Punish Vet Who Allegedly Killed Kitten With Illegal Declawing

Target: Miami Dade State Attorney, Katherine Fernandez Rundle

Goal: Prosecute veterinarian accused of causing a kitten’s painful death after performing an illegal declawing operation.

A kitten reportedly suffered from severe complications after being taken to a sham veterinarian to be declawed. Toby the kitten reportedly suffered from infected and exposed bones and necrosis on his paws. Vomiting and dehydration were also listed among little Toby’s terrible symptoms. Reports have said that a diagnosis hinted at possible sepsis of the bone and bone marrow.

The owner’s attorney claims his client wasn’t aware of the veterinarian being illegitimate, but police say she knew. However, she’s still facing animal cruelty charges alongside an assistant who allegedly helped perform the procedure.

The Animal Welfare Society of South Florida says she took between 14-17 days to even seek help for the kitten, but she’d told police it was only a few days. The assistant has reportedly been charged with animal cruelty, but according to outlets, the man who performed the illegal and deadly procedure has yet to be charged, even thought police reports name him.

It will be a complete injustice if this “veterinarian” is not charged for this heinous crime against a tiny, innocent kitten. He will only go on to hurt and possibly kill more animals if something isn’t done to stop him immediately. This so-called veterinarian should be completely barred from ever having close contact with animals again.

Demand that when authorities find the person who performed this disgusting procedure on an innocent kitten, they charge him with everything the law can charge him with, including animal cruelty.


Dear Katherine Rundle,

It has come to our attention that an innocent kitten suffered from a horrific infection and painful injuries after being declawed by a veterinarian who was not legitimate. The owner and the veterinarian’s assistant have reportedly been charged with animal cruelty, but the man who allegedly performed the procedure that ultimately killed the kitten has yet to be charged.

This sick human being was performing surgeries on innocent animals and acting as a veterinarian, most likely just for monetary gain. It’s a shame that he hasn’t been charged yet. We demand that when found, the “veterinarian” is charged with animal cruelty and given the maximum punishment.


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  1. charles hall says:

    cut the guy’s nuts off.

  2. Bev Woodburn says:

    This vile and heartless illegal Vet must be jailed for years for deliberate animal cruelty, torture and suffering.
    Rest peacefully Toby, hopefully this heartless Vet arse hole will suffer extremely for punishment due to your painful and sad death.
    What goes around comes around.
    Declawing cats must be banned Worldwide forever.

  3. Hope all of his nails are torn out and its fingers and toes are amputated

  4. She wasn,t aware the bitch, she knew this heartless and callous supposedly Vet. wasn,t a Vet and the Assistant. This bitch and that heartless Vet and Assistant must be jailed for deliberate animal torture and suffering.
    Sleep peacefully little one. These monsters will know what suffering in agony is all about.

  5. sandra mason says:

    people need to stop mutilating their cats! they have promised to love and protect them..not have them cut to pieces. the person paying for this “surgery” is as bad as the surgeon.

  6. If a person want a cat without claws they should get a porcelain figure.That whore should get her knuckles cut off and rot in prition along with the false vet and the assistant.R.I.P. Toby ? you are now in the valley of the Rainbow bridge. No pain no suffering. May the devil ?rip your soul dam ?bitch.

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