Stop Promoting Cruel Turtle Farm on TripAdvisor


Target: Tripadvisor CEO, Stephen Kaufer

Goal: Remove Certificate of Excellence rating given to cruel turtle farm on

A cruel turtle farm in the Cayman Islands packs 9,500 sea turtles together into cramped and filthy tanks, despite these animals being naturally solitary and inclined to swim for long distances in the wild. Moreover, the Cayman Turtle Farm encourages visitors to touch and pick up the turtles, which causes them severe stress, fear and illness. Last year 1,268 green turtles reportedly died at the farm in just four months because of a bacterial outbreak. Unfortunately, famous trip rating company and website, TripAdvisor, recently awarded the farm the 2015 Certificate of Excellence. This farm is undeserving of this award and lures more and more people to this gruesome place due to such a high rating. We must demand that the Cayman Turtle Farm be stripped of this award.

Not only are these endangered animals confined, forcibly handled by visitors and exposed to insalubrious conditions, they are also subsequently slaughtered and sold for meat. In fact, the Cayman Turtle Farm is the last existing farm that breeds turtles for human consumption. TripAdvisor’s rating is based solely on positive reviews from tourists who visited the attraction, most certainly oblivious to the fact that handling these turtles could cause them harm and stress. It is furthermore unlikely that most visitors were aware that the turtles they were touching and holding would later be slaughtered to end up on someone’s plate.

This business profits not only from killing these gentle marine animals but reels in extra cash by exposing them to further mistreatment by allowing careless tourists and excited children to watch and handle them in their breeding tanks. It’s no wonder that researchers from the University of Oxford recently named this farm as one of the cruelest tourist attractions in the world.

The Cayman Turtle Farm has no incentive to shut down and release its sea turtles to a sanctuary while business is still going strong. It is therefore essential to spread the word about this tourist attraction’s cruelty. Sign this petition to urge Tripadvisor to remove the Certificate of Excellence from this cruel business and give it a poor rating instead.


Dear Mr. Kaufer,

As you are certainly aware, your company recently awarded the Cayman Turtle Farm a 2015 Certificate of Excellence. This award is entirely based on positive reviews from visitors who were oblivious to the rampant animal abuse taking place at the farm. While sea turtles are solitary animals who swim for long distance in clean, clear waters in the wild, the Cayman Turtle Farm packs 9,500 sea turtles together into cramped and filthy tanks.

Last year these awful and unsanitary conditions caused the death of 1,268 green turtles in just four months. Moreover, these animals are forcibly handled by tourists, which causes them severe stress, fear and anguish. After suffering through this cruel mistreatment their entire lives, the turtles are then slaughtered and sold for meat.

I urge you to take these animals into consideration and remove the Certificate of Excellence you awarded to the Cayman Turtle Farm. Moreover, please give this awful business the very poor rating it deserves, making clear how it profits from mistreating animals.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: Wikimedia/WSPA Images

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  1. STEPHEN KAUFER and CO., Tripadvisor: Can’t you people find something else to advertise and fatten your bank accounts than to SLAUGHTER promote turtles for human consumption?????????????

  2. “So many people insist they are against animal abuse, cruelty, suffering and the inhumane treatment of animals, yet they don’t understand they are actively engaging in and supporting egregious suffering, abuse, cruelty and inhumane treatment when they eat animals and their ‘by-products.’ If you are against cruelty, suffering and inhumane treatment, then you go vegan. It’s just that simple.” – Sarah Kiser

    • Benjamin Borda says:


    • You are absolutely right ! If people don’t like animal abuse and want to see it end, then don’t put one on your plate ….plain and simple ! People say they love animals, but they pick and choose what dies and what is left to be be slaughtered. It is called Ethical Hippocrates ! Eating Vegan is the only way to show you love animals !

  3. STEPHEN KAUFER and CO., Tripadvisor: Can’t you people find something else to advertise and fatten your bank accounts than to SLAUGHTER TURTLES for human consumption????????????? SHAME ON YOU ALL. What is it you guys don’t understand about this sentence: “Stop Promoting Cruel Turtle Farm on TripAdvisor”. Too many words???????????????

  4. I am a Trip Advisor dontributor. If Trip Advisor continues to publish reviews for this torturous inhumane establishment I will stop using Trip Advisor.

  5. TripAdvisor stop promoting this disgusting place.

  6. Nature treats back now ?
    Take responsibility for your cruelty
    Live your nightmare now ?

  7. I took this cruise several years ago and one of the stops was the turtle farm. It was a sad and very disturbing place. One look inside the building showed that they killed turtles there.
    Do we really need to kill turtles to make a living?
    This is as bad as whaling.
    The Cayman Island government should do something to stop this practice.

  8. It is absolutely sickening that this vile and torturous Cayman Island Turtle Farm is allowed to abuse these precious sentient beings then murder these innocent and helpless Turtles for human consumption.
    This vile and evil Turtle Farm must be closed down and the vile and sadistic subhuman monsters must be brought to Justice and jailed for deliberate and sadistic animal torture and suffering.
    Tripadvisor CEO, Stephen Kaufer.
    The Certificate of Excellence awarded to the Cayman Turtle Farm, please give this awful business the very poor rating it deserves, making clear how it profits from mistreating animals and murdering them for human consumption?
    All this unimaginable torture and suffering purely for GREED.

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