Stop Shipment of Wild Elephants to U.S. Zoos

Target: Secretary Sally Jewell, U.S. Department of the Interior, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services (USFWS)

Goal: Move elephants to accredited sanctuaries similar to their natural habitat rather than shipping them to the confinement of U.S. zoos.

Unfortunately, elephant populations have been on the decline due to poaching for ivory and habitat loss. There has been discussion on the best ways to protect these elephants, but it seems that there is no true solution. One proposition was to take a handful of elephants away from the home they’ve known their entire lives, the wild, and ship them to U.S. zoos.

The USFWS has approved of this plan and will allow 18 elephants to be shipped from Africa to either the Dallas Zoo, Sedgwick County Zoo or the Henry Doorly Zoo.

Conservation for these animals is very important, however this proposition just seems to be another way for people to make money. Dr. Marilyn Kroplick, president of In Defense of Animals, stated that “this despicable move puts cash before conservation. It is deeply irresponsible of the USFWS to allow this precedent-setting removal of African elephants from Africa for a lifetime of captivity.”

Zoos are confining for these huge creatures. Since these African elephants are in danger if they stay in the wild, they must be moved to an accredited sanctuary that mimics their native habitat.

Sign this petition and tell the USFWS that there are more effective ways to help elephants in the wild. These elephants should not be forced to a lifetime of confinement.


Dear Secretary Jewell,

The U.S. Department of the Interior is allowing 18 elephants to be shipped from Africa to a select few zoos in the United States. This is supposedly in order to help the declining elephant populations in Africa due to poaching for ivory and habitat loss. However, it seems that this move is more for profit than compassion.

Conservation is very important for these animals. However, there are more effective ways to help these elephants and it is time these solutions are explored more. It is not right to take 18 elephants from the wild, the place they have considered home their entire lives, and move them to a lifetime of captivity surrounded by large, loud crowds of people. Instead of zoos, move these elephants into an accredited sanctuary that mimics their native habitat.

Please look into other ways of helping these elephants. No elephant should be forced into a lifetime of confinement.


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Photo credit: Michael Nichols

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  2. Elephants are incredibly sensitive and suffer greatly when removed from their families/social groups.
    Concrete is especially cruel on their feet.
    I hate to see such magnificent creatures in zoos.
    They should be safe and bonding with other elephants in sanctuaries!

  3. i hope that karma finds justice on your sorry money hungry corrupt asses!!!!

    Elephants are highly social animals forming strong bonds and thriving on interaction with other members of their herd!!!

    Confinement in a restricted area can lead to serious foot and joint diseases, as well as abnormal behaviour such as swaying, rocking and shaking of their heads,Research shows that when kept alone in captivity they can suffer from boredom, severe stress and depression which, in turn, can cause aggression.

    Elephants are living treasures. Nature’s gardeners. Nature’s great teachers, the biggest yet sensitive animals on earth, we must show them respect and not abuse them for man benefit, I hope you agree.
    All species suffer when one species suffers
    The animals of the world exist for their own reasons. They were not made for humans any more than black people were made for white, or women created for men.

  4. animali LI – BE – RI !!! free animals : go vegan

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