Justice for 80 Animals Kept in Horrifying Conditions

Target: Alpena County Prosecutor K. Edward Black

Goal: Pursue a harsh sentence for Alpena resident found guilty of animal cruelty charges involving 80 animals kept on her farm.

The Alpena County woman accused of hoarding 80 animals on her premises in terrible conditions pled guilty to the charges meted against her. The local sheriff’s deputies in Alpena, Michigan report that at the time of the search, they found 30 dogs running loose in the home. There was also a small shack of horses, pigs and donkeys. Alongside these animals were ducks, chickens, turkeys, rabbits and several birds.

Though housed indoors, the dogs were so poorly kept and groomed that their fur was matted with feces, and their paws had become stuck together from walking in filth. The horses showed signs of being kept inside for too long and did not receive proper exercise. The hooves of donkeys on the property also showed that they had not been trimmed in months as they had begun to curl.

The Humane Society of Alpena took in the 30 dogs found and have provided necessary treatment, including proper grooming, feeding, and healthcare. The livestock animals were taken by other farms in the area where people volunteered to help nurse them back to health. Unfortunately two horses, a donkey and one of the dogs had to be euthanized. The responsible owner, Debra Lewandowski, is expected to receive sentencing in March.

We may never come to understand what causes a person to hoard animals, but the practice cannot be tolerated. It endangers the health and lives of animals, as well as any other children and adults who may reside in the home. Sign this petition to ensure Lewandowski receives an appropriate punishment to match the high count of animals she endangered.


Dear Mr. Black,

Thank you for the measures you took to ensure the animals found on Debra Lewandowski’s property received the best care as soon as possible. Your efforts have ensured that many of them will likely be placed in new homes in the near future. I also commend you for the strict approach you have taken toward ensuring Lewandowski is punished for her animal cruelty, and I hope this will continue into the sentencing.

As you are aware, the animals on the property suffered under severe and sickening conditions. There were dogs with matted fur covered in feces, horses and pigs stabled together without adequate room, and donkeys with hooves that had not been trimmed in months. As a result of Lewandowski’s negligence and cruelty, two horses, a donkey and one dog had to be euthanized.

I urge you to issue a sentence that truly accounts for the wrongs done to all these animals and the cost other individuals and organizations must now bear to care for them. Sadly, animal hoarding in America has become a serious problem. Each year, more than a quarter of a million pets and livestock become victims of this kind of behavior. Show your stance on this crime by pursuing a high sentence to Debra Lewandowski.


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Photo Credit: Lori Stephan

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  1. Shelli Schmidt says:

    In a hoarder’s sick mind they’re saving these animals but it’s not the reality at all..Makes u think how many animals are suffering in the care of a hoarder..Wish the courts would take animal hoarding more seriously & the public.

  2. Wendy Morrison says:

    This woman should experience the exact same living environment as these innocent animals, don’t let her do any physical exercise as long as her prison sentence lasts for and don’t let her groom herself either.

  3. hal shootel says:

    Mr. Black,

    The entire country is watching you.
    Your actions will deem you a animal hero or a blithering idiot.
    Fail to exact a long sentence for the offender or face your remaining years in shame. Your future in entirely in your hands.
    We will never forget how you proceed!

  4. Oh so the sad woman gets pity? Idiots. If she doesnt deserve punishment then its time to put the bitch down. Shes too harmful. Combine her harmfulness with stupidity from bleeding hearts bleeding for the pc of shit human instead of the animal victims… So that this can comtinue? Put the sack of shit too sleep for good. Anyone who feels for this bitch should walk out in front of a very large truck bc you are useless but harmful.just like an animal torturing hoarder. Being hoarded IS torture u useless holes.

  5. This woman should never be allowed to own any animal in the future. Life time BAN on owning any animal must be imposed.

  6. For those who have posted above – this woman had no intentions of helping any animals. She has run a puppy mill for Cocker Spaniels for 10+ years and the conditions have always been the same. She also has a history of neglect and abuse of children – 4 of which have been removed from her home time and time again. To my knowledge she has never spent a day in jail. I urge you to contact the PA using the link above and voice your outrage.

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