Justice for Dog Beaten to Death With Mouth Taped Shut, Then Dumped in Dumpster

Target: Ward County, Minot North Dakota State’s Attorney Rozanna C. Larson

Goal: Issue maximum penalty to man charged with beating dog to death.

An innocent German wirehair dog was found dead in a local business’ dumpster with his mouth taped shut. Animal Control confirmed that the poor dog was beaten to death and their investigation helped lead them to the killer — a 28-year-old man who had another German wirehair that is now safely in the custody of authorities.

The violent man charged with the beating and killing of this poor dog has a court date scheduled for Monday. Often times animal cruelty cases get treated as a small crime and the attacker is frequently let off the hook with little to no real punishment. This only leaves these demented people free to continue harming more animals. Please urge the state attorney to see to it that this man doesn’t get to harm or kill another animal by making sure he receives the most severe penalty they can give.


Dear Ward County, Minot North Dakota State’s Attorney Rozanna C. Larson,

A man allegedly taped a dog’s mouth shut before beating it to death. The body was found in a local business’ dumpster.

This violent animal killer should be brought to justice and given the maximum penalty so that he can’t hurt any more innocent animals again. That’s why we ask that you help see to it that this man is given the most severe penalty for the pain and suffering he inflicted upon an innocent animal.


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Photo credit: Ward County Police Department

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  1. sandra mason says:

    don’t forget.. this is how Jeffrey Daumer got started.

  2. this Earth definitely has a HUMAN problem..you can tell the way they treat the animals !!!

  3. This individual is the worst kind of human being! He can callously killed an innocent and defenseless animals that trusted him. This man is truly evil.

  4. Is one psychopath after the other. Can´t you see (people on power) the evidence??? The world is getting full of sick people because no one kills them. This people who torture and kill Animals, poor innocent victims of their shit minds need to be tortured and killed that’s the way we will clean the world. That’s what happens in nature to keep species healthy. Ours is getting very sick because of the stupidity that is a human life and so what??? We are not even in extinction, is much the opposite. The world is to full of shit people start doing a cleaning for yesterday.

  5. Every time an abuser is caught, their picture should be added to a billboard advertising the cruelty they have committed on animals!

  6. Janis Hargreaves says:

    This bastard must be beaten to death to. If it was good enough for the poor innocent dog, it must by far be good enough for this beyond useless good for nothing piece of sh– that unfortunately some Mother brought into this world. Unfortunately he has managed to stay in it.

    • Janis totally agree. Should be done to people who mistreat animals the same with the difference that if the animal survive, they will know, the penalty for them will always be death, after torture of course.That’s the only way.

  7. Hopefully he will be murdered in prison by another convict(if true justice can happen)

  8. Could I have a few minutes with this asshole please,????? Like to.put an elastic around his Johnson till it falls off!!!!

  9. Mr. Evans says:

    Remember Humans.

    The only ” True ” Monster on this Planet is Human Kind.

    Not all Humans are Monsters, but A Large Number of them are here amungst you. ;~o

    That ” Evil Thing ” Needs To Be Put Down and Shit’s Evil, Black Empty Soul sent back to whatever Evil Place Shit crawled or slimed from.

    Euthanize Shit and Remove Shit’s Black Soul from Earth. ;~o

    R.I.P. to the totally innocent beautiful dog that Evil Thing Brutally & Violently Murdered.

    Put The Evil Piece of Shit Down A.S.A.P.. ;-o

  10. put a bullet in this pussy punk boy now for killing a great animal now.

  11. Alice Knight says:

    I would like to see this individual be given the heaviest of a prison term sentence without parole. The act of cruelty is unjustifiable. Will he be going through any behavioral analysis? Thank you for rescuing his other dog. North Carolina needs to ensure this person is not allowed to own any animal nor should he be able to roam the streets free. There would be nothing at all stopping him from adopting or stealing other animals to murder.

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