Applaud Neighbor Who Saved Freezing Dogs Through Social Media Post

Target: Brooklyn Resident, Evelyn Tully Costa

Goal: Applaud Brooklyn resident for using social media and quick thinking to save two elderly dogs from the East Coast Blizzard.

Not only were people and property affected by the East Coast Blizzard but also animals left in the freezing cold and snow. Trapped in this storm were two elderly dogs whose owner had left them outside to brave the blizzard on their own without adequate protection. Thankfully, the quick thinking of neighbor, Evelyn Tully Costa, soon put an end to that.

The dogs were snowed into a makeshift doghouse in the backyard and were too old and weak to dig their way out. They howled throughout the night and into the morning, but the owner did nothing to help. Distressed by the dogs’ wailing, Costa recorded a video of the animals struggling in the blizzard. She then made several other posts to Facebook, giving the address the dogs resided at and imploring the authorities to act quickly. Several followers then re-posted the videos at her request, which helped to make them go viral. As a result, it quickly drew attention from not just the media but law enforcement.

The police then ordered the owner, June Wiggins, to bring the freezing animals inside. Wiggins reportedly made the incredible complaint that the dogs were only meant for her protection, and that she didn’t want them in the house because they would “track dirt in.” With an owner like this, there’s no telling what would have happened to the animals if Costa did not act.

Sign this petition to show your support for Evelyn Tully Costa’s activism, and for others like her who act in the face of injustice. We need more neighbors like her in the world.


Dear Ms. Costa,

During the East Coast Blizzard, you recorded a video and made several social media posts that ended up bringing help to two elderly dogs that needed it. I don’t doubt that many other neighbors had heard and complained about the owners’ treatment of the dogs, but it was you who made the extra effort to do something about it.

Too often do people witness injustice and do nothing to rectify the situation. Thank you for your quick thinking and perseverance, which saved the lives of two innocent animals who might never have survived the blizzard without you.


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Photo Credit: CC0 Public Domain

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  1. These poor dogs need a new caretaker–and soon! The woman is too cruel to have pets of any kind and should be banned!

  2. June Wiggins you are not a nice person & those dogs should be taken away from you…what kind of a comment is this: Wiggins reportedly made the incredible complaint that the dogs were only meant for her protection, and that she didn’t want them in the house because they would “track dirt in.” You should be banned from having animals period…or an eye for an eye lets put you in a dog house in the freezing cold and bury the dog house under snow and see how you feel…I hope those dogs are taken from you & then you’ll have no protection…we usually reward our loved ones who protect us!!!!

    • I agree, but I would like to know why she isn’t being charged with a felony for abusing her animals. I thought it was a law forbidding owners to leave their dogs outside in severe weather.

    • Kathleen McCraw says:

      Agreed … what a heartless excuse for a human being!

  3. Nancy Lasley says:

    Why do people leave rescuing animals to others? If I see an animal in an abusuve or at risk situation I take them. To heck with the owner.

    • The problem with that is that it cld get u jail time….its shameful that if it were a human trapped there, freezing, it wld b perfectly legal to go on the property & rescue him/her, but since it was dogs & only property it wld have been illegal to do so….i totally agree with the sentiment tho…why shld someone have to go thru all this to raise a big enuf fuss to get the authorities to finally do sumthin about it, while the dogs lie there & suffer, when a person cld just go over & get them?

  4. Thank GOD for this one neighbor, but seriously??? The authorities LEFT those poor, neglected and abused dogs WITH this evil demon-woman?!?!?! Who KNOWS what she might be doing to them now that they’ve been forced into her so-precious, indoor space and away from “prying eyes”?!!!!!

    They should have SEIZED those dogs immediately and FINED her rotten a** heavily to boot, then pressed meaningful neglect and other charges against her!!!! Since they didn’t, I certainly hope ALL her neighbors post vigil on her house, grab binoculars, and watch her like a hawk from now on, to ensure her “possessions” aren’t being used as scapegoats for her “complaint”!!!

  5. Cecily Colloby says:


  6. The poor dogs should be taken away, but the problem is that they’re probably pitbulls and elderly. The chance that they would be adopted is slim. In NYC, the shelters are high-kill facilities and pitbulls are subjected to daily mass executions. It’s sad but as long as this Wiggins witch provides “basic care,” it’ll be difficult to remove the dogs from her possession.

  7. She put them back outside after the police left. Apparently this has been going on for years. She still has them.

  8. Gaye Porter says:

    Who is watching out for the dogs now ? I understand that they were put back out in the horrible weather without adequate shelter. Why didn’t the police remove the digs from the property ? Why isn’t the ACO involved ? I applauded the neighbor for what she did but I hope everyone around these dogs is continuing to fight for their safety…..,

    • The Guardians of Angels (GOA) rescue has stepped up and has begun to rebuild an insulated dog house for these dogs. They spend day and night ensuring that these dogs have a warm and dry area to be safe from the elements and TRUST ME, NJ and NY rescues and animal advocates are ALL still keeping a close eye on this issue and reaching out to local politicians and trying all venues to GET THESE DOGS SAFE and AWAY from this HORRIBLE woman! There is a petition going around and on Friday we are all staging an overnight “outdoor no-sleep protest” at her address to stand up for these dogs. SHOW HER WE ARE NOT GOING TO FORGET ABOUT THIS!

      • Thank you to all of you for being the voice for these two special fur-babes. ❤️ I hope these babes are fortunate to find a new, warm and caring fur-ever home. This woman needs to be legally banned from ever owning any type of animal again. Please keep us updated on the status of these two special fur-babes.

  9. Margrit Simons says:

    Thank you for caring and for taking action!

  10. I hope the dogs are taken away from that awful woman! It is great the Guardians are building a dog house, but that doesn’t mean she is going to take care of them. Even a dog house like that won’t keep them from being cold…no, they won’t be as cold, but they will still be left out in all kinds of weather. Please, someone, take the steps to get them away from her.

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