Tell the Cowards in Congress: Prevent Gun Violence and Mass Shootings

Target: U.S. House Majority Leader Leader Kevin McCarthy

Goal: End the ban on researching gun violence causes and prevention methods in the U.S.

Health organizations are prohibited from conducting research on gun violence to identify causes and come up with prevention methods in the United States, where we’ve had more mass shootings this year than we’ve had days. Two thousand doctors from nine U.S. health and safety organizations recently signed and delivered a letter to Congress to urge them to lift this ban and allow organizations like the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to help end the gun violence epidemic.

This ban was put into place for the CDC in 1996 thanks to immense pressure from the gun lobby. It’s nothing but a political ploy to prevent any bad press that might reduce gun sales or increase support for gun control legislation, and it’s cost countless lives. Similar research into traffic safety has prevented 360,000 deaths since 1996.

In a country where nearly 90 people die every day from gun violence, it’s unconscionable to prohibit any research into this incredibly deadly problem. The gun lobby says that guns don’t kill people–people kill people. Yet they won’t even let experts conduct research into the reasons why people kill people with guns. Sign our petition to demand this ban be immediately lifted so that maybe, someday, the people of the U.S. won’t have to live in fear of being suddenly gunned down.


Dear House Majority Leader McCarthy,

Since 1996, the CDC has been banned from conducting any research on gun violence. That was extended to the NIH in 2011. These bans were pushed by the gun lobby so that there would be no bad press affecting the precious sale of guns or creating extra support for gun control laws.

This year, there have been more mass shootings than there have been days, and nearly 90 people die every day as a direct result of gun violence. Even if people kill people, not guns, this is clearly a problem. Research by health and safety organizations could help us to figure out what causes people to kill others with guns rather than using them responsibly. Banning this research is a political ploy that’s left us at the mercy of those people with guns who turn them onto crowds of innocents.

People are dying at astronomical rates from an entirely preventable problem. Putting profits and power before lives is absolutely, indisputably wrong. If you let the gun lobby continue to control your party at the expense of the safety and lives of your citizens, you’re a coward at best. We demand that you immediately act to get this ban on gun violence research lifted.


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  1. Your First Line of your comment is ludicrous . We have in the Bill of Rights (The Right to Bear Arms) I remember an encounter with an intruder.. I had my two Babies in their beds. I was about to go to bed myself when I heard a squeak and my door opened..I grabbed my Husband’s shotgun and tossed on a housecoat and went downstairs.. The intruder was in the middle of my living room.. I took a bead on him and gave him a choice.. Get out or lie down as he would be dead if not responding to the Get Out..I was absolutely serious. after he exited I quickly called the police . He was apprehended within a few minutes..Cars always patrol in our neighborhood.. I bless the day My Husband bought that shotgun.. I would do it again..

    • Malcolm Edge,
      The weapon of choice for criminals/gangbangers ISN’T a Shotgun or a rifle, it’s handguns….primarily semiautomatic pistols…so how do you expect this intrusion into personal rights to ‘save lives’?

      Single shot hunting rifles? Obviously you care nothing about the suffering of game animals….for whom the first shot wasn’t a clean kill…since by the time the hunter reloaded a single-shot, the game would most likely be out of range and/or sight.

      You say ‘shotguns’….well, ever heard of ‘trench sweepers’? WWI’s shotguns for close-quarter killing?

      “Militaey assault rifles, they are all in the name, they are for assaulting/attacking people, banning all military grade weapons would be a logical step…”

      Here your ignorance (non pejorative) becomes overwhelming. Stop repeating false, misleading anti-gun talking points and educate yourself with FACTS. Find out what criteria is professionally used for the term…”Assault Rifle”…i’ll give you a hint….it is NOT a catchall term used to describe any ‘mean-looking…therefore evil’ rifle. Do you REALLY believe that cosmetics somehow make a firearm more ‘dangerous’?

      Former military rifles have been used for centuries by civilians…for defense, for hunting, for target practice, for competitions. When I grew up, it was bolt action Mausers, Springfield, and Lee Enfield. My first rifle was a sport edited. 303 Lee Enfield. With iron sights (and much younger eyes)…I could shoot 100 yard groups of 4″….not a tack-driver, but plenty accurate enough for target shooting and hunting. (I was 18 yrs old)

      People like ‘military-grade rifles for a plethora of reasons…nostalgia, collections,and for their reliability/dependability. Banning them would accomplish absolutely nothing.

      “The first step, as always, is being able to have an open and free debate.”

      I agree. Do you consider the inflammatory terms used in this article..
      Like calling all Congressmen and women “COWARDS”….to be conducive to your stated goal?

      How about some of the terms used here by anti-gunners, gun their comments?
      Like “vile, evil, vicious, villainous, Congressmen are guilty of manslaughter…etc?

      Are THESE conducive to an “open and free debate”?

    • Kudos to you, Gail. My ex-wife (in her 1st marriage, was just home from the hospital from major surgery (farm in the country) when several men drove up and rang the doorbell. She was in her house coat, and didn’t feel comfortable with it, so did not go to the door. They left….but drove by a couple of times…then drove in and rang the doorbell again. Then they walked around the outside of the house…and forced their way into the garage and started Jimmy in the door to the house. Her adamant view was that she hurt enough ‘down there’…she was NOT going to be raped. She got her husband’s. 22 rifle, opened the door, and pointed it at them. They were shocked…and started begging her not to shoot….promising that they’d leave peacefully…if she’d not shoot…and let them leave. They peeled out…and never returned!Who knows what might have happened had she not been armed!

