Keep Antibiotics Out of Our Food

Target: President Obama

Goal: Stop factory farms from feeding their animals antibiotics.

Across the nation, factory farms are feeding their animals antibiotics that, over time, cause bacteria resistant diseases known as ‘superbugs.’ These diseases are spreading and causing deaths around the world. It’s time to put an end to pumping our food with medicine.

Factory farms are known for overcrowding their animals in small, stressful and filthy habitats. To make up for the potential of widespread diseases among their overcrowded animals, factory farms regularly feed the animals small doses of antibiotics. All in all, a whopping 80 percent of all antibiotics used in America are used in these types of farms. Not only is this behavior incredibly abusive to animals but also the presence of antibiotics in our food ends up killing people across the globe.

Regular consumption of these antibiotics that are lurking in our food creates antibiotic-resistant bacteria, and this bacteria creates deadly infections. In fact, over 2 million Americans are affected by these diseases a year, while over 23,000 people die from such infections. It seems highly controversial that medicine we rely on for infections ends up being the cause of these deadly diseases.

As Sir Liam Donaldson, a former Chief Medical Officer states, “every inappropriate use of antibiotic in animals is potentially signing a death warrant for a future patient.” The way in which antibiotics are being recklessly used in our food needs to be stopped. At this rate, we may fast be approaching a pre-antibiotic world where five in 1,000 women die in childbirth, three out of 10 people sick with pneumonia die, and one out of 10 people die from skin infections. It’s time to get this medicine out of our foods, and stop the wide and unnecessary distribution of antibiotics.


Dear President Obama,

As you may have noticed, antibiotics are clogging our food systems. The widespread presence of antibiotics in our food is causing antibiotic resistant bacteria, which in turn causes tens of thousands of deaths world-wide. The fear of entering a pre-antibiotic world is no longer an irrational fear for the future—it is happening right now.

It is time to put an end to this omnipresence of antibiotics. We need to save these life-saving drugs for actual sicknesses, not as a precautionary method for overcrowded animals in filthy factory farms. We need to be able to rely on our medicine to act as medicine, and our food to act as food. We need to make our food stay food and our medicine stay medicine. Stop piling up our plates with medicine that kills us.


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Photo Credit: Socially Responsible Agriculture Project

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