorry!

  12. Catherine Dugan says:

    This man doesn’t deserve the Noble Peace Prize! He has a mean streak and thinks that he owns America! He’s so damn sure he will win!

  13. Patricia Pippin-Emanuel Patricia Pippin-Emanuel says:

    Since when did they start giving Nobel Peace Prizes for “Arrogance, Racism, Pouting, Ranting & Raving (when he does not get his way), Anti—-ANYTHING “that he does not like”…Rude, Narcissism, and the list goes on? He is a “legend in his own “self loving” mind”. I despise the man, giving him any kind of accolade is definitely NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!!!!

  14. Jose virgilio Vieira says:

    This is a laugh, they want us the people to get upset, and have crazy news going around, this guy and the noble peace prize people are nuts, it make good news just ignore it.

  15. Mihaela Brici says:

    The Nobel for Peace is offering for the all money having??? I think it s any mestake here…

  16. sarah manchester says:

    Apparently the Nobel Peace Prize is now owned by Safari Club.

  17. Karen Remnant says:

    The Nobel award is becoming a joke. It’s at risk of becoming just another meaningless farce!

  18. Patricia Dumais says:

    Did he buy the award?

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