Opossum Shot Through Head With Arrows Deserves Justice

Target: Riverside, California District Attorney Michael Hestrin

Goal: Ensure the maximum penalty for the person who shot an opossum in the head with two crossbow arrows.

An opossum was found with two crossbow arrows in its head. Both arrows completely penetrated the opossum’s head, one near its eye. Photos of the animal were released and one shows the poor opossum attempting to remove one of the arrows himself. To animal control officers’ amazement, it managed to survive and was rushed to a veterinarian for surgery.

The Riverside County Department of Animal Services is investigating and looking for the person responsible for this deplorable, violent crime. Anybody capable of this level of cruelty to an innocent animal is a danger to all living beings and should be locked away from society. Please demand that the person who committed this horrendous act of violence against a helpless animal be given the most severe penalty possible, when found.


Dear Mr. Hestrin,

An opossum was found alive with two arrows in its head. The poor animal had clearly been shot with a crossbow by a human who is cruel, dangerous, and has no regard for other life. The opossum was attempting to remove one of the arrows from its head when officers arrived and rushed him to a shelter for surgery.

The suffering the opossum had to endure was probably horrifying. Shooting it was cruel enough, but to leave it to suffer like that just shows what a monster the offender must be. We urge you to display zero tolerance towards such brutal cruelty and help see to it that the person responsible for this receives the most severe penalty the law can allow.


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Photo credit: Jussi You-S-See

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  1. George Houghby, how about you educate yourself about how evil humans are, if you think they don’t exist then you must have been living under a rock. as for killing an “oversized” rodent, you are missing the point it is animal cruelty. how are you so sure it was kids? maybe it was an adult with your mindset.

  2. George Houghtby,
    As for the oppossums being useles, educate yourself about animals. oppossums also eat snakes, rodents, insects. they eat rotting fruit and veggies.

  3. George Houghtby, May be you are being brought up that way to dislike the other sentient beings DOES NOT APPLY TO the REST of the WORLD. Millions of kind, compassionate people are across the Globe and they do care about the other living beings very dearly. So the opossum is less worthy than another living being suggest & shows that how unkind and cruel you could be. These Opossums are existing in this world for a purpose. They all help and nutritious the earth’s to survive and flourish.

    “Mankind’s Cruelty & Abuse to other People will not cease UNTIL Mankind ceases Cruelty & Abuse to Other ANIMALS”… (Anthony Douglas Williams)
    Learn to show kindness to the defenseless, Voiceless animals rather than be vicious and cruel…

  4. Why kill these cowardly KILLER always with a – SILENT bow and arrow – because the killer COWARDLY, mean, from behind, asocial, primitive, absolutely stupid and would like to have hunter. as a cowardly dirt breed with very small – small eggs. POOH

  5. Who knows who did this, but I do know deviant behavior runs in families. All kinds of weapons pass through peoples hands around the holidays. If these people aren’t caught soon, they will be asking for guns on their next christmas list.

  6. Barbara Miller says:

    More people need to be educated about all animals , specially the opossum . We have the “Virginia opossum” (Didelphis virginiana)in this country. First of all they are not a rodent. they are the only marsupial in the United States . Not related to rats or mice (they too are misunderstood and very smart). The opossum’s young are carried in a pouch. Well-known marsupials include kangaroos, wallabies, the koala,opossums, wombats and the Tasmanian devil. They are not aggressive animals, in most cases when threatened or harmed, they will “play possum”, mimicking the appearance and smell of a sick or dead animal. Then there are a few that will try to defend themselves if cornered or harmed. Some threatened opossums (especially males) will growl deeply & can seem to be very imtimidating. Just leave them alone and you won’t be harmed. Opossums have 50 teeth, more than any North American mammal, and opposable, clawless thumbs on their rear limbs.Their back feet look just like our hands, they also use their front and back feet like we do for holding things. Opossums have a remarkable immune system, and show partial or total immunity to the venom of rattlesnakes, cottonmouths, and other pit vipers.They are less likely to carry rabies then your dog or cat, most animals for that matter . Very few cases of a opossum with rabies have been discovered . It is believed to have something to do with their body temp. being a few degrees lower then most animals and the virus can’t survive. Opossums are essentially opportunistic omnivores and eat bugs, mice, snakes, snails– things that you probabably don’t want around anyway. They are considered our little garbage collectors. I started rescue and rehab on these amazing little animals about 20 yrs. ago . They are VERY smart animals and loving too if you have one that can’t be released back into the wild. And last of all, here’s a bit of unusual info. The males have scent glands around their throat and chest. They like to lick-rub , mark things they take a liking to because of the smell. Most of the time I never notice the oder , on some it’s a slight musky smell. It will turn the fur on some shades of yellow . I thought my first one that I saw that on was turning blonde ! LOL. Anyway Opossum oil (possum grease) is high in essential fatty acids and has been used as a chest rub and a carrier for arthritis remedies given as topical salves in the past. So, if you have a nr(non-releasable) someday and also have arthritis pain, try rubbing your hand into the fur on his chest and then onto you–who knows , it might help and he won’t mind sharing 🙂 Have a great day !

  7. Another forgotten petition….why waste everybody’s time signing this stuff if the originator promptly forgets about it?

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