Fight Idaho Legislature’s Proposal to Use Dogs as Wolf Bait

Target: Idaho State Legislature

Goal: Don’t allow domestic dogs to be used as live bait for wolves.

The recovery of wolf populations in North America has been seen as nothing short of a small miracle. However, the lives of wolves and their domestic counterparts are now threatened by a new law in Idaho.

The Idaho State Legislature has recently passed a law that ranchers can now use domestic dogs as live bait in order to lure wolves into their pastures. Using dogs as bait will allow the ranchers to kill the wolves which are supposedly threatening their livestock.

Domestic dogs are not the only animals which could be used as bait—sheep and goats could be used as well. Using these creatures as bait also exposes them to intense psychological trauma. It is entirely possible that the animals could die from stress before a wolf even comes near them.

The law also has devastating consequences for the wolves. This species was just taken off the endangered species list in December 2011, because the North American population was on the road to recovery. Allowing ranchers to kill wolves will cause the numbers to drop drastically once again. The law also allows the ranchers to use specialized technology in order to kill the wolves. Night vision goggles can be used to track the animals, and airplanes can be used to shoot the wolves from above.

This law endangers the lives of both domestic and wild animals. Tell the Idaho State Legislature that this law legalizes cruelty to domestic animals and will send the North American wolf population back to the brink of extinction.

Dear Mr. Brent Hill, President Pro Tempore:

The law proposed by Mr. Jeff Siddoway which allows ranchers to use live bait in order to kill wolves endangers the lives of both domestic and wild animals. The animals which are approved to use as bait will suffer from intense psychological stress.

The law also endangers the lives of the wolves, who have not yet fully recovered from their listing as an endangered species. Allowing ranchers to kill wolves will cause their populations to drop drastically once more, sending them back to the brink of extinction.

I urge you to repeal this law which will inflict cruelty upon both the recovering wolf populations and their domestic counterparts.

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  1. the bill was withdrawn in 2012 by its sponsor.

    • Wow and this is still going around .If this is true,Who was the sponser? It’s too bad you couldn’t get your remark more prominently posted.I will check it out on the Idaho legislation page.

  2. cheryl helton says:

    I have seen this done to a cat trying to get away it was heartless an cruel! This happened 10 years ago still have bad dreams.IT’S GOT TO STOP AN YES A SO CALLED HUMAN WAS TELLING HIS DOGS TO KILL THE CAT!

    • peter jennings says:

      What did You do about it If I saw something like this it would be M E OR him AND Idont think that he would fair out very well PETER JENNINGS

  3. I was going to comment that the people who partake in these types of bestial behavior….. then realized it would be a greater insult to the beasts of the world. Only man behaves this way. Herd mentality at it’s most corrupt.

  4. I used to be proud of being from Idaho, not so much anymore. I just say I am from the north west. I think they have all lost their minds.

  5. Unbelieveable! This is mankind stepping down to a new low, if that’s even possible!!! God needs to rid the earth of the human race and start over!!

  6. Morgan Kanae says:

    Shameful! Our wildlife services and DNR have failed us!

  7. sarah taylor says:

    Please stop this cruelty now

  8. WiZaRd Of The Wolf Nation says:

    Idaho, I hope you’re prepared to
    fall into a sinkhole and perish in
    the fiery Abyss of Eternal Death!!!

  9. Cynthia dsouza says:


  10. These wolves are the worst thing they could of done to these states putting them here. They are killing all the elk and not even eating them. They should of brought smaller wolves in. I don’t agree about using dogs as bait. We gotta do something to kill these wolves out. All the wolf advocates are insane trying to protect them I would love to drop these dangerous animals in California’s back yard. I live this shit everyday with live stock

  11. This is just wrong, Why cant these screwed up people leave all the animals alone. They are Gods creatures. Hope they (people) rot in hell.

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