Boys Accused of Setting Dog on Fire Must be Prosecuted – Justice for Chunky the Chihuahua

Target: Kent Police Chief Constable Alan Pughsley

Goal: Press charges against a group of boys who allegedly stole and viciously abused a little dog.

A group of four boys in Kent, UK were given a measly fine after apparently committing a serious crime. These boys allegedly banded together in this despicable act for the sake of having a laugh. The poor dog abused was a little chihuahua named Chunky.

The boys allegedly stole the small dog from its loving owners and proceeded to maliciously abuse it. The boys reportedly drugged the dog, beat it and left is with a broken leg and neck, then set it on fire. The local authorities said it was a miracle that the dog survived. These boys only punishment was a fine that their parents payed.

These boys faced no penalty for their actions and were able to harm an innocent animal and get away with it. Sign this petition and ask their local police chief to serve the boys with more serious charges and set an example that animal abuse is not to be gotten away with.


Dear Police Chief Constable Alan Pughsley,

I am writing you today after being immensely disappointed in the repercussions a group of young boys had to face after allegedly severely abusing an innocent little dog. The boys reportedly stole a small chihuahua named Chunky, broke his leg and neck, drugged him and set him on fire.

These boys faced a mere fine that their parents payed. The boys themselves faced no punishment for their actions. I urge you to press more serious charges and set an example that animal abuse is not to be taken lightly.


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Photo Credit: SWNS

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  1. kay allan says:


  2. F S Trevino says:

    What kind of monsters can they be, they deserve the same, karma will prevail

  3. little monsters grow up to be BIG monsters and will prey on humans.RID SOCIETY OF EVIL when possible.

    • I agree!

      A eye for a eye.
      Set these lil assholes on fire and watch them burn.

      Kill them off before they grow up and abuse more animals, innocent people, or rape and molest innocent children.
      They are sick sick sick!

  4. There should be NO milder punishment at all for these children who have done this cruel act!!!! THEY NEED TO GET PUNISHED!!!! And they need help, urgently!!! Otherwise more animals – and certainly people too – will become victims of their barbaric acts!!!!

  5. Beat the shit out these lil brats then set these lil assholes on fire.
    Set their parents on fire for raising such heartless toxic lil pieces of shit.

    These lil pieces of shit are future serial killers. To do this kind of harm and abuse to a innocent animal that they stole to begin with is absolutely disturbing and demented.

    Kill these brats off before they can harm anything else innocent

  6. Tamara Austin says:

    I can’t believe they got absolutely zero in punishment!! Their stupid parents paid a fine! Like having such a bunch of shallow gene pool swimming around isn’t punishment enough for the dumb ass parents. Since they can’t raise the scum correctly put them all to sleep, then throw the bodies into the burn oven. What they were not dead yet how sad boo hoo!!

  7. Czerny A. says:

    Neuter the little POS.

  8. Parents are responsible for their kids behavior, so they pay a fine. If I were their parent, I’d be upset enough to make them pay it off….maybe volunteering at an animal shelter for a YEAR or community service for a YEAR (and no cell phone, for a (you guessed it) YEAR.

  9. This is why we have serial killers!! Laws are to lax for kids!! Now these kids are free to kill animals and small children!! They need prison time!!

  10. It is necessary to punish those boys. If they don’t punish them very good,
    they will do it again. Make it to an example or the rest of the youth do what
    they want.

  11. Wendy Burrows says:

    I am beyond horrified.
    What is to become of the human race when children commit such crimes at such a young age?
    This is not the first dog in the UK that I have heard this happen to, but the previous case the guilty party was a grown man.
    I was raised in Kent and it was a lovely part of the UK, and never were any crimes like this ever heard of.
    I shudder to think of what the next generation is going to be like.
    The world needs to come to a hasty end, because it sure is a very miserable place for animals to have to live with the scum that are humans.
    Humans are just monsters, vermin, and scum.

  12. Marsha Squibb says:

    The next time it will be a small child,handicapped,or elderly person.This didn’t deserve jail time????? What the fuck!!??Parents should be held responsible

  13. Their parents will pay more than a fine in years to come,if they think a fine and a slap on the wrists is the end of it they are sadly mistaken as anyone however young can do this to a poor defenceless animal and think it is funny will most certainly” graduate” onto bigger things.So I hope these idiots
    that call themselves parents are prepared for what they have

  14. These litte bastards will grow up to be bastardly adults,unless of course someone kills them before.Hopefully someone will

  15. An eye for an eye when least expected.Death for these brats is required enabling a slow death. Oh yes!

  16. Piranhtachew says:

    Holy shit, Most the commenters here have the same morality as those who abused the dog. How do we have proof the internet vigilantes *here* aren’t going to harm other people that haven’t actually done anything in other cases?

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