Demand Trader Joe’s Sell Only Cage-Free Eggs

Target: Dan Bane, Trader Joe’s CEO

Goal: Urge Trader Joe’s to adopt a 100 percent cage-free policy for all eggs sold in their stores.

Trader Joe’s, a specialty grocery store known for its commitment to progressive consumption, health foods, and animal welfare awareness, is continuing to sell eggs acquired from chickens imprisoned in cages. Although this may be surprising considering the wide variety of wellness-conscious foods available there, Trader Joe’s has always sold eggs collected from cages. In 2005, they acknowledged the need for change by adopting a cage-free policy for all of their store brand eggs but neglected to change the policy for other egg brands sold in their stores. The time is now to demand that Trader Joe’s transition to all cage-free eggs.

It’s not a secret that keeping chickens in cages is detrimental to their health and well-being. Living in cages forces them to abandon normal behaviors like foraging, spreading their wings, pecking the ground, or even scratching. These chickens live a life of detachment and severe deprivation that no animal is meant to endure. Doing business with producers that promote such an inhumane practice is unethical, especially for a company that has realized this is wrong, publicly announced that it is wrong, and has taken measures to abolish cages for their own brand of eggs.

Sign this petition to demand that Trader Joe’s does the right thing and guarantees that all eggs sold in their store are cage-free, whether they are store brand or otherwise.


Dear Mr. Bane,

I am writing this letter in order to persuade you and your successful company to adopt a 100 percent cage-free policy for all eggs sold in your store. I understand that all of your store brand eggs are collected from cage-free chickens, but this is not good enough. In order to maintain credibility with your customers based on your awareness of animal welfare and humane consumption, I am encouraging you to pay attention to these customer voices and change your partial cage-free policy to maintain the progressive stance your store has proven to uphold.

As you know, chickens kept in cages live a miserable and unnatural life, being deprived of the basic necessities chickens require to sustain a healthy and productive life. This type of treatment is considered abuse and should not be inflicted upon any living being; animals are not food-producing machines that are indebted to us. Eggs from caged chickens promote the inhumane treatment of chickens and all animals. Therefore, I strongly encourage you to consider adopting a 100 percent cage-free policy to advocate for animal welfare and honor your customer base.

Please do not continue to sell eggs from chickens that were kept in cages since it encourages animal abuse and is simply out of line with your progressive company.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Jenna Miles says:

    Cage free eggs are a total lie. The animals aren’t free, they are confined in a shed, all packed together. it is so filled with ammonia, humans have to wear masks to go in. The male chicks are still ground up alive or suffocated at birth and the supposedly ‘free’ hens get killed horrifically. Vegan is the only way, humane animal products do not an can never exist.

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