Punish Businesses for Gender Pricing and Discrimination

Target: Edith Ramirez, Chairwoman of the Federal Trade Commission

Goal: Hold retail businesses accountable for gender discrimination and demand that products designed for woman are priced fairly.

Companies across America inflate the cost of their products based on the gender it is directed towards; as a result, women are paying over $1,300 more than men per year on the exact same products. These marked up items consist of the exact same elements as those designed for males, differing only in label and appearance. Companies need to be held accountable for this dishonest and discriminatory marketing strategy.

Women’s products, such as razors, shampoo, and even certain first aid merchandise, show a considerable difference in cost in comparison to male counterparts. Both men and women’s Schick Hydro Silk refill cartridges contain the same number of cartridges per container and they both contain added ingredients for hydration and ease of shaving, yet stores charge 4 to 24 percent higher prices for the women’s razors than the men’s.

Unjust gender pricing has even been established in the cost of children’s toys. Stuffed animals, bicycles and even Legos are sold for girls at prices up to 20 percent higher than nearly the same products sold for boys.

Businesses utilizing gender discrimination in order to increase profit margins not only forces women and families to spend more than they have to on necessary products, but it is also unjust and illegal. Demand that the Federal Trade Commission prosecute companies for charging unequal prices on female merchandise.


Dear Commissioner Ramirez,

Retail stores across America are forcing women and families to spend over $1,300 more per year on products simply because they are labeled for females. Toys, clothing, hygiene products, cosmetics and even first aid often can receive up to a 25 percent markup in price in comparison to the exact same products that are marketed towards males.

The considerable difference in the cost of merchandise for girls and women demonstrates how gender pricing and discrimination is regularly condoned in spite of the civil rights laws that it violates. Please hold companies accountable for this outrageous act of injustice so that female consumers are charged fairly and equally.


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  1. There is another much simpler solution to this issue: people should stop allowing advertising to dictate how they spend their money along gender lines.

    Another even more effective solution is to stop allowing advertising to push us into thinking we need things we don’t. A fancy shampoo, chemical scents, face paint (aka ‘makeup’), etc is not going to make us less lonely, more desireable, or successful in life.

    Certain armoatic anti-microbial herbs steeped in white vinegar makes a very effective deoderant. Salt (preferably unprocessed mined sea salt, or a similar unprocessed salt) and/or baking soda is effective for brushing teeth, and a solution of natural salt makes an excellent mouth wash. Lanolin, either plain or with aloe vera gel, cocao butter, etc – these are among the natural substances that are good for the skin and much more effective than the expensive moisturizers and other ‘skin care’ products which are actually laden with synthetic chemicals damaging to our skin, and our overall health. I could go on, but you get the point, dear reader.

    The information is out there – both on the risks of the hundreds of synthetic chemicals plus several harmful heavy metals we are exposed to through our air, water, food, clothing, furnishings and decor, and the personal care products we let them conince us we cannot live without – AND the healthier, sensible alternatives which are also usually cheaper. Certainly a bargain compared to the risks of continued exposure which we can easily choose to avoid, if we learn how.

  2. gender neutral stuff were good!

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