Stop Horrendously Abusing Birds to Make Foie Gras

Target: FDA Acting Commissioner Stephen Ostroff, M.D.

Goal: Stop selling foie gras made from tortured ducks and geese.

Foie gras is a French delicacy made of fattened duck or goose liver. This liver is obtained by housing ducks or geese in tiny, cramped cages where the animals have no space to move. In these cages the fowl go through a process known as ‘gavage,’ in which they ram pipes down their throats two or three times a day. These pipes administer a combination of grain and fat in quantities of up to four or more pounds per day, causing the livers to swell up. Due to the liver swelling, the ducks and geese can’t walk or move properly. Their abdomens are distended and the stress of not knowing what is going on drives them, quite literally, mad. They may attack each other or rip out their own feathers.

Death by slaughter is not the only end these birds face in foie gras farming sheds. Up to twenty times the amount of animals die from this force-feeding process compared to fowl reared and allowed to eat at their leisure. These force-fed birds often suffer from foot infections, diarrhea, fungal infections, heat stress, lesions, impaired liver function and fractures to the sternum. Some die from asphyxiating on their own vomit. Others suffocate on grain forced into their lungs by the tubes. Still more die from organ failure and the appalling conditions they are forced to live in.

The horror of this process doesn’t end there. Only the livers of male ducks are desired, so the approximated forty-million females are disposed of. These are tossed, live, into grinders to be used as fertilizer or cooked into cat food. It’s hard to believe, that such an event as many have only heard described in the pages of The Jungle, is happening every day in places as close to home as New York’s Hudson Valley Foie Gras.

If the abuse of poor environment isn’t enough, it’s exacerbated by demands on the workers. The Hudson Valley farm demands one worker feed up to five-hundred birds a day. This insane pace results in rough handling of the birds and even more damage and discomfort from an already torturous process. An estimated 15,000 ducks die every year in the Hudson Valley farm alone, and foie gras is made from another 5,000 diseased birds.

Help these birds and sign this petition to ban foie gras in the United States.


Dear Acting Commissioner Ostroff,

Every year ducks and geese lose their lives on foie gras farms due to deplorable conditions and abusive treatment. These animals are caged in spaces so small they can do little more than stand or sit down in their own excrement. They cannot do something as simple as move or clean themselves. Each day they are fed pounds of fat and grain by a tube shoved down their throat. They face infections, infestations by worms and maggots, broken sternums, liver failure and countless other atrocities.

Many of these ducks never live long enough to make it to slaughter and those that do are heavily diseased. There is a distinct disregard for life in the treatment of these animals. It is beyond wasteful and inhumane to deliver such a rarely eaten delicacy.

We urge you and the FDA to ban the sell and production of foie gras in the United States. It is a luxury that disregards the health and welfare of animals and the health and safety of consumers who eat meat from these sick animals.


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Photo Credit: Ethique & Animaux

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  1. Cynthia Mattera says:

    I wish people knew what they are truly eating when they eat Foie gras. Its diseased liver!!!!! The cruelty and pain these poor birds endure should be a reason in itself to stop eating this pate’.
    PLEASE ban the sale and production of this food item.

    Help end the suffering of millions of innocent birds!

  2. A nationwide ban is absolutely required on this deplorable process and very idea!! You’d think we were still in the 1400s!!!! Foie gras is even on the INCREASE in restaurants, as a renewed “trend” in a few countries! Good gawd, what is so MISSING AND DEFICIENT in humans that they could either DO such horrendous things to these poor birds, OR so easily turn a blind eye, and stuff this disgusting co-product in their self-entitled pie-holes with such callous indifference??!

  3. David Hatley says:

    We have to stop all this senseless abuse, torture and killing of animals for products that are not necessary nor can the majority of the population can even afford or want to eat this product. I think its time that laws are set in place that this sort of torture will not be tolerated and the senseless killings of animals for fur, food and mainly all for the wealthy. I think its absolutely disgusting that we as a society would think this is a fair treatment of animals. Its not and will not partake in such senseless items and the torture, restrictive lives and being forced fed only to die for the fatty liver. REALLY PEOPLE???


  5. there needs to be an international ban on this disgusting, “delicacy.” Humans are a disgrace, we’ve slaughtered most of anything that moves. Thankfully we have already started the sixth major extinction event. Well done people, we’ve succeeded in doing it in approximately 300 years, unlike any other species.

  6. This is just nuts. What has this world come to? This kind of thing is happening everywhere, to all animals. There seems to be no end:( Jesus is Coming Soon. We will once again be back in the Garden of Eden!

  7. I hope it chokes every selfish disgusting person that eats this. We need to ban this everywhere and stop any demand for it completely

  8. Humans are a sadistic species, it never ceases to amaze me the cruelty and torture that they can think up to inflict on animals. That they think their ideas are ok and then so many other people think its ok too and it becomes “normal”.
    I think the only time animals will be truely safe is if we humans become extinct.

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