Punish Officer Who Brutalized Man Praying for Sick Seal

Target: Prosecuting Attorney for the City and County of Honolulu Keith M. Kaneshiro

Goal: Seek maximum charges against cop who was filmed viciously beating an unmoving man for praying for a sick seal.

A native Hawaiian man was repeatedly beaten with a baton by an officer after police were allegedly called because the native was performing a seemingly harmless prayer ceremony for a sick seal on the beach. Video taken by a bystander shows the man kneeling several feet away from the seal, making praying motions for a few minutes, but doing nothing that could harm the animal.

An officer then shows up and stands by the man, seemingly telling him to get away from the seal, since civilians are not allowed to approach these animals. After finishing his prayer, the man complies by getting up and walking away. The officer follows him to the man’s belongings, but when the man picks them up and starts to walk away again, the officer follows again and then suddenly runs in front of the man, blocking his path.

In the next moment, the officer starts hitting this man with his baton. The man remains still, bending over some in pain but not doing anything to fight back. The officer then delivers a vicious blow, knocking the bag away and sending the man to his knees, the officer continues the beating until the man is face down in the sand, unmoving. A couple seconds later, the cop stomps on him for no apparent reason at all.

While it’s true this native Hawaiian man may have been breaking the law by approaching the seal, even in an attempt to heal it, this response to what appeared to have been nothing but walking away seems entirely inappropriate. Despite the clear video showing the extent of the brutal attack that resulted in broken bones, prosecutors initially declined to bring the officer up on charges. The chief prosecutor has ordered them to re-examine the case.

This is yet another clear cut case of police brutality filmed by a bystander that prosecutors are trying to let slide. Sign our petition to support the chief prosecutor and demand that the officer not only be charged, but that the maximum punishment for excessive force be pursued.


Dear Mr. Kaneshiro,

Recently, an officer was filmed viciously beating a native Hawaiian man, apparently for the crime of kneeling near a seal and praying for it before walking away peacefully. I understand that you’ve already ordered your prosecutors to re-examine the case after they initially declined to press charges against this cop for what appears to be a clear cut case of police brutality.

A long video taken by nearby bystanders shows the entire incident and how this man was not resisting or being violent in any way, yet he was beaten so badly that he collapsed on the ground only to receive a hard stomp by the officer. This is unacceptable behavior for any police officer and action needs to be taken to prevent anything like it from happening again.

I commend you for your action against this officer. Please ensure that not only is he charged and indicted, but your office pursues the maximum charges against him. We as a nation can’t keep letting cops get away with clear unnecessary force.


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  1. Stephanie Geyser says:

    So afterwards did anyone call a vet to look at the sick seal? Sorry to say, but I can’t see how simply praying over a sick animal will restore it to health.

  2. Heather Brophy says:


  3. Karen Remnant says:

    Another power crazed insult to the uniform! That so-called ‘officer’ needs a long spell behind bars!

  4. OMG…..another out of line cop. This cop needs to be FIRED…not suspended but Fired. He has no right to wear a badge after what he did to this guy that did nothing to deserve any of the abuse that he got. WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THE MATTER WITH THIS COP? WHEN DID HE HAVE HIS LAST PSYCHOLOGICAL EVALUATION? HE HAS ANGER MANAGEMENT PROBLEMS ALONG WITH A LOT OF OTHER ISSUES. I hope that public outcry over this horrible incident makes sure that this cop is fired!! No wonder people don’t trust cops and have such distrust for them . THIS MUST STOP AND TO DO THAT ROGUE COPS THAT DO HORRIBLE THINGS MUST BE FIRED AND PUNISHED TO REGAIN THE PUBLIC TRUST!! I HOPE THAT BOTH THE POOR KIND COMPASSIONATE MAN AND THE SEAL ARE BOTH DOING OK!!


  5. Cops should be examined by psychiatrists just like the military. The sadistic ones are more dangerous to society than those in the military because they work with small groups and those of the same ilk will stick together and cover for each others’ sadistic inclinations.
    It is obvious that a lot of cops are basically sadistic and enjoy hurting, bullying, and abusing citizens who they feel are in a weak position.

  6. How sickening…used to be cops would and protect, they are sheer evil and they all scare me. If I were dying, sick, anything…no way would I call a cop. When caught they get PAID TIME OFF. Our government is so messed up, really pitiful.


    Show the entire film of this incident please ..I Want to judge for my self before accusing any one of any thing with out seeing and deciding for my self if all accounts are true ..

  8. By the way, how’s the seal? — did the doctors arrive?

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