Relocate Neglected Animals from Zoo to Sanctuary

Target: Wang Xuguang, Executive Director and CEO of Haichang Ocean Park

Goal: Move neglected animals from barren, unstimulating zoo exhibits to accredited sanctuary.

A number of animals are currently being held in exhibits that are barren and painted a bright, artificial blue, and dark except for flashes from the visitors’ cameras. The Grandview Aquarium is a zoo located inside a mall in Guangzhou, China. The zoo currently holds a whale shark, a group of Arctic foxes, a wolf, two polar-brown bear hybrids, six belugas and five walruses.

If nothing is done, these animals will never see the sun again. Instead they will live their lives within these blue walls while tourists bang on the glass in hopes the animals will do something that interests them. Sign this petition and demand these animals be brought to an accredited sanctuary where they can live out the rest of their days happily.


Dear Mr. Xuguang,

The Grandview Aquarium is a new exhibit that has opened up inside a mall in Guangzhou, China. The zoo which is run by your company holds all its animals in barren rooms painted a bright, artificial blue. The animals, including but not limited to belugas, bears, walruses and foxes, have little to no enrichment in their rooms and are forced to listen to the bangs on the glass from the visitors.

These animals belong in a sanctuary where they can live their lives in a natural environment among friends. If these animals continue living in this zoo, they will never see sunlight again. Animals are not objects and should not be used for profit. They are living, breathing beings who form attachments and have feelings.

Please consider moving these animals to an accredited sanctuary. They deserve a happy life among friends.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Animals Asia

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  1. These animals are suffering and this is animal abuse! I do not see how this is even allowed.This should be against the rules for the ethical humane treatment for animals. This is appalling to keep animals locked in captivity in a fake environment around the clock. This is sad and a disgrace to use innocent and defenseless animals like this in such a cruel way as a calling card to get the public to shop at this mall. WE ARE NOW IN THE MODERN ERA AND ANIMAL ABUSE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED!! Remove these animals from this horrid situation to a sanctuary where they can live a normal life.

  2. Typical Chinese heartlessness towards animal suffering. To these soulless people, animals are insentient objects for human amusement, consumption, and folk medicines. Remember that the next time you waste sympathy on them in the face of natural disasters because the Chinese have no feelings.

  3. No animals deserve to be confined! Zoos, aquariums, bird cages etc… All are cruel to animals!

  4. This is a “hell” built in CHINA for animals. Just adds to my list of “why I boycott made in China products”. Look at Internet pictures of this China hell. They make me sick. Do not buy anything MADE IN CHINA.

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