      My simple motto is…”I’d rather HAVE a gun…and not NEED it…than NEED a gun…and not HAVE it!

  2. jeff furman says:

    Do what you’re getting paid to do: KEEP AMERICA SAFE, PASS A NEW BETTER BRADY BILL!!!!!!!!

  3. Anita Williams says:

    I can’t what is happening here in this country. ..Black Friday, gun buying day? What the Hell is going on? People are so gun happy! They say, to protect themselves! From what, war? It hasn’t stop criminals and terrorists yet, at shootings! People are blaming Obama for their obsession with them! Obama cannot take your precious, non-living, expensive toy away! Down here in Louisiana, every day on news, shootings ! I am so sick of people and their guns! People are more worried about their gun rights than fixing major every day problems. .. And the hate, that comes from them! It’s sad, what’s going on

  4. We British manage to survive without Guns being freely available. The days of the Wild West are long gone..

    • Frank Staples says:

      Yeah? While your crime rate is through the roof and law abiding English CITIZENS are not allowed by their government to protect themselves even with knives. What a bunch of wussies the British have turned into since they fought so valiantly in the Second World War.

  5. Malcolm Edge says:

    I understand that the right to bear arms is part of the American constitution. If ownership was restricted to the following

    1 Hand guns for personal protection
    2 Single shot Hunting rifles
    3 Shot guns

    Surely this would provide a range of guns that covered all legitimate activities , and , met the rights set out in the constitution.

    Weapons like Military Assault rifles are all in the name – they are for assaulting/attacking people ! Banning all military grade weapons would be a logical step.

    This would not solve all the gun related deaths but it would surely reduce the numbers. There are no perfect solutions , however , that should not be a reason to not take all reasonable steps to reducing harm.

    The first step , as always , is being able to have an open and free debate.

  6. Gary Michaelson says:

    Its still blows me away that idiots blame the guns when it’s the people. Maybe if we take care of the sick people instead of putting them out on the streets and enforce the laws we already have first.

  7. Stan Benton says:

    Just remember your sellouts to the NRA next election day. Of course the NRA itself is a puppet to the arms industry, so also remember all of the warmongers who promote wars of aggression, and want our tax money to go only to the Pentagon, not the people, the infrastructure, or safety nets.

  8. What are people afraid of? The truth? We may learn how to reduce gun violence without violating the second amendment, or we may decide the second amendment is not worth it. Only knowledge and research can give us the answers we need. Denial or closing your mind to the truth is foolish.

  9. Heather Brophy says:


  10. Frank Staples says:

    What a bunch of firearms illiterate comments here. These firearms that you people don’t like are not assault rifles…they are semi-automatic rifles in a medium caliber and they have many sporting uses. “Military grade”??? I want everything I own to be military grade, not just firearms. Why? Because it stands for quality and when your life is on the line ( or that of your wife or kids ) then you don’t want a piece of crap that will jam or mis-fire.

  11. 1776 was 1776. If the NRL & followers drag their heads out of the sand in which they’re buried, I’m sure they will find that a good deal has changed in the intervening years. Look around! The US has made some wonderful discoveries and invented some amazing things since then – why still hold on to something irrelevant and inappropriate in the present day?
    The gun lobby needs to wake up & smell the roses. I realise that Australia is different from the US in many ways, including population, but I also know that after the Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania in 1996, stricter gun laws were immediately enforced. There hasn’t been a repeat of this type of killing since then. Once again WAKE UP guys – get a grip on today’s reality. Your gun laws are no longer meaningful!

  12. Robert Pound says:

    The RepubliCON congress are a bunch of useless cowards! Afraid of the gun lobby, afraid of the muslims, afraid of refugees, afraid of paying their taxes, afraid of women’s rights, afraid of Obama, afraid of VOTERS!

    They are doomed to failure again for this presidential election cycle too, because they can’t help themselves but nominate complete LOSERS and fascistic lunatics that mirror the racist, sexist, religious zealot, ignorant, homophobic and AFRAID dumb-asses that are their base!

    • Frank Staples says:

      Wow, Robert, I see that you can certainly live in peace with Conservatives. Unfortunately your front runner is a military hating, lying foul mouthed screech owl that intimidates her husband, her co-workers, etc. and thinks that it’s “her turn” to be president. I would think that any self respecting Democrat would be ashamed that she is your leader!!

  13. “The philosophy of nonviolence which I learned from Dr. Marin Luther King, Jr., during my involvement in the civil rights movement was first responsible for my change in diet…Under the leadership of Dr. King, I became totally committed to nonviolence, and I was convinced that nonviolence meant opposition to killing in any form. I felt the commandment ‘Thou Salt not kill’ applied to human beings not only in their dealings with each other – war, lynching, assassination, murder and the like – but in their practice of killing animals for food or sport. Animals suffer and die alike. Violence causes the same pain…the same arrogant, cruel and brutal taking of life.” – Dick Gregory

    • Frank Staples says:

      Unfortunately, Markgil, the evil in this world will not be impressed by your non-violence and will have their way with you. The Bible teaches us to protect ourselves, right? And I will protect myself and my wife with whatever means I have available. And I have a nice choice of what is readily available!!!

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