Don’t Kill Thousands of Coyotes and Wolves

Target: Ontario Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry, Bill Mauro

Goal: Do not allow hunters to kill thousands of wolves and coyotes.

Government officials in Canada want to launch a mass wolf and coyote cull by loosening hunting restrictions and allowing thousands of these animals to be shot and killed. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry of Ontario, Canada, has issued a proposal to change hunting regulations, increasing the limit on how many wolves can be killed and lifting limitations entirely for coyotes.

Hunters will no longer be required to purchase a special hunting “seal” and will also no longer be restricted to killing only one wolf per season. Instead, any hunter holding a small game hunting license will be allowed to kill two wolves per season and an unlimited number of coyotes. Statistics indicate that there are over 100,000 small game hunters in Ontario and unlike targeted culls where a specific number of animals are killed, this scenario would see innumerable animals slaughtered and wolf and coyote populations potentially decimated.

This move comes as a response to declining moose populations in Ontario, but rather than ban the sport hunting of moose and their calves or protecting moose habitats from intensive forestry, officials are choosing to allow wolves and coyotes to be murdered instead. Non-profit organization Wolves Ontario has stated that this proposal not only fails to address the decline in the moose population, it “continues to endanger at-risk eastern wolves” and “encourages the unregulated slaughter of coyotes.”

Moreover, this is the second major cull announced by the Ontario government in the last two months, with the first targeting black bears through a planned spring bear hunt. These moves have been rightly dubbed a “War on Wildlife” seeming as though Canada is recklessly putting its precious wild animals in danger by allowing them to be cruelly killed.

The general public can react to the proposed amendment to wolf and coyote hunting legislation until January 18. It is vital to speak up for these animals and show massive opposition to this cruel and destructive plan. Sign this petition to denounce this misguided proposal: thousands of coyotes and wolves need your voice.


Dear Minister Mauro,

I am writing to oppose your government’s plan to loosen hunting restrictions and allow thousands of wolves and coyotes to be shot and killed. Permitting any hunter holding a small game hunting license to kill two wolves per season instead of one and an unlimited number of coyotes will see countless animals cruelly slaughtered and their populations seriously endangered.

The decline of moose populations in Northern Ontario would be far better addressed by banning the sport hunting of moose and their calves—it is indeed shameful that killing a moose calf is still legal—and protecting moose habitats from intensive forestry.

Coming so soon after a plan to slaughter black bears in a spring bear hunt, this new proposal shows the Ontario government to be engaged in a destructive war on wildlife. Instead, lawmakers should be taking humane steps to preserve the region’s precious natural resources.

Allowing the unregulated slaughter of thousands of wolves and coyotes is not the solution. I urge you not to implement this thoughtless and ill-advised amendment to wolf and coyote hunting regulations.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: D. Gordon E. Robertson

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  1. TAMARA BRAGG says:

    God will punish the evil and the wicked in this world, don’t worry you animal murderer’s you won’t have to wait in line long?!

  2. Wendy Morrison says:

    How does each hunter live with themselves after they kill/slaughter God’s animals? All this Killing/slaughtering of coyotes, wolves bears, lions, tigers, beavers, dogs, cats, eagles, vultures, and all other animals!! These so-called hunters killing/slaughtering animals as trophies, for the fun of it, who says that they won’t turn to killing/slaughtering people friends or foe! All this SLAUGHTERING/KILLING of all these defenseless and innocent animals need to STOP IMMEDIATELY now SND forever!!!!!! This is senseless killings! STUPID in my opinion!!!!!

  3. “So many people insist they are against animal abuse, cruelty, suffering and the inhumane treatment of animals, yet they don’t understand they are actively engaging in and supporting egregious suffering, abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment when they eat animals and their ‘by-products.’ If you are against cruelty, suffering and inhumane treatment, then you go vegan. It’s just that simple.” – Sarah Kiser

  4. Kathy Williams says:

    Markgil –
    You keep posting this same generic response on every petition. But if you drive a car or ride a bike, chances are that those rubber tires have animal byproducts in them. Do you only consume products with sustainable palm oil? If you use processed (white) sugar, you’re probably contributing to the destruction of the Everglades. Do you get where I’m going? …You’re probably the worst kind of hypocrite – because you pass judgment on everyone else. And by the way: I already try to do the least amount of harm to the fewest individuals by not eating animals or wearing their skins, but I don’t go around preaching about it, nor do I criticize others’ efforts on behalf of animals simply because they aren’t “vegans.”
    “An assumption is often made within the animal rights community that those who do not embrace a vegan diet are incapable of authentically speaking about what might be in the best interest of the animals they do not eat…In essence, arguments are summarily dismissed not on the basis of their objective truth, the weight of the evidence, or any other measurable criteria, but, instead, on the perceived quality of the character of the person advocating the position, a logical fallacy known as the ad hominem attack.

    Isn’t evidence of concern something we can build on to help animals being killed in other contexts?…History teaches us that change occurs incrementally, as one success builds upon another, by bringing into sharper relief persistent hypocrisies that defy newly won, evolving values…If we can leverage [any specific] concern, we can build on it through time, by exposing the tension inherent in protecting one group but not another, just like the human rights movement has done.” — Nathan J. Winograd (vegan for 25 years)

    • Kathy Williams, please stop calling out Mark Gil and other vegans who will stop by to criticise non-vegans in the future… I’m a fellow animal rights advocate who’s only a vegetarian but I’m not offended… Coz they are only doing this for the animals… They don’t have to take into account our feelings same as how we don’t have to take into account the feelings of those who we deem as being cruel to animals when we rip them apart with our comments… The vegans are only doing their job, just like us… And I thank them for this and I see how much they really do love animals… It takes a lot of self-sacrificing when you are a vegan… You also said ‘chances are rubber tires have animal byproducts in them’, please post if you have confirmation… That would be good information for a lot of people on this site… Let’s keep on fighting for animal rights here and not our egos… It’s not about us…

      • Thank you Zarina. Let Mark sends this message on this site really important. It’s not against them! it’s just for inform them! the hypocrites, true vegans do their best. And you cannot be 100% vegan we know that.

  5. Unbridled IGNORANCE.

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