Justice for Purple-Dyed Kitten Reportedly Used as Dog’s Chew Toy

Target: Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority Chairman Sue Diekman

Goal: Find people responsible for allegedly using live kitten as a dog’s chew toy and bring them to justice.

A badly injured 8-week-old kitten covered in bite marks and dyed purple was reportedly found in a box. The kitten had 20 deep, red wounds, one of which will require surgery, said the shelter that took him in.

The kitten is believed to have been used as a dog (or other animal’s) chew toy, according to the veterinarian who treated the cat. The cat was taken in by an animal shelter where the veterinarian says she’s seen live animals used as “bait” for other animals a lot. She says the purple cat appears to have been used as a “chew toy.”

Using an animal as a chew toy is cruel and sick. The Nine Lives Foundation, which took the cat in, hopes to raise awareness about this level of animal cruelty, but there’s still a sick human out there who did this to the poor, innocent kitten. Demand the authorities do everything in their power to find whoever is responsible and bring them to justice.


Dear Sue Diekman,

It was brought to our attention that a cat was found in a cardboard box with horrific bite wounds and with its fur dyed purple. The animal shelter that took the cat in said it appears the kitten was used as a chew toy for another animal such as a dog. The kitten is alive, but will reportedly require surgery for one deep wound on the arm.

This is animal cruelty and it shows how sick and demented the humans responsible for this are. People capable of this horrific level of animal cruelty are a danger to society and animals and they should be removed from the public. We urge you to do everything in your power to find the person(s) responsible for this heinous crime and bring them to justice before they harm more living beings.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Nine Lives Foundation

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  1. Again i say forced spay and neuter for any human who was involved regardless of age. We dont need more assholes. And fry the person responsible n sell tickets. I will pay to watch the execution. Thanks so much.

  2. Beyond sick – DEMONIC! By stark comparison, I once helped out a neighbor’s poor cat whose tail had been painted purple, as some kind of twisted Halloween ‘joke,’ after which they uncaringly let her OUTSIDE on dangerous Halloween night! (or she had ESCAPED, away from her sick people?) Washed as much of the dye off as possible (the dye alone is toxic!) before carrying her back home & insisting they keep her indoors. Most bloody humans just don’t care about ANYBODY but themselves!

  3. sandra mason says:

    I could take a bat to these “people” myself. if that kitten was around here I would take him home with me regardless of the cost. please, please, find this “person” and every one like him and prosecute as fully as you can. please contact the FBI and let them know about any animal abuser. it is now a tier one felony along with murder.

  4. simone scholte says:

    these people need to be strung up. Cruel and gutless, if you cross my path you will be begging for your low down life

  5. No matter how many petitons regarding acts of cruelty I read, there seems to be another even sicker than the last. Remove the people responsible from society permanently! Nothing or no one is safe whilst they roam the streets. Absolutely one of the sickest things to happen. Are these people on drugs or is this ‘just’ the way they are?!

  6. Angel St. James says:

    There are no words…Just total and absolute sorrow!! The poor wee baby.

  7. Alice Knight says:

    The cruelty human’s possess is unimaginable. This dear little kitten dyed purple with in itself is cruel but to be used as a chew toy! In my opinion these people or person responsible received some entertainment or satisfaction ensuing this horrific abuse. Thank you to Nine Lives Foundation for taking this little gem into your care.
    The person(s) who committed this abuse do indeed need to be found and prosecuted to prison and never to be allowed pets ever again.

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