Release Confined Orca Whales to a Sanctuary

Target: SeaWorld CEO, Joel Manby

Goal: End the cruelty against orcas once and for all by releasing them all to a sanctuary.

Orcas have been suffering in SeaWorld’s concrete tanks for years. Orcas are torn from their natural environments and families to be forced to perform in shows for the company’s profit. Because of increased stress and disease in confinement, almost 40 orcas have died untimely and excruciating deaths in SeaWorld parks.

PETA has been asking members to send letters to Joel Manby, the CEO of SeaWorld, this Christmas to remind him of his company’s victims so he doesn’t forget that SeaWorld is directly responsible for the painful deaths of 37 orcas. One of them, Kandu, was so stressed at being separated from her baby, Orkid, that she broke her jaw and bled out in the tank, suffering for 45 minutes before sinking to the bottom of the pool.

The documentary Blackfish revealed the horrors that go on at SeaWorld by exposing information directly obtained from former staff members who were appalled by the company’s practices. The company hunts down orcas in the wild, slaughters the mothers, steals the calves, and then transports them to live a life in barren, concrete tanks. The orcas are then forced into captive breeding programs and must endure constant training for shows to entertain gullible audiences. SeaWorld is consistently guilty of abusing its orcas and putting profit over animal welfare. Additionally, the USDA has given SeaWorld several warnings concerning the mental and physical health of its orcas as well as the safety of its training staff.

While orcas can live up to 100 years in the wild, their average lifespan at SeaWorld is 10 to 13 years. Many orcas die from disease, injuries and wounds, in labor due to forced breeding, or from the stress of confinement. Moreover, while orcas roam 100 miles in the ocean, in captivity, they are forced to live in tiny tanks that feel like mere bathtubs to them.

Recently, another ex-SeaWorld employee has spoken out against the park, detailing the lack of care for the animals’ health and wellbeing. She described orcas attacking each other out of the frustration of being confined, with subordinate animals unable to escape. The attacked orcas often had their skin ripped off in the fights, while employees took these strips of skin home as souvenirs. She also says that SeaWorld instantly threatened or fired staff who questioned the company’s policies.

It is time for SeaWorld to stop the abuse and free its orcas. Sign this petition urging the company to end the cruelty and release all its orcas to a suitable sanctuary.


Dear Mr. Manby,

You will be receiving several letters this Christmas reminding you of the 37 orcas that have died painful deaths at SeaWorld. One of them, Kandu, who broke her jaw when her baby Orkid was taken from her, bled out for 45 minutes in the tank.

SeaWorld has been abusing orcas for year by stealing them from the wild, confining them to barren tanks, and forcing them to perform for your profit. These practices may take place behind closed doors but, thanks to former employees speaking out and the recent documentary film Blackfish, the general public is beginning to learn the truth about how your company treats animals. New reports describing SeaWorld’s lack of concern for animals’ health and welfare are constantly surfacing, and the tide is turning against your company.

The orcas that have suffered and died at SeaWorld can’t be brought back, but those still kept captive there can still be given the opportunity to experience some joy if released now. I am urging you to display compassion for these intelligent animals and send your orcas to a suitable sanctuary.


[Your Name Here]

Photo credit: PETA

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