Stop Promoting Gross Racism Against Native Americans

Target: Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

Goal: Take down movie that promotes horrible Native American stereotypes and mocks the terrible things they’ve endured.

A movie has just launched that is so offensive against Native Americans that they walked off the set while they were filming it. This Netflix original film, The Ridiculous 6, contains racial slurs, makes numerous jokes mocking Native American names and traditions, and has its white characters make lewd comments toward Native American women.

In the real world, these women face significantly higher rates of sexual assault and rape. That makes having a white man call an indigenous woman a “sweet piece of red prairie meat” even less funny. At the same time, there are still sports teams and other institutions that use racial slurs and stereotypical depictions of Native Americans as their mascots, and general racism against this group still runs rampant.

Making fun of racist attitudes can be funny, but this is not the way to do it. Throwing around hurtful slurs and having characters spout the same violent and bigoted rhetoric that real people still say today only reminds indigenous persons about the genocide that wiped out so many tribes and cultures and how terribly they’re still treated. That’s why Native Americans who were on the cast and crew walked out in protest and why indigenous groups have been speaking out against the film.

Netflix recently released the movie on their instant streaming program. It’s received many negative reviews and bad press, but they’re still insisting on featuring it. Sign our petition to tell Netflix to cut its losses and remove this gross excuse for a movie so that its customers will not have to be subjected to such blatant racism anymore.


Dear Mr. Hastings,

Your company recently released The Ridiculous 6 as a Netflix Original feature on instant streaming. You’re probably aware that this movie has been surrounded by controversy. The Native American individuals working on the movie walked off the set at one point to protest the rampant racism and exploitation of gross rhetoric throughout the film. However, Netflix somehow decided to go ahead with production.

You may not understand how harmful the “humor” in this movie is. It’s not “satire.” All it does is repeat the same slurs and violent rhetoric that many people in the U.S. still spout about Native Americans to this day. It even has a white character calling a Native woman a “sweet piece of red prairie meat.” This is profoundly unfunny considering the fact that these women are disproportionately targeted for sexual assault and rape by white men.

The film has already been panned, and not just for its racism. The movie is frankly an embarrassment to the company. Listen to the Native American peoples that this film is making money off of and take it down from Netflix instant streaming immediately.


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  1. Indra Rajapakse says:

    I am happy that we in SriLanka managed to chase away all invaders , including the Portuguese, Dutch and the British! Even we are invaders from India but we are respectful towards our native people who are hunter gatherers!

  2. I take it this is yet another bad Adam Sandler vehicle……unfortunately in today’s misanthropic age a well meaning protest against the film, will attract more viewers and sell more tickets.The filmmakers probably envisioned it that way.
    If a Hollywood film was made perpetuating stereotypes about Jews……as if.

  3. Was the whole script shown to the Native Americans before it
    started to be filmed? If it was and they agreed to play their parts, what occurred to change that and for them to walk out?

    It is hard enough to read books containing name calling directed
    at people of color. But hearing it out loud, directed at oneself, may have been more than could be tolerated.

    The trailers for the movie look stupid, so maybe only D. Trump will go see it.

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